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Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)

( Guitarist)

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Biography Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)
photo Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)
On Friday, March 19, 1982, in a plane crash killed Randy Rhoads - Ozzy Osbourne guitarist. It was a small private plane walking. The pilot was on drugs.

This day I will never forget - say Ozzy. "In the face RANDY I lost not only a good friend, but also the greatest musician, whom I ever knew. Randy Rhoads came into my life in 1979. At that moment I felt a deep depression, and he became the guitarist, which I always dreamed of. He helped my dreams become reality. "

Randall William Rhoads was born in Santa Monica, Calif., Dec. 6, 1956. His mother, Delores (it is dedicated to a beautiful acoustic track "Dee") was the owner of a shop of musical instruments, and at the age of six years, Randy has appeared to take guitar lessons.

In addition to the love of the classic game from Randy became interested in rock music influenced by musicians such as Leslie West, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore, BB. King. Later, his heroes were Michail Schenker, Bill Nelson, Gary Moore, Edward Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth.

When he was 16, Randy took on the role of the teacher in-store mother, that he was engaged until yet been claimed by Ozzy.
He was an excellent teacher and has trained a galaxy of famous pupils. Among his students was, for example, Joe Holmes - the current guitarist for OZZY Osbourne.

"Randy was a great teacher - says Joe, - he had the ability to explain everything clearly, so that you immediately know how, what and why do. He was inspired by his example, and wanted to do all day, to please him with their achievements in the next lesson ".

Randy often mentioned that when he was a teacher, played a crucial role in the formation of his unique style. His maniacal love for music compelled him to practice anywhere and anytime. "Unlike many rock guitarists Randy worked even during the tour - says Ozzy. - On weekends, the proposal to go to the bar he always answered that he had a more pleasant experience - music lessons. The guy wanted to be the best of the best and only way to achieve this was hard work. His knowledge of music have been amazing, and this is reflected in his interesting and original works ".

Randy began to play in the yard groups, when he was 14, and in 1975 became a member of the first major group Quiet Riot. In the late 70's Quiet Riot was one of the two most popular events in the county of Los Angeles (the other was Van Halen), and in 1979 Ozzy went to LA in search of a guitarist of his dreams.

After long and fruitless plays Ozzy was on the verge. But one early morning long-awaited miracle happened. "I have a whole day listening to different guitar players and has already started to fall asleep. When you Randy, I too was half-asleep, but when he started to play, dream vanished. Within a minute I knew that is what I need. I asked him whether he was homosexual, and having received a negative answer, gave him a smile.

1980 live album "Blizzard Of Ozz" caused a storm in a rock 'n' Roll world. In 1981 Randy was named "best young talent" in Guitar Player magazine. This prestigious award was handed to him Robin Trower, Mark Knopfler, Edward Van Halen.
Because of his untimely death of Randy managed to record only one more album with Ozzy - Diary of a Madman.

Besides the enormous talent Randy had great equipment. What kind of amps he preferred? Sure, . Marshall! He used 100 watts head Super Lead (among them his famous white "head" with a black logo), . and unlike other guitarists, . using classrooms or for high frequencies, . either for low, . its set includes both the Cabinet,

Of the most famous guitars Randy Gibson Les Paul Custom (also white) Gibson Flying V (polka dot) and "swept" Jackson guitar. Currently, Jackson released a fairly popular name, model Randy Rhoads (RR)

. Another thing, . which makes it truly outstanding sound studio, . - Is his superprofessionalizm, . with which he doubles or triples their parts with amazing accuracy, . not only the rhythm of the Party, . and fill and solo! Unique overlapping solos parties Randy was later picked up by modern metal monster, . Dimebag Darrell of Pantera,

It has been 15 years since his departure from us, but still inspired Randy Rhoads lives and we often hear guitarists playing today - such as Joe Holmes and Dimebag, based on his ideas.

His old criminal partner - a lunatic Ozzy, still sells millions of albums and collect stadiums, and each time their songs co-written with Randy - 'I Don't Know', 'Mr.Crowley', 'Flying High Again', and Of course, 'Crazy Train'

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
. Here are excerpts of a recent interview with RANDY:
. What effects do you use in the game at a concert?
. My collection includes a pedal MXR Distortion +, MXR 10-band EQ, MXR stereo chorus, MXR flanger, Crybaby wah pedal and volume pedal Roland
. Previously, I used them a lot more than now. Sometimes I use more pedal for quiet rhythm parts for the enrichment of sound. I never use the echo for solo.

