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David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)

( Guitarist)

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Biography David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)
"High art, Roger - known method seem large, but others provide small. Always, when I went to the texts, he wrinkled his face, but when I made musical suggestions, he riveted them on the brakes. Tom, that he shouldered himself, there is basically only one explanation: we were too inert to protect himself from his ambition ". This view of David Gilmour only been strengthened with a decade of work in Pink Floyd without Waters

. Indeed, . When Sid left, . no one thought to give up and go, and, . with the departure of Wright in 79-m, . collapse was not effectively, so why is the bass player with the departure of David to finish his career in the ensemble, . which he gave at that time twenty letN This inertia is very relative, . seems, . All his life he would not let go of his hand Fender with the serial number 001 David Jon Gilmour,

And it is in 46 th was a native of Cambridge, but two months later, Barrett, grew up in a family genetics professor Doug Gilmour (Doug Gilmour); Dave's mother, Sylvia (Sylvia) was also at one time as a teacher and later became editor of the film suddenly.

My father felt that reaches more if he would go to America - the place the "brain drain": "Roger lost his father at war, but I lost her in Greenwich Village" - comparing the high school friend Waters. About that time, . When Dave and Sid were sent from the High School at Cambridge College Of Art And Technology, . preserved memory, . as the first hit on the separation of management, . where he studied modern languages, . and the second - on the separation of art, . where to draw with,
. There also came an interest in such music, you can perform on the harmonics and guitars.

When THE ROLLING STONES came to popularity, David has played in the first rock band NEWCOMERS. This practice allowed him to instruct and Syd Barrett: "The facts are such that I used the echo box for years to Sid. I also used slide. I also learned a lot in the guitar Sid. I mean, people say if I borrowed his style when we were on the same level ... We spent a lot of time together, when there were teenagers, listening to the same music.

The effects we have experienced about the same - but I was a couple of steps ahead of him at that time and taught him how to play riffs STONES at each change in the course of the year, we conducted a technical college ... ". Sid went to London, and David, together with the drummer from the group THE MOTTOES already joined the group THE RAMBLERS, and that turned into JOKERS WILD. Then Gilmore moved from his home in the center of Cambridge, to test the independence and quiet play "In The Midnight Hour" Wilson Pickett - his crowning Number.

Then Dave has demonstrated a very strong talent and enviable insight into rock, the impressions Clive Uelhema. In 1964-65 years JOKERS WILD played a number of groups THE ANIMALS and Zutan Mani (Zoot Money). In one of the clubs Gilmore even caught the eye of Brian Epstein, manager THE BEATLES. This is not surprising, Gilmour on the exterior was much more attractive than it was necessary for the rocker, and even managed to earn additionally model. In fact, the model of behavior for him was given a rhythm-and-bluesman

. Here are the first things, . which Dave played with his team: "Beautiful Delilah" (C. Berry), . "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" (Lymon), . heard through the prism of THE KINKS and the BEACH BOYS; here also got "Don't You Ask Me" by Manfred Mann (Manfred Mann) and two perennial motif of group FOUR SEASONS - "Sherry" and "Big Girls Don't Cry",
. Young producer Jonathan King (Jonathan King), invited the Joker in the studio for Decca, even before Andrew King (Andrew King) only learned about the Pink Floyd Sound.

With his quintet Dave King issued a single-sided disc with four rooms (with circulation of 50 copies). In any case, in an asset they already had "You Don't Know What I Know" and "Everyone's Gone To The Moon". Very prophetic, judging by the names of things with regard to the future of Pink Floyd guitarist. Roger Waters invited Jonathan to join his band for the substitution at concerts Barrett, and a few more months Floyd consisted of five very close friends. They recognized the fact that it is able to live together.

In terms of the ensemble, playing together, developing ideas in the mid-60's they were not equal.

At one time, and JOKERS WILD PINK FLOYD SOUND performed one after the other in the club Countdown. In one memorable evening, Syd Barrett and Dave Gilmour made a duet - and acoustically, and amplifying rock and roll, which makes one want to dance. Five years later, when Barrett was already out of Pink Floyd, David is almost as delivered to him on bass - at London's Olympia. On the rock-Olympus, . as Sid - "divine light", . Dave in his "dzhokerskoy" group "is not present: even in the Cambridge sub-culture no one looked at those eyes WILD, . what is usually looked at the Pink Floyd Sound, . For these friends were not so rampant in my imagination and avant-garde direction,

Syd and Roger were interested in mixed media, film music, timbre-linamikoy new variety, means psychedelia.

