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Biography Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe)
Joe Perry (Anthony Joseph Perry) was born September 10, 1950 in g.Lorense Massachusetts.

His mother, Maria Ursillo, was Italian, and his father, Anthony Perreira - Portuguese.
His father was an accountant and his mother worked as a teacher in school.
Joe was not yet 6 years old when his uncle, Constantine Ursillo, gave him a homemade guitar.

Parents tried to shove their offspring in any musical circle, but they did not work. All that in the impact of Joe splashed on the scene - the result of independent labor.

Life was measured and quiet. In search of a livelihood, Joe traveled to neighboring states - to sweep the courtyard of the synagogue in Boston, worked as a seller of ice cream in New Hampshire. In the evening played in a band Jam, serving where lucky. Prior to that, he changed teams: Flash, My Hopedale Band, Plastic Glass and Pipe Dreams.

And at this time in Boston, a certain Steven Tallarico sought recognition with his team Chain Reaction. Their cases have been better - the guys were the opening act for celebrities: The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Yardbirds last composition (with Jimmy Page). Chain Reaction, even released a single single "When I Need You", but further cases stalled

. Meeting
. Tallarico, . coming to rest on the resort "Trow-Rico", . which belonged to his family and which was located near the city Syunapi (Sunapee, . New Hampshire), . went into the cafe "The Anchorage", . where at the very moment behind the bar served with ice cream, Joe Perry,
. Stephen, a big fan of ice cream, went to Perry. History is silent about what conversation took place between the boys. It is known that the same evening, August 30, 1969, the group The Jam Band (Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Pudge Scott) and The Chain Reaction, gathered at the club "The Barn" for a joint concert. It met future Toxic Twins.

Creating Aerosmith

After several joint concerts CHAIN REACTION and JAM BAND in Syunapi Joe invited Stephen to organize a new team in style CREAM. They were joined by: Parry, a colleague of JAM BAND bassist Tom Hamilton, drummer Joey Kramer, and second guitarist Ray Taba, which quickly replaced by Brad Whitford.

After the first played a concert at Nipmuc Regional High School team became known as AEROSMITH, and Stephen changed his name to Tyler.

First, a favorite place of their meetings was a bar "The Barn" in Syunapi. They also spoke on the school and receive up to $ 200 per night. Then they leaned to the south, in Boston. There, they rented apartments. Ate poorly, often could not afford even the cheap beer. Places lacked. Take turns sleeping in the kitchen. In general, the romanticist. Fortunately the team soon became popular in the Boston area, but in fact had nothing in his: no concept, no sound, no image. Their guitarists outright copying their more famous counterparts from popular groups of the first and second wave of British global expansion. Perry always looked toward blues improvisations of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Tyler is full swing borrowed from Mick Jagger and dug in the heritage BEATLES.

By 1971, Aerosmith have accumulated enough songs to create a full-length album, Joe knew very well that the sound is not climbing into any gates and invited Tyler to suffer even a little. Stephen agreed

. Debut self-titled album AEROSMITH (1973) sold well, . but the group collapsed long-awaited barrage of criticism transparent borrowing from "Rolling Stones", . however, . then show how time, . they came out the first pancake is not the biggest lump, . becoming double platinum in 1993,
. It turned out to be two major things. This is one of the greatest hard-rock ballad "Dream On" and "Mama Kin" with Joe Perry guitar work a la Keith Richards or Jerry Lee Lewis, plus distortion ". AEROSMITH immediately set off to tour. They aroused the whole night Boston noise noise / soundscape of guitars, Joe and Brad and screaming writhing like a snake impulsive Steven Tyler.

In 1975 was followed by an even more extensive tour, where they heard all 50 states of America. And so it happened that the third attempt (disk "Toys In The Attic") they managed to finally earn the recognition. Sure, . on what else to get out of the puddles, . if not on the album, . which was sold to 4-million copies? Singles "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion" became one of the first illustrative examples, . as rhythm and blues and funk can successfully go dead heat with hard rock,
. They became the stars. Again touring, held sway over the stadium full of fans, and more were not clowns "Rolling Stones". Perry gave each song is something special, making more music, and not look at the acrobatic pirouettes Tyler. But Tyler is Tyler, and Joe never claimed to be a leader in the group. It may aim to protect the staff from the decay.

