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Biography GAMBAL Frank (GAMBALE Frank)
photo GAMBAL Frank (GAMBALE Frank)
Frank began playing guitar at the age of seven years in Canberra, in Australia, where he was born and raised.

In his work was influenced by blues guitarists Jimi Hendrix, John Maia, Eric Clapton and the Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia.

In tineydzherskie years, he discovered Steely Dan, The Brecker Brothers and Chick Corea, the last and sent Frank to the jazz mainstream.

In 1982, the age of 23, he decides to leave his father's house and sent to be educated in the Guitar Institute of Technology (Guitar Institute of Technology, GIT) in Hollywood. He graduated from the institution with the highest degree, Student of the Year, and he is offered a place the teacher, where he worked for the next four years. At this time he was speaking in a local network of jazz clubs with his own group and manages to publish his first book, "Speed of sound-" ( "Speed Picking"). In 1986, he signed a contract to produce three albums with a small record company Legato, thus opening his career in the recording industry.

In the same year, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank invites you to participate in the tour round. A little later, after the tour he was being auditioned for Chick Corea and the period of his work with Chick, which lasted six years and culminated in a Grammy award and recording five albums. Chick helped Frank to discover the world, for which Frank immensely grateful, "collaboration with Chick was just like a waking dream," says Frank.

That same year, Frank was made an offer from Ibanez for making guitars, which grew into a long-term relationships, and created a family of guitar models Frank Gambale, first appeared in worldwide sales in 1987. There have been four versions of these guitars, FGM100, FGM200, FGM300 and FGM400.

In 1987, Frank signed a contract to produce three videoshkol with the firm DCI. In 1988 he was awarded a contract with major record company for Frank, JVC. In 1990 he released "Thunder From Down Under", which are successfully marketed worldwide and at one time served as number 1 in ten of the best jazz of the Japanese charts with his three albums, released by Legato.

In 1992, Frank decided to pursue a career as an independent artist and since then performs with his own group. He and his group toured many countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the U.S.. He spent countless seminars and master classes around the world, even in countries such as South Africa and Uruguay.

In 1996 Frank was offered a head of the guitar department at the new music school in the area of Los Angeles, called the Los Angeles Music Academy. He created a core curriculum for this one-year school, which includes sections Harmony and Theory, Improvisation, Technique and Composition. This school became a place where people get inspiration from guitarists from around the world, the school has become a truly successful. Frank personally teaches one or two full days a week at school, of course, when he - in the city, and supports the guitar department, teachers for whom he chooses himself

. Not so long ago, Frank organized his own record company called Wombat Records, . which he reissued their records, . made on the Legato, . and preparing for the next release, . so, . as a double live album and a duet CD with Maurizio Colonna [Maurizio Colonna], . famous Italian classical guitarist,
. He also signed a contract for two albums with the new record company, Steve Vai [Steve Vai], Favored Nations. The first of these albums were recently released, it is called "Coming To Your Senses", one of the strongest albums of Frank.

Together with the group Vital Information, Frank has already thirteen years. The group includes drummer Steve Smith [Steve Smith], keyboardist Tom Coster [Tom Coster] and bassist Baron Browne [Baron Browne]. From this group, Frank has recorded and participated in writing over a dozen albums.

Another side project - recorded two albums with the trio consisting of bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Steve Smith on Mike Varney's label [Mike Varney] Tone Center. The first disc, released in 1999, called "Show Me What You Can Do", was very well received by the public, its success secured album summer of 2000 "The Light Beyond".

Recently, Frank left Ibanez and struck a deal with Yamaha Guitars, in order to release a new model of Frank Gambale in July 2000. In Frank's certainly a busy schedule, he is either recording a new album or video, wrote the book on tour, or helps to develop a new model of guitar Yamaha, and organizes seminars in Germany, or write pop album in Italy.

Frank loves his work and most happy when he works on the wear. "I can not believe what I paid for what I do, I would not exchange it for anything in the world."

. FRANK GAMBALE - Interview in Brazil

. FRANK GAMBALE interview guitar.net (2000)

Photos of GAMBAL Frank (GAMBALE Frank)

Photos of GAMBAL Frank (GAMBALE Frank)

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GAMBAL Frank (GAMBALE Frank), photo, biography
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