The beginning of this aesthetic perspective, Dave almost skipped. When he took part in writing music Floyd - and the first time it was in the suite "A Saucerful Of Secrets", - it was that, in order to restore order in the sound emotional and speculative chaos of ideas
. Loss of the leading role of functional harmony; statement to the fore "background theme-Semitism", . and consequently the disintegration of the unity between the harmony, . melody and rhythm; non-soft, . mellifluous harmony, . built on triads, the absence of European temperament, inclination toward atonality and polytonal, . to "cluster", . complex rhythms, . despise ordering and uniformity of the classical periodic systems, etc.,
. etc. This is a manifestation of new features in the psychology of XX century.

And without much of the theory is clear that only Pink Floyd in the instrumental pieces managed to embody these traits and, thus, become closer and for the underground, and for refined "overgraunda". Funds Mixed media, used for the transposition of the visual content in music, too, requires skill and justification. More than a strained and implausible be mixed ingredients require intelligent tools for their bonds. It may remind surrealism of Max Ernst and the formula of "accidental meeting of distant realities", but it would be a mistake to reduce PINKFLOYD to such doctrines.

Life in the maelstrom of electronics has formed the perception and explains this syncretism that from birth people are accustomed to bombing sounds, images, freely snatched out of context, pereboltannymi as TV channels. Curved mirrors, multi-color stain, bright images, everything proceeded in line with psychedelia, making it possible to pan for gold archetypes of everyday life. Even Bob Goldstein (Bob Goldstein) in Southampton, began its "Psychedelic Follies"; Pink Floyd went on to more content tional exposure of things

. Here's a phonic conversion of the material in order to enhance its expressiveness, . which began with the change in capacitance with the corresponding audio recording methods and changes in the localization of sounding source - "Azimuth Coordinator" has become an integral part of the Pink Floyd concert,
. Receive update subharmonics and formant by cutting out entire bands of overtones, by laying one record to another, by the reverse of the belt gave new timbre effects.

Generated by electro-music sounds brought to mind by means of layering, folding, moving, stretching, collapse of sinus tones. Came out even so that "the transposition of temporary phenomena of noise on the musical structure of their internal development can proceed according to the principles of music that ennobles the noise process". Communication ways of sound is expressed by human content is a direct and immediate - because singing is the natural language of our feelings and is closely related to speech and the primary expression of emotions

. The melodic side is allowed to sing with the utmost precision to model overflow of some mental states to others - in short, without the singing was not cost as much as the music that would make Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright
. But even Richard Wagner believed: in music, as it was incomprehensible to her tongue, if you follow the laws of logic, laid something more convincing than the laws of logic, compulsive understanding of.

Perhaps the only poetry could bring an understanding, which is not waiting for progressive rock from the "crowd of thousands of idiots" and "several hundreds of thoughtful and sympathetic" (the words of Roger in the 69-m). Again, Wagner said that "the most successful product we must therefore be regarded as that which in its ultimate conclusion would be entirely music" ... In practice this work and devoted his life guitarist, . with its sequential chords built on a high level of instructive, . as the approach to melody and arrangement, . - As long as Waters did not do a whole, . talent that has made each of the four, . individualistic drama - in terms of genre and in a business sense,

. During court proceedings about the "heritage" Pink Floyd has been said many unnecessary; offensive, . probably, . hear, . you charlatan, . moreover and worthless person (the last twenty years, Waters, and said only that Mason and Wright), . but, . recognition of David, . him against such statements immunity ", . Roger can not say, . he can not write songs, . because he has recorded two solo records,

First, that played Gilmore, when he came in PINKFLOYD, was the party for advertising video for the song "Apples And Oranges" Barrett. First is its own thing was instrumental for the film B. Schroeder's "More" under the title "A Spanish Piece". In the same year the author's composition "The Narrow Way" was included in the experimental studio album, for which each presented their own style room, without the participation of. These first verses David obviously embarrassed, so the reduction of the vocals were drowned out.

