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OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)
photo OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)
Real name John Michael Osbourne (p. December 3, 1948, Birmingham) - Rock singer. From childhood he was attracted by tales and stories with a flavor of mystery and horror. It is with great pleasure in frightening his school friends, being in front of them in the image of Dracula or Frankenstein. Because of his love for the book 'The Wizard of ozz' he got his nickname Ozzy, which eventually became his calling card. Deciding that further teaching of nowhere, he gets a job. Subsequently, the jobs had to change a lot. Last - the butcher at the city slaughterhouse.

But the soul of the 'glorious small' required something more. It was then that he decided to become a rock star. In 1967 he organized a group of Black Sabbath. The group included: Tony Yommi (Tony Iommi; guitar), Billy Ward (Bill Ward; drums) and Terry Butler (Terry Butler; bass guitar). Name the band played a song from their repertoire of Black Sabbath. Group manager Jim Simpton (Jim Simpton), received an advance from the company Vertigo, organized record of the first album. The album was recorded in two days, and the firm Vertigo created a sort of 'satanic' image of the group, releasing the disc number 13 on Friday, painted the musicians 'witches black magic'. Album entered the charts Melody Maker: magically mysterious sounding hollow throbbing rhythm section in contrast to the ear cutting guitar riffs and unforgettable vocals Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy was on stage and in the life of a person, though not everyone in the group could not bear it.

Between Ozzy and guitarist Tommy Yommi friction began. Ozzy appeared excessive attraction to drugs and alcohol. Under the crisis. This was manifested already on the disc Sabotage (1975) and in full on the next drive Technacal Ecstagy (1976). In 1997 Ozzy left the band, but not for long. CD Never Say Die put an end to the legend. The contract which was in a group with the firm Jet Records received and Ozzy Osbourne, but not without the participation of the company president's daughter, Sharon Arden, who was mad about Ozzy and his hobbies 'black magic'. Sharon became his manager and took a career Ozzie into their own hands

. After treatment, . feeling able to do, . Ozzie moved to the United States and assembled a group of former stars: bassist Bob Daisley (Bob Daisley; ex-Rainbow), . drummer Lee Kerslake (Lee Kerslake; ex-Uriah Heep), . keyboardist Don Airey (Don Airey; ex-Rainbow) and guitarist Randy Rhodes (Randy Rhoads; ex-Quiet Riot),
. This compound called Blizzard of Ozz released the first record under the same name. Young talented guitarist Randy Rhodes was the 'spark' in the life of Ozzy, which impelled him to work. Concert tour with new keyboardist L. Bridzheuoterom gave the band another success. At the end of the album became the 'gold'. Ozzy and Rhodes began preparing material for the next disc, which was released in 1981 under the title Diary of a Madman with new musicians - bassist Rudy Sarzo (Rudy Sarzo) and drummer Tommy Aldridge (Tommy Aldridge). Album also became 'gold'. With the release of their second album began concert 'strangeness' Ozzy.

At the concert hall in Des Mones someone in the crowd rushed to the scene, apparently forgetting that Ozzie is something of a 'sorcerer black magic', a live bat Ozzy without hesitation, or do not understand what's going bit off the head. Out of fear that the mouse could be sick, then had to visit the local hospital. Press concurred that Ozzy - the sorcerer and 'tries mouse is not the first time'. Ozzy from making such statements again began binges that eventually led to tragedy. In 1982 the group stopped for a short vacation in Florida and someone suggested an airplane flight entertainment. Of the group decided to fly Randi Rhodes and wardrobe mistress. The pilot diverted the fact that 'flew' on the bus, scaring his passengers. During one of these 'raids' aircraft wing caught a tree fell on a house and burst into flames. In the flame of the pilot was killed and two passengers. The death of Randy, who was his best friend, was reflected in the work of Ozzy.

In 1982, Ozzy married Sharon Arden, daughter of the President of Jet Records, which was against the marriage. As compensation, Don Arden demanded release 'live' double album release is included in the contract Ozzy. In order to fulfill its contractual obligations, the group recorded concerts at New York's Ritz Clab with new guitarist Dzhalsonom Braid (Braid Jalsone) in 1982. Album Talk Of The Devil contain only old work of Black Sabbath. Ozzie commented this way: 'I hate this album. I was forced to do to fulfill the contract. I did not want to use the death of Randy, to record an album with new guitarist. Randy was with me all the time before the eyes'.

In the autumn tour group again appeared in the new composition: the place of bassist Pete Way came to the Caps (Sarza Pete Way; ex-Ufo), returned Don Airey. In late 1982 the band went Dzhalson and Wei. Probably no one has had such frequent changes of the composition, like Ozzy. Randi Rhodes was replaced by American Jackie Lou Williams, known more under the pseudonym Jake and Lee (Jake E Lee), a talented musician, the last good school groups and the composition of Ratt Ronnie James Dio (Ronnie James Dio). Bass player was Don Costa (Don Costa), which Ozzie soon 'smoked', broke his nose in this. Inviting his place Bob Daisley, the group has finally issued a new album Bark at the Moon. In the design of the album participated famous kinogrimer Greg Canon. In preparation for Ozzy makeup took eight hours and the cost of the envelope of the plate exceeded 50 thousand pounds. The disc became an instant 'platinum', offsetting all costs.

In world tour, which began in England, the band went with a new drummer, famous Karmin Eppisom (Carmine Appice), who did not stay long. Ozzy was unhappy with this and invited Tommy Aldridge. Standing figure in the group remained only Jake and Lee. Its extremely difficult guitar solos with amazing mood on stage enthusiastically perceived by the public and critics. Road fatigue, wild carousel pyanok and drugs and the unprecedented popularity of Ozzie led to mental illness. We had to cancel the tour and retire in the clinic Bett Ford, to undergo treatment.

At the festival Rock in Rio Ozzy appeared in good shape, he felt, and later when the recording Itimate Sin. This album, released in 1986, was the most successful in the discography Ozzy. In his recordings sounded all the musicians (Jake and Lee - guitar, Phil Sochsan - bass, Randy Casto - drums, and guest Mike Moran - keyboards) and himself in the songs of Ozzy The Ultimate Sin and Shot in the Dark sang as the best of times Black Sabbath. In 1987, Ozzy immediately prepared two surprises. The first was the long-awaited recording of the concert with Randy Rhodes on the album Randy Roads Tribute. With Randy's mother, he is all income from the sale decided to put on charity. And in May, the entire music world saw the news that Jake and Lee left the band. Ozzie was forced to seek a new guitarist, who was a young American Zach Wilde.

Place bass player took an old friend Ozzie - Terry Butler. The result of this collaboration was the disc No Rest for the Wicked. This was the last major success Ozzy. Something in him snapped. Over the years, nothing new, extraordinary does not appear. Gone 'black magic and sorcery'. Upset family life. Alcohol, he lost interest as well as for concerts. It seemed that everything is gone. However, in 1995 published a long-awaited album with the title along the lines of Ozzy, - Ozzmosis. In composition supergroup you can tell what kind of work: Steve Vai (Steve Vai; guitar), Dean Kastranova (Deen Castranova; drums), Zack Wylde (guitar) and Terry Butler (bass). The virtuosity of Steve Wei introduced to the music of tenderness, sentimentality, not peculiar to Ozzie, a part of Nick Ueykmena (Nick Wakeman) gives the solemnity and pomposity, which lacked the previous work of Ozzie. Listening to the last album Ozzy, you can not escape the impression that back the glory days of Black Sabbath. We hope that Ozzy is not enough power for one similar work.

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OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne), photo, biography
OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne), photo, biography OSBORN Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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