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Gary Moore

( English blues singer and guitarist)

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Biography Gary Moore
photo Gary Moore
Gary Moore (p. April 4, 1952, Belfast) - English blues singer and guitarist from Northern Ireland. At age 16, organized a group of SKID ROW, which also included bassist Brendan Shields and drummer Noel Bridgeman. In 1973 the band split up, and Moore formed his own band GARY MOORE BAND. In the 80 years, began his solo career and became one of the best blues musicians in the UK.

Gary Moore (Gary Moore) - one of the most famous and beloved students of rock guitarists. His fruitful artistic career spanned more than 30 years. Member of several famous rock bands (among them - Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II and Skid Row), with whom he worked in the 70, Moore is now revered primarily as soloist. His name was indeed Brandt neymom, and performing style remains absolutely recognizable and inimitable, regardless of whether the master of playing hard rock, metal, romantic ballads, or just a favorite of blues.

Robert William Gary Moore was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 4, 1952. Like many contemporaries, he became interested in rock and roll with Elvis Presley, then his idols are The Beatles. However, later the chief place in the heart of Gary took the blues - visiting at the dawn of his youth intervention Bluesbreakers John Mayella, . who stopped in our hometown hero, . Moore was inspired as a young art of blues guitar, . that he decided to surrender to him without reserve,
. Diligently off with Eric Clapton's solo LPs and other masters, Moore learned. Very soon, Gary talked about as a blues prodigy. Peter Green himself has blessed him to be creative and contribute much to the development of his career.

The first of the known groups, which participated Moore, was a rock 'n' roll Skid Row, signed to CBS in 1970. By this time the 18-year-old Moore and his crew moved to Dublin. Moore firm friendship with Phil Laynottom, who served in the Skid Row vocalist duties, although they soon left the group to come to grips with his own hard-n-art project of Thin Lizzy. Gary has recorded with Skid Row three albums, toured the U.S. in support of The Allman Brothers Band and the Mountain, however, seeing that the group had some creative stagnation, has decided to disband the team to pursue a solo career. Moore's first solo album and his Gary Moore Band, 'Grinding Stone', was released in 1973, but remained virtually unnoticed.

Then Gary accepted the offer of his friend Laynotta and joined Thin Lizzy, where he replaced guitarist Eric Bell. At this time, Gary worked in the group mainly as a session musician, being distracted by more attractive offers. Since 1975, he collaborated with the progressive-fusion-formation, Colosseum II, writing in this group, three albums - Strange New Flesh "(1976)," Electric Savage "(1977) and" Wardance "(1977). In 1977, Moore returned to Thin Lizzy, striving now it is already on the basis of full. Gary introduced his weighty contribution to the recording of one of the most popular album Thin Lizzy - 'Black Rose' (1979). After the release of this disc the band went on tour supporting, but halfway Moore unsatisfied with his position in the team, fizzled out. He switched to their own material, releasing the album 'Back To The Streets' (1979 th), received a very warm welcome. Single-thing with him, romantic 'Parisienne Walkways' (with guest participation Laynotta) became noticeable hit in England. In addition, Moore formed a project G-Force, gravitates towards jazz-rock, which in 1980 released a self-titled album, acknowledged failure. Group was disbanded.

In the 80's Moore has released several solo albums to enjoy solid success - especially noteworthy works such as "Corridors Of Power" (1982), "Run For Cover" (1985) and 'After The War' (1989), although were rather weak wheels. In an effort to get into the stream, namely in those years was 'heavy metal', Moore swiftly crossed his sound, though not escaped the impact of pop music and so-called AOR'a. It is interesting to Moore's appeal was to the musical traditions of his native Ireland. 'Support Group', which picked up Moore, were very strong - in different years had collaborated with Neil Murray, Ian Paice, Don Airey, Glenn Hughes, Mo Foster, Coase Powell, Simon Phillips, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.. In the big hits out such things as 'Empty Rooms' (1985) and regular collaborations with Laynottom, 'Out in the Fields' (this was the last lifetime record of Phil).

This breakout (and revolution) occurred in 1990, when Moore, departing from the bored for 10 years, the image of a metalworker, released the album 'Still Got The Blues', in which with trepidation paid tribute to his musical roots. 'Classic' standards, performed with genuine blues feeling, multiplied by the hard rock expression,'s liking audience and critics. From now on, Gary's reputation as one of the 'heroes of the white blues' has been unwavering, and his name has become synonymous with the blues to the public at large.

Gary consolidated his success next 'After Hours', sparkling guest presence of BB King and Albert Collins. In 1993, he collaborated with Greg Lake, . 1994 with the former rhythm section of Cream (Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker) worked on the project BBM, . and in 1995 the album 'Blues For Greeny' tribute to his teacher, Peter Green (CD consisted entirely of songs Green and was played on 'Forest Field', . once given as a gift, Gary Peter),
. In 'Different Beat' (1999), actor decided to experiment with new-fangled media and styles, and then went back to basics in 'Back To The Blues' (2001).

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Gary Moore, photo, biography
Gary Moore, photo, biography Gary Moore  English blues singer and guitarist, photo, biography
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