It was the same in the next album, Atom Heart Mother: a three-song second side is fully owned by Gilmore - "Fat Old Sun". His own personal song to open a second side of the album Obscured By Clouds - "Childhood's End" (with the name of the story Arthur C. Clarke). Much of David's influence could be felt in the Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" - without it, this thing would not take place, for that matter, and "Comfortably Numb" with "Run Like Hell" from The Wall. Almost all of the main set of tracks that Dave wrote and sang in their classic form, he performed during a big tour with A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - "Another Lapse", as well as in a later tour, entitled "P * U * L * S * E ".

In the two "dehydrated", Watersless release Pink Floyd set to return to romanticism, to the origins of a calm river, fairy tale of mystery and poetry "unusually close".

In connection with the first of them having names such as "Of Promises Broken", "Signs Of Life" and "Delusions Of Maturity", but at the last moment took a line from a song by David "One Slip" - "A momentary lapse of reason". In any case, decisions are now taken two, David Gilmour and Mason Nikolac. One sat down in his floating studio on the Thames, along with producer Bob Ezrin, and the second for recording and production of the album, as well as a large tour, sold part of his collection of sports cars.

Machines for Mason is not just a fad wealthy gentleman, but a piece of bread - his company Ten Tenth lets these machines, such as Ferrari release in 1962, the rentals for commercial filming, and the owner himself sometimes sits behind the wheel.

Gilmour meanwhile passed tests for operators of twin-engine plane, so that the first song of the album, "Learning That Fly", is quite biography of. And for two more songs on an album composed verses the old client, Peter Jenner - Anthony Moore (Anthony Moore), a member of ROXY MUSIC Phil Manzanera (Phil Manzanera) reckoned with Gilmore for three songs - but the album remains one. The rest of the undivided creator himself became David. Design took up a childhood friend of Storm Tordzherson; he just realized the visual line from the song "Yet Another Movie" - "The vision of an empty bed": river replenished about eight hundred of empty beds, . in allusion to the worldwide hospital room, . guests who are missing,

There was one. Motif Rivers became a leading motif of the album - the river in an oily sea, which takes away the dirt and filth of life that brings anticipation and memories. Storm took the clips: Similar in appearance to actor Sid Iddens Langley (Langley Iddens) found his vocation and impressed the masters of the metaphysical rock so, . that remained in the form of neo-Pink Floyd and the new version of "Shine On", . and ten-movie with the song "High Hopes",
. Richard Wright only played their games as a guest. But seven years later, he began to write, and the next album the group made the music "Wearing The Inside Out", a well as four rooms. For the album The Division Bell has written many poems new wife Gilmour Polly Samson (Polly Samson).

With favorite blonde named Ginger (Ginger) he divorced at the end of the last decade - "I have four children: three daughters [Sara, Clare, Alice] and son [Matthew].

Lovely guys. Very much to play with them - me and myself still like toys. Especially boyish ... I likes people who make music because they like it. And around the mass of those who "do" music, chasing short-term success, for money and fame. To me, they are not interesting. While he did not see reason to be scared: Lord Jesus, these people vybyut us! Like U-2, Sting (Sting) - a talented musician, but something in it confuses. A fine Shadey (Sade), and in singing and movement, but I do not see in it anything new, original.

I love working with young ... For many years I listen to the great Russian composers, and I think that their product is something that can find expression in rock music ". Rejuvenated Gilmore clearly not wanted to entertain the nostalgic old songs (although he never escaped, firing live album Delicate Sound Of Thunder and P * U * L * S * E): in connection with cross-cutting motive Bells Divisions apparent even lyrical conceptuality. All the songs relate to conflict or break an emotional connection, this minute, or care of youth beyond the horizon of the present, or the disappearance of love beyond sleep, anger, misery. Here, poetry is sad, but sadness, grief, sorrow, regret almost unreal, otherworldly, wrong. They are not linear, in any case, and planetary.

On the latest Floydovskoy poet Samson did not know, they say, she used to write in journals. The greater mystery album gets her new husband with friends. But Nick Laird-Close (Nick Laird-Clowes), . talent who has made a "Poles Apart" and "Take It Back", . known to gilmorovskoy DREAM ACADEMY (especially "gilmorovskoy", . that in one of the closest teams ACADEMY OF SLEEP, . - THE ACT, . played a brother named Dave Gilmour, Mark (Mark Gilmour)),
. About prodyuserstve guitarist Floyd would not have said that studied all to put more "P", if you know what it was about ... Since many people for many years I was in frustration in the studio when he could not explain exactly what I'd like to change them ". The choice of artists for producing and general joint account says about the tastes of David and on the trends in ambient music, which in his opinion, would be worth support.
This group UNICORN Gilmore met back in 1973, that Ken Baker (Ken Baker) had in mind, and what I heard a producer, had two big differences. Nevertheless, the album Too Many Crooks painted a picture in the mind of the listener. Also, the audience received from UNICORN and Gilmore albums Blue Pine Trees, and One More Tomorrow, but on sorokopyatke "Slow Dancing" David was also a sound engineer.