In 1976, the light was an album ROCKS. He was strong for its stability, its power, passion and authority. This is perhaps the only album of the collective, in which music predominates over Tyler's vocals, and is primarily merit Perry.


"Drugs and vodka to ever destroy," - so many have said, and it happened. They began to write mediocre stuff, repeat, and Tyler began to look like some awfully tired. Critics began to complain again, and Tyler Perry, being interested in how often they listen to LED ZEPPELIN, and going to concerts of the Rolling Stones' to snatch from them a few new ideas.

In 1979, Perry left Aerosmith and started a solo project of Joe Perry Project (Joe Perry, Ralph Mormon, David Hull, Ronnie Stewart). In the new collective Perry had to write lyrics himself, and without a friend of Stephen it was not an easy task. In connection with these out the album delayed. Album "Let The Music Do The Talking" was released in 1980. and became the first solo album Perry. Joe played guitar, and percussion (bass synthesizer). Responsible role vocalist he took the following songs: "Conflict Of Interest", "Shooting Star", "The Mist Is Rising", "Life At A Glance". In addition, he acted as co-producer disk.

The next album was "I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again", released in July 1981. At this time, Joe has reduced turnover - playing only the guitar and playing the role of lead vocalist in only two songs written by himself.

Album "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" today was the last solo album Perry. He played acoustic and electric guitars. And in the song "King Of The Kings" played solo on 6 string bass guitar. All these things have had local success.

There were rumors that Tyler Perry and leave her forever, but these were only rumors. In general, when talking about the decay Smith says about nepremirimoy hostility and Tyler Perry. Spiteful critics gossip - "Tyler Perry challenged, wanting to become the unofficial leader of the team". But it was only speculation. Can predendovat for leadership in a team with Steven?

But the quarrel was still. According to the website Crossfire The Home of The Joe Perry Project, the following happened. Aerosmith was a rock festival headlined "The World Series Of Rock". In Aerosmita at the Cleveland National Stadium were Ted Nugent and Thin Lizzy. At that time, Joe was already thinking about his solo project. His mood was horse radish.

During his speech, as he usually does not Tyler sang and played so loud that it drowned out the voice of Stephen. Tyler himself was not in the best shape. And they had a meeting, a translation of which is not required:

. Joe: "Maybe I Should Leave The Band."
. Steven: "Yeah Maybe You F * cking Should."
. Joe: "Oh, Yeah?"

. That night, Tyler said that never again will be on the same stage with Perry
. But a few days, Perry and Tyler were talking on the phone, asking each other for forgiveness. Tyler frequently attended concerts of Joe Perry Project, and Perry was a regular on the frankly weak concerts Smiths in the new composition (Tyler, Crespo, Dufay, Hamilton, Kramer).

Tyler had a little time to deal with their health and deal with their women.

Together again

In February 1984, Aerosmith gathered in his legendary composition. The group went on tour, and with Tyler Perry in the evening pored over the texts to new record. For the first time since 1975 AEROSMITH turned again to the rhythm and blues and the result was an unexpected triple platinum album with nails "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)", "Rag Doll" and "Angel". Then there were albums Pump, Get A Grip and Nine Lives. On the latter two can talk for hours. Finding a new sound has ended in complete victory for musicians. So, for what had abused his voice and guitar Tyler Perry, then immediately liked former critics.

In 1999. an album "The Best Of The Joe Perry Project: The Music STILL Does The Talking". It includes 20 of the best tracks The Joe Perry Progect

. And, . Joe attended a guitar in the following materials: The Lines - "Dirty Water", . Run-DMC-"Raising Hell", . Alice Cooper - "Trash", . Chicago - "Night And Day: Big Band", . Various Artists - "Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas", . Ringo Starr - "I Wanna Be Santa Claus", . Various Artists - "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon", . Yankee Grey - "Untamed", . The Sound Kings - "Growing Up With An Invisible Friend".,

. JOE PERRY - about music, about himself and Gibson Les Paul

Photos of Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe)

Photos of Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe)

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Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe), photo, biography
Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe), photo, biography Joe PERRY (PERRY Joe)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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