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Paul Wood (LES PAUL)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Paul Wood (LES PAUL)
Do you know or not, but you are in unpaid debt to Polfussom Lester (Lester Polfuss), The Wizard Vaukesha!

Played guitar with solid korpusomN He opened it.

We used multi-track zapisN He has developed its.

Recorded a guitar with a microphone blizkostoyaschim guitar kabinetaN He did it first.

How about the use of reverb, delay, phase shift or flendzheraN He brought it into use.

Work quickly mediator, playing percussive passages drowning string rukoyN He was there for 50 years before you.

Look around and you'll find that the world of modern rock guitar surrounded by the innovative ideas Leicester Polfussa. Or as he called himself - Les Paul.


Initially, the 20 th century, most of the world stepped up to the technological revolution, such as for example, is now the digital / internet explosion. The potential of electricity, telephone and the phonograph was just beginning to manifest itself, and as Steve Jobs or Bill Gates at the dawn of the personal komptyutera, Leicester Polfuss possessed the gift of intuition to find solutions before someone raises the issue. Most career Les Paul worked so that develop and improve the discovery that he did the same in 15 years, each of which involved one way or another, music. When asked later - what he feels like more - a musician or an inventor, Les Paul said, "The main reason for my inventions was the fact that MNA something lacking, or I could not go to the store and buy it.. . it was something that someone has missed to do, and I had to invent. "

His musical ability came as estetvenno as his invention. Born in Vaukesha, Wisconsin, in 1915, Lester child received several lessons on the piano. When he was 10 years, he taught himself to play banjo and guitar. His first instrument, guitar Sears Silvertone, was bought for $ 2.49 but soon he received a Gibson L-5. As a teenager, he invented polupofessionalnoe stage show. Armed with a guitar and harmonica, Lester began to perform country music-the repertoire under the name "Red Hot Red, the Wizard of Waukesha," diluting his cheerful chatter.

Lester combined a musical talent with his relentless desire to apply tools and use them for very different purposes. For example, he realized that making additional holes in the roller samoigrayuschih piano, he could supplement them with new melodies and harmonies (The same concept was for the invention of the multi-track record of tapping into the fifties). Leicester in 1928, following the intuition invented his own electric guitar, while he was 13. "When I played at parties," he explains, and people said that I was not loud enough to play and sing ". Leicester obnarzhil that can amplify your voice if you sing in a telephone microphone which is connected to the radio. He realized that, as a phonograph needle can catch the vibration of the tracks on the disc, the same can be done with the vibrations emanating from the guitar.

"I just took a needle on the phonograph, and put it to the top of the guitar and stepped up the volume with the handset .." so Leicester predicted his inventive improvisation electromagnetic pickup.

Leicester listening to radio broadcasts from Chicago big bands, began to expand his musical horizons and pribretat taste of the best jazz musicians while listening to Art Tatum and guitarist Carl Kress, Dick Makdonoufa and Eddie Lang. In 17 years, . He left school and joined the band for radio Sunny Joe Wolverton city of St. Louis, . and two years later, he was already in Chicago, . rasprostryanyaya their musical ideas to radio waves such as Hill-Billy "Rhubard Red" in the mornings and as a follower of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardta - Les Paul in the evening,
. He has already added zvukosniatel to your guitar L-5, and in 1934 he played the guitar built by his own specifications, with a rigid upper deck, with no ef, and two pickups, the first tool with two pickups.

First record sosotoyalas Les Paul in 1936 when he was hired by Decca Records to record a blues Georgia White. Despite the fact that it was a valuable experience, Wood wanted to show himself in the jazz style, and he knew that AJ do this to move to New York or Los Angeles. After tossing a coin (lot), he and members of his trio, (Jim Atkins, a cousin of Chet Atkins on rhythm guitar and vocals) went to the east. Armed with a small reputation and great self-confidence, Paul struck the path to weekly radio broadcasts with Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians and immediately established itself as the center of attention

. In New York, . Paul continued to experiment with guitar electronics and sent his thoughts to the invention all of the infamous "logs", . electric guitar consisting maple bar 4x4 ', . Epiphone headstock, . two pickups, . metal bridge and the top-Nut,
. Debuting Lumber provoked a strong negative reaction. In order that would make the tool better-looking, Paul made about her non-functional body guitar. And those people who hate this guitar for its looks, now love her sound. Thus was born with a guitar tselnokuskovym Corps.

Show Waring continued, but became bytro lose in the musical growth and potential. Paul left New York and was in Los Angeles, where he continued to work as a guitarist NBC. Second World War began, and in 1943 he was assigned to the detachment of the armed forces radio service. In 1944, he returned to Hollywood, where he made several recordings of his Trio for Decca Label, as a guitarist and accompanist popular singer Helen Humes, Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby. In 1946, Les Paul was the busiest sessional gitaristolm in Los Angeles.

At his peak, he continued to work on improving their ideas and inventions for electric guitar and recording systems. The motivation was very simple: after admitting to his mother that she could not Olic from the other guitarists on the radio, he vowed to create his own unique sound that she would soon be able to recognize. The result expressed in the multi-record the track, innovation has led to the development of this method of recording.