Later, Ken Baker, all gave Dave a bright song, "There's No Way Out Of Here".

But the main victory Gilmour as producer was Kate Bush (Kate Bush). From the very first demos canary guitarist of Pink Floyd, according to him, dumbfounded. On her debut album, The Kick Inside Kate marked appreciation, "many thanks to Dave Gilmour for" rolling the ball "in the beginning" and placed a song dedicated to the executive producer and all the assistants in her career, "Them Heavy People". As a guitarist he has played in her room "Passing Through Air", podpel in "The Dreaming", "live" together make "Running Up That Hill", and years later took part in "Love And The Anger" by Kate Bush

. Without his guitar there was not a group (ARCADIA, . ATOMIC ROOSTER, . BERLIN, . SUPERTRAMP and others), . no master scale Paul McCartney (without David would not take place the song "No More Lonely Nights" in its version of the ballad, . Gilmore also went with the supergroup ROCKESTRA in the album Back To The Egg, . finally, . helped with the number "We Got Married" (LP Flowers In The Dirt); Fsrri Bryan (Bryan Ferry) (LPs Boys And Girls and Bete Noire), . Pete Townshend (Pete Townshend) (LP White City, and concerts of his group DEEP END), . as well as Roy Harper (Roy Harper) (LP HQ),

With the last number of songs they wrote: "Short And Sweet" appeared on the solo album, David Gilmour, and four more, "Playing Games", "You". "Old Faces" and "True Story", on the album Harper The Unknown Soldier. The singer was once connected with Peter Jenner, . and Rick Willis (Rick Willis) and Willie Wilson (Willie Wilson) played with Gilmour at the dawn of the era in hippovoy trio BULLIT, . emerged after the collapse JOKERS WILD and THE FLOWERS, . before, . kakDeyv went to Pink Floyd in the 68-m,

Exactly ten years later it's time for a solo release of Pink Floyd, David, and three with Willis and Wilson, they recorded his first solo album. These songs are written in a simple manner, without claims on the conceptual and even the lyrics, close Pink Floyd. Just really wanted to play for Ginger, which is modestly flashes and on the back, and centerfold cover. In a different light looks solo single with "Blue Light" (Storm Tordzherson shot their first video for this song) in the early 84-th, when the end of Floyd, it seemed, was not far off and the seas.

Ocean and the last war occurred in another song single, "Cruise". And in general the political situation has given the theme for "Out Of The Blue", a Lennon's killing - for "Murder". Age-old controversy Lennon with McCartney and Richards with Dzheggerom obviously care about now is absolutely free to the author, so that his battle with Waters reflected in the verse "You Know I'm Right". Bob Ezrin played the role of co-producer of such gothic things like "Until We Sleep", as well as psevdosimfonicheskoy and postkosmogonicheskoy - "Let's Get Metaphysical".

With such canzone, as "Near The End", we got back to "the bottom of banal rock tekstovki (Jenner) and familiarity towards the aesthetics of FDI to Floyd.

But Pete Townshend suggested Gilmore literary help that David paid tribute: "I sent him a melody, which he wrote the lyrics and returned. Two things were used, and the third I declined, because these poems are not quite attached to my life. I dismissed it at the very end "

. Rejected was the song "White City Fighting", . but David played it at the next album Townshend (of the same tune written text rejected, . called "Hope", . and Roy Harper), . in his cycle of ten songs About Face sang those same two poems Pete, . "Love On The Air" and "All Lovers Are Deranged",
. 0 of love and lovers in the old Pink Floyd nobody wrote in principle. Initially, Nick Mason said: "We are not sexual group and not jumping on the stage," although have the same attractions as Madame Tussauds or Twiggy.

Photos of David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)
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Photos of David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)
David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)

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David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR), photo, biography
David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR), photo, biography David Gilmour (DAVID GILMOUR)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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