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Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)
1999 February
Satriani 9 times nominated for a Grammy Award in the category "Best Rock Instrumental performance"

Concert Tour G3: involving Joe Satriani, Michael Schenker, Patric Rondat, Brian May.

1998, March 2
Released solo album "Crystal Planet". Since March begins next world tour devoted to this album.

Continuation of the G3 tour in Europe and America.
With: in Europe, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Adrian Legg, in America: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Kenny Wyane Sheperd, Robert Fripp.
In June, released live album and video G3.

World Tour. It starts with the fall of 1995 in England and continues throughout Europe, then in the U.S., South America, Australia and Japan. Ends spring 1996. Is followed by performances at various festivals in Holland, Montreux in Switzerland, in Poland. And in the autumn of that year was followed by three outstanding guitarists in a joint concert tour G3 - Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson.

1995, October 11
Joe Satriani released sixth album, called "Joe Satriani".

1994, October
Album "Time Machine" has become the gold. Joe begins work on his new album.

1993, October
Released double CD "Time Machine".
The first disc contains studio recordings and "not the American editions of" Joe, plus four of the five tracks of the original Joe Satriani EP and three new tracks;
The second disc includes 14 "live" (live) performances.

1992, July
After an intensive two-year work produced CD "The Extremist", which immediately becomes gold, will debut the 24th in Billboard and brings yet another Grammy nomination. The disc includes the hit single "Summer Song," which is then used in advertising Sony Walkman.

1989 October
Released CD "Flying In a Blue Dream", for which Joe for the third time nominated for a Grammy. Album sales exceed 750,000 units. The disc has 6 tracks with vocals by Joe from the general 18 tracks.

1988 November
Released CD "Dreaming # 11". The disc is gold and brings Joe and the second time it makes for a Grammy award.

1988, June 11
During the tour, "Surfing With The Alien" was recorded three live tracks for a mini-album "Dreaming # 11" EP. Also in this album, one studio track - "The Crush of Love", released earlier magazine Guitar Player on a floppy disk.

1988, February-March and September-October
Prerov solo performances for a gig with Mick Jagger.

1988 February
After the success of the disc "Surfing With The Alien", the company Relativity makes the second edition of the disc "Not Of This Earth". The disc was released with new artwork, as well as artwork of the old have been lost.

1987 October
Released CD "Surfing With The Alien", which is rapidly becoming the gold and platinum

1986 December
Joe gives the firm Relativity Records a demo tape of songs which will appear later in the album "Surfing With The Alien". Then Joe signed a contract.

1986 November
Fifteen months after the recording material, the company produces drive Relativity "Not Of This Earth".

1986, September
Joe performs with the pop rocker Greg Kihn waiting for proposals from the company Relativity.

Completes the recording tracks to the disc "Not Of This Earth", which are funded by credit card Joe. Steve Vai, presented his company Relativity Records.

Joe produced five songs on the EP "Joe Satriani" in the independent label under the name of his wife, Rubina. The album contained only one guitar.

In San Francisco, Joe formed the pop group "The Squares" with Jeff Campitelli on drums and Andy on bass, Milton.

Start a 10-year period of teaching in "Second Hand Guitars in Berkeley, CA". Among the students Joe such well-known people in the future, David Bryson (Counting Crows), Kirk Hammett, Charlie Hunter, Larry LaLonde, Alex Skolnick, and other.

Joe was engaged in self-study. During this period he took lessons for three weeks at the Billy Bauer in Glen Cove, NY. At the same time he studied with Lennie Tristano in Queens, NY, about two months.

1972 September
Teacher of Music High School Bill Wescout Joe explained the theory of tonal center (pitch axis).

Joe over the next three years to teach people to play the guitar at his home in Westbury, Long Island (NY). Steve Vai was one of his first students

. 1970
. Joe first picked up guitar

. 1956, July 15
. At the Westbury (New York) was born Joe Satriani

. Joe Satriani - in search of the lost chord

. JOE SATRIANI said about Stevie Ray Vaughan

. Interview for Guitar Player (2000)

. Interview for Guitar World (2000)

. Interviews for the company Ibanez

. Interview for the magazine Music Box

. Online music Joe Satriani (Article published in "Moskovsky Komsomolets"

. Interview for the magazine Gitarre & Bass (1998)

. Interview for "MetalStar", Germany (July 1994) JOE SATRIANI - member of Deep Purple

. Album "Surfing With Alien"
. Album "Flying in a blue dream"

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  • Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)

Photos of Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)
Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)Joe Satriani (SATRIANI JOE)

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