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Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)

( Actor)

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Biography Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
photo Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
Matthew Perry was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown, state Messachusets. He was the only child of Suzanne and John Perry, who divorced when he still was not the year. After the divorce of parents, Matthew and mother went to Canada and settled in Ottawa, where his mother soon became an advisor and later press secretary of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

When Perry was 10 years old, his mother married a Canadian leading Keats Morrison (Keith Morrison), who had 4 children: Caitlin, Emily, Willy, and Madeline. A father married Debbie, and they had a daughter, Mary.

From an early age, to the surprise of parents, who were theater actors, suddenly began to show an active interest in sport. Things reached the point that Matthew was declared the second number in the rating of the Canadian youth associations and could make a great sporting career. However, enthusiasm for her acting in his spare time in fifteen years, brought him to Los Angeles to his father.

Here is how Perry recalls his first appearance on television: "What is it, I certainly knew. But I never thought that everything on television stations accompanied by a vanity! There, nobody goes just like normal people. All somewhere to run: hurry include scripts in a hurry to record another double. The horror! "But, strangely enough, the horror became mother for the novice actor.

The first in his career, Charles became a TV movie `command` (1984), and then in 1987 he starred in the TV series "seconds for chances". However, the role in Matthew was not home.
He was ready to act in any show, to appear in any proposed series.

"Beverly Hills 90210" - is this password for Perry opened the door to the world of Hollywood stars. He was one of those who started snimatsya in the cult TV series American youth 90th. Today in the creative biography of Perry about two dozen shows including "Friends". He was the most impressive of all three guys in the "Friends", and Julia Roberts has made many efforts to remove him in the same series.

But it's a poor actor, who does not dream about great movies. Matthew, too, slept, and saw himself next to the first magnitude stars. And his dream became a reality! Starting to appear in episodic roles (one of the most feature films with "Night of the life of Jimmy Reardon" was released in 1988), Matthew gradually risen to co-star. The most famous of his work - in the movie "The Whole Nine Yards" (Parry became a partner of Bruce Willis) and "Almost a hero" (in this picture, Matthew starred with the late comedian Chris Farley). Role Nikolas Ozeranskogo in the scenario "The Whole Nine Yards" was written specifically for Perry.

Alas, a frequent companion stars are alcoholism and drug addiction. Matthew Perry, they are also not spared. But he managed to overcome the disease - underwent treatment for drug addiction and now speaks about "Eclipse" and wants to help young people encountered the same problems.

His best friend is still David Schwimmer. Matthew is currently dating actress Renee Ashton (Renee Ashton).

. Filmography:

. 1988 - Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon-A night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon
. 1990 - Call me Anna - Call Me Anna
. 1993 - Deadly Relations - Deadly Relations
. 1994 - Admissions / Getting in
. 1994 - 2004 - / Friends
. 1997 - Haste, makes waste / Fools Rush In
. 1998 - It is uncontrollable - She's Out of Control
. 1998 - Almost Heroes / Almost Heroes
. 1999 - Tango three / Three to Tango
. 2000 - Child / The kid
. 2000 - The Whole Nine Yards / The Whole Nine Yards
. 2002 - Scammers / Serving Sara
. 2004 - Ten yards / The Whole Ten Yards
. 2006 - History of Ron Clark / The Ron Clark Story


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  • krokozyambra for Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
  • As far as I know in Beverly Hills was filmed Luke Perry and Matthew Perry is known for the TV series "Friends "!
  • Only for Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
  • Luke Perry starred in the lead role throughout the series and played Dylan and Matt played a very tough guy at school who eventually committed suicide.
  • Anonymous for Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
  • fyvfyv
  • Anonymous for Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
  • him in Beverly Hills in general nebylo, Matt is not he playing
  • Anonymous for Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)
  • he was in Beverly Hills. I do not remember who played, but it certainly was !
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    Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry), photo, biography
    Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry), photo, biography Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry)  Actor, photo, biography
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