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Gary Moore (GARY MOORE)

( guitarist, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer)

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Biography Gary Moore (GARY MOORE)
(full name of Robert William Gary Moore) was born April 4, 1954 in Northern Ireland.

Musical career began in 1970 in the group Skid Row (not to be confused with the same name by American group), which also included bass guitarist Phil Laynott became famous with the band Thin Lizzy. Skid Row performed hard blues accented with guitar "lining".

Soon, Gary Moore has organized his own group Gary Moore Band, which included bass guitarist Frank Boyle and drummer Pearse Kelly. All this time, Gary Moore is looking for her, a characteristic style of guitar playing, and in early 1974, he joined the group Thin Lizzy. The cooperation lasted only 4 months and soon guitarist goes into Colloseum II. The structure of this experimental group included such famous musicians as John Hayzmen, Neil Murray, Don Airey and Mike Starrz. Here Gary Moore lingered until 1978, writing for this time three albums. In the last two albums, he acted as a vocalist.

In 1978, Gary Moore returned to Thin Lizzy. At the same time he is working on his second solo album (the first appeared in 1973 and was called "Gainding Stone"). Album "Back On The Streets" was released in late 1978, while the single "Parisiene Walkways" rose to 8 th place of the English hit parade. At the same time, Gary Moore once again left the band Thin Lizzy

. The new team of Gary Moore's G Force were: Mark Nozipho - drums, . Willie Dee - vocals, . Tonny Newton - bass guitar, . but by the spring of 1980 broke up and this group, . and Gary Moore began to prepare material for new album, . while working with a group of Greg Lake,

. Still, the first big success for a musician came in 1982, . when guitarist signed a contract with "Virgin Records" and released the album "Corridors Of Power", . dispersed only in the UK selling over a quarter million and has reached the 25-th place in the national hit parade,

In 1983, Gary Moore gathers a new group, which successfully touring in Europe. Music press assesses guitarist as a new "super-star of" 80. It starts with the craze for Gary Moore and, as a consequence, reissued older works musician. Despite the leap-frog with the composition of the next album, Gary Moore is in English TOP 10.

After recording a new studio album (again with the new lineup), Gary Moore went on a world tour and the next drive started in March 1987 "Wild Frontier" (in its reserves participated Cozzi Powell, Bob Deyzli and Simon Phillips). However, the disc in 1989 "After The War" (also with the participation Cozzi Powell) has received more favorable reviews. Was emphasized Arrangement "Led Clones", the lead vocals which served Ozzy Osbourne.

But perhaps the greatest success had fallen to the lot of the album "Still Got The Blues" (1992), recorded with the participation of the great blues guitarist Albert Collins. Unusual reading has become klishirovannymi "Memphis blues riffs, which were famous masters of the past, allowed to talk about Gary Murr as a representative of the elite" new white blues ".

The next album, the musician known as "Blues Alive" and he went on "Virgin" in 1993, and in 1994 published a collection of "Ballads & Blues 1982-1994".

Great guitarist, playing in the jazz-rock, blues, hard rock and heavy metal - Gary Moore is today one of the brightest representatives of contemporary guitar music.

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Photos of Gary Moore (GARY MOORE)
Gary Moore (GARY MOORE)Gary Moore (GARY MOORE)

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    Gary Moore (GARY MOORE), photo, biography
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