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Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve)

( One of the most acclaimed guitarists of the twentieth century)

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Biography Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve)
One of the most acclaimed guitarists of the twentieth century, Steve Hekket many famous solely because of his brilliant participation in one of the leading art-rock groups of the 70's, Genesis. However, not all fans of the genre know that after his departure from the group, Steve continues to produce some very interesting solo work.

Before joining in 1971, in Genesis, having a classical guitar education, Hekket managed to play in three teams: Canterbury Glass, Sarabande and Quiet World. In the last of these groups Hackett fell in 1970. Quiet World released a single album 'The Road' on the label Dawn Records. Album was accompanied by the single "Love is Walking". Actually in Genesis, Steve replaced his own way no less interesting guitarist Anthony Phillips, which, in turn, is practically completed the formation of firm Genesis-style ovskaya.
His first solo album Hekket released two years prior to departure from Genesis, in 1975. Until now, many believe "Voyage of the acolyte" the best work guitarist. Because parallel work on the album was actually Genesis, then Steve's solo on "note" of the team while the main group: drummer and singer Phil Collins, and bassist Mike Rutherford. In addition, in preparing the plates were: Steve's brother, John Hekket flutist, keyboardist John Ekokk (John Acock), violinist Nigel Warren-Green (Nigel Warren-Green, an ex-Manfred Mann's Earthband) and vocalist Sally Oldfield (Sally Oldfield).

In this symphonic prog album is simply no continuous room. But one of the most exciting places, of course, is almost epic drama "Shadow of Hierophant", in which she sang beautifully Sally Oldfield. Also want to mention that for the debut album Steve has strong characteristics of 'best album of Genesis, which was not written'!

. In 1977, Steve left the Genesis, and in 1978 published his second record comes out, "Please don't Touch"
. And this time accompanying the composition is not less than stellar: vocalist Steve Walsh and drummer Phil Ehart (both of Kansas), the famous violinist Graeme Smith (Van Der Graaf Generator), bassist Tom Fowler (Tom Fowler, the team of Frank Zappa). In addition, the guitarist and brother helped Ekokk.

Despite the involvement of many great musicians, this work did not have such a magical effect on the listener, as the debut. With some touch of psychedelia, a soft, measured a record, of course, contains some brilliant tracks, but overall inferior to the album "Voyage of the acolyte"


. During the tour in maintaining the album 'Please Don't Touch' determined the composition of music, . which became permanent over the next few years: Peter Hicks (Pete Hicks) - vocals, . John Shearer (John Shearer) - drums, . and, . course, . brother Steve, . John Hekket - flute, . bass pedal,

It is this composition and took part in the recording of their next drive, Steve Hackett, 'Spectral Mornings'. Many of the tracks on this album were written during a tour in support of the previous plate.

Otherwise, as a masterpiece, the album 'Spectral Mornings', can not be called. Never before has the game, Steve was not so hypnotic and expressive. The weakest point of the plate is the vocals, but, unfortunately, is a constant problem for the hero of the material: with vocalist Steve, frankly, no luck. In the end, Hekket himself became the main singer in the late release. But back in 1979. A few things from the disc are concert favorites in the concert performances, such as 'The Red Flower of Ta Chai Blooms Everywhere' and 'Clocks - The Angel of Mons'. The long tour in support of 'Spectral Mornings' was completed in August 1979, at Reading Festival.

Next album, called 'Defector', fans do not have to wait long. The record was dedicated to the people trying to flee East Berlin, which at that time was still divided into two parts. A very somber album, hard psychologically, it also is one of the best guitar work. Gems of the disc are clearly such songs as the opening of his 'The Steppes', 'Time To Get Out' and 'Hammer In The Sand'. But, we must stress once again, bad things there, and on this release the whole album is just gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the same warm words did not deign to read the disc, issued in 1981. Until now, 'Cured' recognizes the weakest work of guitarist. First, Steve used the ADM-machine (got awful). Secondly, the album definitely was released with an eye to the subjugation of fans of pop music. Nevertheless, for the release of 'Cured' was followed by the longest (it was established and remains to this day!) Concert tour in support of the disc. During a tour behind the drums was sitting Ian Mosley (Ian Mosely), which a few years became the permanent drummer of Marillion.

Interestingly, in 1982, Steve organized a performance in the Guildford Civic Centre, prepared for the Tadworth Children's Hospital, where Hackett supported old colleagues Genesis: Mike Rutherford and Peter Gabriel. In early 1983 Hekket released a single "Cell 151", which preceded the beginning of the next numbered album, 'Highly Strung'. The single became the most commercially - successful solo career for all the guitarist. The same can be said about the album itself 'Highly Strung', became the best-selling CD since 'Spectral Mornings'. Within a few months after the tour in support of the 'Highly Strung' Hackett released an album 'Bay Of Kings'. Unfortunately, both these discs is unlikely to represent a great interest for the fans of progressive rock and the early works of guitarist

. Other hand, recorded in 1984 with the participation of Brazilian music album 'Till We Have Faces', . which Steve has used ethnic percussion, and worked with national motifs, . represents a much greater interest to fans of serious music,
. Ironically, the criticism assimilated album cool enough.