Until the end of the forties, the majority of records was done nepsoredstveno to drive through primitive microphones and audio consoles went on the recording cutter uncomfortable giving cut tracks on the plates coated with shellac. There was a film that could have been cut, there was no "stops and starts, rewrites, and each sample was mixed on the fly. Continuing eksperimnty which he started in Chicago in the thirties, Paul made several recording cutters in his garage in Hollywood, and began to record different parties, adding a voice or a new instrument has not yet received a wall of sound. To record the guitar he used to record guitars he used the Balance Beam, Clunker (normal Epifon to kotoromy was prkreplen-proof pickup that simulated isolation notch guitar) and completely headless Aluminum prototype.

Each guitar was connected directly to a mixing console, mixing, or through an amplifier Fender. Paul has recorded and spoiled about 500 titles before the release the result of this recording in the late 47 пЁпЎпЄп°, . instrumental version of the standard Rodgers and Hart "Lover." Wood used all, . every trick he could think of: eight while playing electric guitar (some of them were recorded at double speed), . violent change of pace and his trademark insane musical accuracy,
. "Lover" was not like all that has hitherto been recorded. Decca rejected the record as a foolish venture, but Capitol Records agreed to release her, thus opening a new era in popular music, and opening the door to hit Les Paul and his future wife, Mary Ford. Mother Paul never made a mistake listening to the radio cyna Lestra.

In 1948, a serious avokatastrofe Paul broke his right hand, which consolidated itself in a cast at 90 degrees, which would continue the game. Then, he and Mary founded the factory hits, with multi-guitar accompaniment and silky and harmonious vocals, Mary. "Tennessee Waltz," "Mockin 'Bird Hill," "The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise," "Vaya Con Dios," and the rockabilly masterpiece "How High the Moon" which occupied the charts in the early fifties. However vremenm, . Paul went on a breakthrough in new technologies, . bringing out multi rekovuyu recording on film (he designed the first eight-channel tape recorder Ampex in 1952), . guitar pickups with low resistance, . electronic reverb, . phase shift, . Flanger, . echoes and overlapping tracks,

While recording vocals Ford, Paul also developed a technique close to the microphone, creating an exceptional sense of presence for vocals, "kiss" microphone. So he was able to duplicate the effect in a live game with a device Paulverizer, . mounted gitrae console for remote control of a tape recorder behind the scenes who worked in real time - to listen - to record,

His dedication to the guitar world and in the beginning of the guitar, Gibson Les Paul, took place not fast. Paul Gibson suggested in the mid-forties idea of producing notch guitar grounds on a log. But Gibson's reputation rested on guitars with an empty shell and a vaulted, and the fear of criticism SWOT customers they refused to experiment. After the guitar Leo Fender Telecaster proven suschestovanie market with solid body guitars, Gibson reviewed the position and asked Woods to participate in the promotion of a more elegant guitar with a convex top. As he recalls, "They had no names for the guitar ... I said, 'Why do not you call it Les PaulN' "Gibson accepted the offer of sex, but not in honor of his invention. "They were not certain then - whether it works or not," says Paul, "so Gibson decided to distance from that concept."

Guitar Les Paul Gold Top debuted in 1952, followed by a series of Custom, Junior, TV and Special. In 1960, the original model of the Les Paul was Les Paul Standard, but in 1961 Gibson introduced a substitute, more subtle, with a double-cut model which became known as imenenm SG, and the way the company and Paul split.

In 1952, Les Paul was the most popular guitarist in America. While their record to dominate the pop charts, he and Mary founded his own TV show. In the middle of the decade, began to change musical tastes - rock & roll guitarists began to use the guitar Paul's use of his playing techniques that led to the world of the music business as a pop artist. Les and Mary were divorced in 1964, and until 1967, he was in the shade. Followed with health problems, but in 1977 Wood was awarded a Grammy along with the great Chet Atkins for Chester and Lester.

In 1984, Paul began regular performances at the club's trio of Manhattan, where guitarists from Slash to George Benson can give him homage. Have recently been reissued early recordings on Decca (The Complete Decca Trios Plus: 1936-1947) and his hits at the Capitol with Mary Ford were pervypuscheny in the new edition (The Legend and the Legacy).

After 75 years of games and inventions, after three periods of success in his life, Les Paul is not sitting on the ground - he continues to perform and record


. Style of guitar playing Les Paul is a technical sophistication, but he is representing himself, said that he like his idol, Django Reinhardt, plays by ear, which is not based on technique, playing his own style
. After a career of Paul, . since 1936 with Georgia White, . certainly repeated theme: the melodic lines with bright flashes, . unpredictable improvisational style and sense of humor exhibited by using myzykalnyh quotes and thrown on ugad in solo or lose,
. It is impossible to summarize in a single game, Paul genre - enough to play blues, jazz, country and pop which are woven through his arrangements, that would be sufficient to load four guitarists.
. LES PAUL - an interview with Guitar Player (1977)

Photos of Paul Wood (LES PAUL)
  • Paul Wood (LES PAUL)

Photos of Paul Wood (LES PAUL)
Paul Wood (LES PAUL)

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Paul Wood (LES PAUL), photo, biography
Paul Wood (LES PAUL), photo, biography Paul Wood (LES PAUL)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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