Do you have a preamp in the guitar?
No, I use the Distortion +, and it is always included. My Marshall amp.

What speakers are installed in your cabinets?
I use Altecs. I prefer them to Celestion, because they are very bright and clean dynamics. I found that the dynamics are dingy Celestion sound, and if you use the pedal fuzz box, they sound terrible.

If you have problems with feedback?
Yes, there are many problems. For example, if you leave the guitar at the moment - there will be feedback. When you play it turns out that cover pickups. I usually use a volume pedal or turn off the fuzz-guitar or my will squeal.

You have some special machine tremolo on Charvel Flying?
Grover Jackson, owner of Charvel, he makes the guitar for me, and I use its mechanisms tremolo. This is not ideal compared with the tremolo Floyd Rose, but Grover is very good. I still have a Gibson Flying V, in peas, but it is not Charvel, and I have constant problems with systems with.

What kind of music you play, the first time he took up the guitar?
I am now 25 and I do not remember what I played in seven years. I just played the guitar. One of the first that I played, it was a game in the style of flamenco "Malaguenia" on the old Spanish guitar. Later I began to play something that he had heard on the radio: "Gloria" or "Louie Louie" or something more.

Which of the artists had to have influence?
I always ask: "Who is your favorite singer," "What are pristrastiyaN" If you play long enough it usually tastes change. I had no player under 16 years, so that I could not sit down and copy the game of my favorite artists. I listened to the radio and I liked the fact that it was good. One of my favorite was Mountain and Leslie West-these harmonics and sustain! Leslie was a great. But now I do not give anyone a preference - I like all who play the guitar.

You take lessons or studied samostoyatelnoN
Basically he. When I was quite young, I took lessons - folk and classical music - then I began to play rock. In fact, I am taking lessons now.

Yes, when I was in England.

Who was your uchitelemN
Someone. I take lessons from anyone, find anyone in town and take his part.

What groups did you play before OzzyN
I played in a local band in LA. Quiet Riot about five years. I was still with them when I met Ozzy, so I had to leave. Also I played in various garage bands and somewhere else.

Did you record with Quiet RiotN
Yes. We had a contract, but we were very young and lost his. Entries came later, in Japan. I was 17 and the producer wanted to make our sound like a pop group. I mean the fact that when you listen to the record that probably will not find at least one guitar on it.

What do you think of other guitarists such as Michael SchenkerN
I think that Michael Schenker is superb, magnificent rock singer. He is very melodious and plays with great feeling.

Is there any more guitarists in this kategoriiN
Oh, I can name a hundred names. I think that everyone who plays, it does it well. Eddie Van Halen fantastic, Ritchie Blackmore:

Some critics say that you are copying Eddie Van Halen. You were passionate about his igroyN
We are both from the same town and played in local bands. Both were leading guitarists in LA, and played very similar to each other. Everyone always say that we are playing the same.

What do you think AngusN
Angus YoungN I think what he does, he does it beautifully. It's all in the game.

Tony IommiN
I did not know about Black Sabbath with Ozzy before the meeting. That may affect the cooperation with the Ozzy - we are different and the foundation of our music different.

He said why left Black SabbathN
Yes, always. I think that they just tired of being together. They played together for a long time -14 years or something like that.

When Do ye imagine solo, you focus on the melody or more on its gorgeous use of technology N
It depends on the mood of song and harmony. You should contribute to the song. I love to play melodically.

What do you think the most important in a good gruppeN
Besides that should play well together, you should be on a mental level. If one wants to make money, while the other wants to create original works, then comes the conflict. I think you should want the same from the band and love the fact that implies. This is a good start I think.

What happened to listen to OzzyN you simply turn on the guitar and nastroilisN
Yes .... I thought that I would have to immediately play with a group. All that I brought it was a little Fender amp for the Occupation. When I got there, they were all behind glass, and the room was me and my power. They said, "Ok, to play." I thought what a joke. What could I play, next to me was not musicians. I started to warm up, while Ozzy said, "Yes, perfectly." I lost a few seconds. I was hurt because they do not even listen to me.

When you play every night on the stage of your brilliant solo, you improvise, or always playing the same soloN
Essentially the same. But much depends on the sound on stage: if it is bad, I simply execute a basic part of the solo. But if the sound is good, I like to play with him ..

Signature model Jackson Randy Rhoads

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Photos of Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)
Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)

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Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy), photo, biography
Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy), photo, biography Randi Rhodes (RHOADS Randy)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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