Few years Steve Hackett did not engage in any live performances. And only in February 1986 he made together with Marillion at the Hammersmith Odeon with a cover version of Genesis 'I Know What I Like'.

Also in 1986 Steve, along with other iconic guitarist (from the group Yes), Steve Howe (Steve Howe), organized a short-term project GTR. GTR has released one album, accompanied by a commercially-successful single 'When The Heart Rules The Mind'. Nevertheless, fans of art-rock still consider GTR one of the biggest disappointments 80: two guitarists deserved such a high level of expected something special, and not malovyrazitelnogo pop-rock.

Spring of 1988 Hackett produces good acoustic album 'Momentum'. In parallel, he conducted the work and over the 'rock album', a record which was attended by such famous musicians as: Chris Thompson (Chris Thompson), Bryan May, Bonnie Tyler, as well as Ian Mosley and Pete Treveyus of Marillion. Then the album was not released: the guitarist could hear the fans 'Feedback' only in 2000

. In 1992, the company Virgin, . which came out early albums, Steve, . released a collection of the best things 'The Unauthorised Biography', . which, . among other, . it and two brand new songs: "Don't Fall Away From Me" and "Prayers And Dreams",

Following the aforementioned compilation Hackett released live album 'Time Lapse', which includes things that were recorded on two statements: in 1981 and 1990, respectively.

Finally, in May 1993, Steve produced one of the most powerful of their titles, 'Guitar Noir'. As the most successful of the 70's, this disc does not contain anadromous moments and at one go. Such songs as 'Sierra Quemada', 'Dark As The Grave', 'Walking Away From Rainbows' and 'Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite' is one of the brightest objects in general hekketovskih. The whole album is imbued with gloom, but the insanely tender and expressive.

And in September 1994, Hackett paid tribute to the blues, releasing the album 'Blues With a Feeling'. Can not say that this is the most interesting guitar work, but fans will certainly be interesting to know Steve, like a good bluesman.

Released in 1995 live album 'There Are Many Sides To The Night', presented the students the opportunity to hear acoustic performances and Steve, to whom he was accompanied only keyboardist Julian Colbeck (Julian Colbeck).

Another masterpiece of guitar is the 1996 album 'Genesis Revisited', in which Hackett paid tribute to Genesis: he outplayed his favorite songs of the time. Among others in the disc recording and was attended by celebrities such as: the bassist and vocalist John Wetton, drummer Bill Bruford, bassist Tony Levin, keyboardist Nick Magnus (Nick Magnus), and saxophonist Ian McDonald.

In 1997, Steve gave a series of concerts in Japan, and helped him in this cult in the prog-person get-together: John Wetton, Ian MacDonald, Chester Thompson (Chester Thompson) and Julian Colbeck (Julian Colbeck). At the same time was released a great live album 'The Tokyo Tapes'.

In the same year, together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra guitarist recorded the album 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', inspired by the works of Shakespeare. And in 1999 Hekket produces excellent studio disc 'Dark Town', which proved that keeps pace with the times. The album involved many loops, actively used originally programmed drum-machine. The total mood of the disc suggests that in some ways, it is a continuation of the strongest release 93 пЁпЎпЄп° 'Guitar Noir'. Incidentally, the first track 'Darktown' - "Omega Metallicus" even resembles something a group of Ozric Tentacles. Nevertheless, the rest of the album is much more traditional and includes many different guitar tracks.

Last for today studio release Steve Hekketa - 2000 album 'Sketches of Satie', recorded together with his brother. Not the most powerful work, interesting except for the most loyal fans.

At the end of the material is worth noting that at present all the albums remarkable guitarist went on his label Camino Records. Steve reissued in remastered form, and a significant part of their early drives, except, unfortunately, the album 70-ies: the right of them are still owned by Virgin


. "Voyage of the acolyte" - 1975
. "Please Don't Touch!" - 1978
. "Spectral Mornings" - 1979
. "Defector" - 1980
. "Cured" - 1981
. "Highly Strung" - 1982
. "Bay of Kings" - 1983
. "Till We Have Faces" - 1983
. "Momentum" - 1988
. "Feedback" - 1986
. "The Unauthorised Biography" - 1992
. "Guitar Noir" - 1993
. "Blues With a Feeling" - 1994
. "Genesis Revisited" - 1997
. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - 1997
. "Darktown" - 1999
. "Sketches of satie" - 2000

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  • Hekket Steve

Photos of Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve)
Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve)

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Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve), photo, biography
Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve), photo, biography Hekket Steve (HACKETT Steve)  One of the most acclaimed guitarists of the twentieth century, photo, biography
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