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SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)

( guitarist in the band Deep Purple)

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Biography SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
Steve Morse, born June 28, 1954. in Hamilton, Ohio, USA. During training in academic military school in Augusta in the late 60-ies, together with a classmate, Andy West, he founded the group "Dixie Grits".

In the 70 years of Morse and West moved to Miami, where the local university studying on a course of classical and jazz guitar. There also was born group Dixie Dregs, which gradually grew into a professional team.

In 1983. Morse began his solo career, creating the Steve Morse Band. Since 1982, Mr.. by 1986. Morse admitted annually to the readers of the authoritative magazine "Guitar Player" best guitarist on the set of indicators. Morse reputation as a musician-virtuoso so high that he has authored a series of videotaped lessons guitar skill. His invited to tour John McLaughlin (John McLaughlin_, Al Di Meola (Al Di Meola), Paco de Lucia (Paco de Lucia).

In 1986 - 87 i.i. Morse is working with a group of Kansas. In 1989, tired of show business, Steve Morse, suddenly leaves the stage and became a pilot for domestic flights in an American Airlines. In 1994. Morse returned to the Steve Morse Band, recorded in 1995. album "StressFest".

In November 1994,. Morse invited to Deep Purple. After a few concerts, he became the permanent guitarist. He also works with other famous guitarists, . including Steve Vai (Steve Vai), . Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck), . Eric Johnson (Eric Johnson), . Alks Lifeson (Alex Lifeson), . Joe Perry (Joe Perry), . Richie Sambora (Richie Sambora), . Joe Satriani (Joe Satriani), . Brian Setzer Orchestra, . Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Kenny Wayne Shepherd),
. In late 1997. Morse is involved, along with most of these musicians in recording an album of Christmas tunes. During the first half of 1999. Morse invited famous masters guitar Al Di Meola, . Peter Frampton (Peter Frampton), . Marty Friedman (Marty Freedman), . Steve Howe (Steve Howe), . Jorma Kaukonen (Jorma Kaukonen), . Albert Lee (Albert Lee), . John Petruchio (John Petrucci), . Trevor Rabin (Trevor Rabin), . Mike Stern (Mike Stern), . Dweezil Zappa (Dweezil Zappa) to record an album with the performance arnzhirovok classical music,
. In September 1999,. Morse participated in the jubilee, 30 years old "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" and a follow-up in 2000. intercontinental tour with symphony orchestras.

Simultaneously with the work of Deep Purple Morse periodically arranges concert tours in the Dixie Dregs and Steve Morse Band. In 2000. released solo album, Steve Morse "Major Impacts", in the record which was attended by musicians Steve Morse Band. In March 2001,. Steve Morse and Ian Paice held several joint workshops in Australian cities. During the past year, Steve Morse took part in recordings of solo projects for artists such as Jordan Rudes (Jordan Rudess), and Manuel Barreko (Manuel Barrueco). In 2002, Mr.. expected output of new recordings of solo works by Steve Morse.

Official site of DEEP PURPLE

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  • Tritatu for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • Steve Morse - the best of men!
  • scorpion for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • scorpion for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • Steve Morse - BEST! LONG LIVE ...!
  • Gena for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • Always fascinated Blackmore game, but listening to the game as you can see Morse intepritirovat theme created by Blackmore. This combination of music, when it seems that everything has been said, I have not heard. A virtuoso with a capital letter. Not just speed dial music, and a beautiful combination.
  • Diana Hard Rock baby for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • I've seen live, . as played by Steve ... It's fantastic! Steve - not just a handsome man, . he is - a talented man, . and after personal communication with him, I was left impressed: positive, . open and incredibly charming man! Well, . and of course - the guitar virtuoso, . real rocker! Steve, . you - super! Man, . replaced Blackmore, . is worthy of attention, . right? :),
  • Andrew Kapov for SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)
  • Musician-spirited man, a man who has his style of play, can not be confused with the other, he can fly .......
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    SIDS Steve (Steve Morse), photo, biography
    SIDS Steve (Steve Morse), photo, biography SIDS Steve (Steve Morse)  guitarist in the band Deep Purple, photo, biography
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