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Vince Clarke

( The founder of the project 'Depeche Mode')

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Biography Vince Clarke
Vince Clarke was the guitarist in various amateur folk / gospelz groups before stood at the helm of Depeche Mode. In 1981 he left Depeche Mode and arranged pop duo Yazoo with singer Alison Muayet. Two years Muayet started his solo career and Vince Clarke and who joined him Firgal Sharky (ex-The Undertones) for some time were recorded under the name The Assembly. In 1983, the duo made his way into the British Top 10 with a composition of "Never Never", but Sharkey prefer a solo career.

. After leaving Sharkey producer Eric Radcliffe said Clark to record an album, which would be attended by ten different singers, but Clark refused and began to look for a new partner - it was Andy Bell, who worked in the group polulyubitelskoy Void
. Comparisons with a new vocalist Alison Muayet were not in favor of the first, the debut single and album "Wonderland" impression on the Britons had not made. And the only track in 1986 "Sometimes" became a European hit, after which she deigned to notice and musicians at home, where the song became a Top 10 for second place.

. By 1987 Erasure already formed his own style - the album "Circus" fell to the English Top 10, and the subsequent tour brought the group popular in Europe
. Along with Duran Duran duo performed in the U.S., where their track "Victim Of Love" led the national hit parade dance singles. Album-remix "Two Ring Circus" has strengthened the reputation of Erasure as one of the best dance groups of the eighties, . but the real success came with the plate "The Innocents" (1 st place in England, . 49-e - in the U.S.), . and singles "A Little Respect" and "Chains" are megasellerami.,

. EP "Crackers International" was the eighth consecutive Top 20 - single, a duet in the UK, and record "Wild!" came out on top UK charts
. Recent work Erasure special originality not differ, but fans of dance music is still referred to the duo one of the best in the area pop-rock. In early 1997, Erasure released a new studio album and had a European tour.
Vince Clarke - a big fan of experiments. Founded once the super draft "Depeche Mode" with the mincing, . loving sometimes putting a necklace and long black dresses Martin Gore (not much then whirled Gore - the reason for his passion for travestirovaniyu, . but he so anything and not admitted),
. Releasing a successful album with "fashionable", writing in it almost all the material, Clara suddenly leaves, slamming the door, and, for some time with some poyakshavshis F. Sharkey, organizing a new project. Extremely successful Also. With fatty Alison Moyet. Duet "Yazu". Album "Upstairs At Eric's" immediately comes to first place in the national English charts. And what ... Fly Way, May flamingos! Vince says goodbye to Alyson. And, finally, "Ireyzhe". "Stiralki". Clark copulates in a duet with openly gay Andy Bell. And it continues to cooperate even in spite of the fact that their first album with Ter failed. Not need to Vince were polugolubye hints "depeshistov" does not need to Clark was charming plump woman in a skirt, a lover of electronic trinkets attached to the guy is true blue-blooded.

What zheN his intuition did not fail. How long will it quickly, but appeared landmark album "Wild!", Which can safely be called a classic electro-pop (I would recommend it to hear "Wild!" Or "POP! - The First 20 Hits" - here, if you want the most thick, the sweetest cream of the genre).

. What is the merit of electronic dance eksperementatorovN "Ireyzhe" together with a magnificent fighter for their rights, Jimmy Samervillom continued "national" gay tradition in pop music: music for the feet of high grade, . music for heated phone, . music for singles in their respective clubs,
. It should be put in them plus the fact, . that "Stiralki" sincerely promoted melodic dance classics of the genre - "Abba", . not afraid to dressing up in shiny dresses sexy Swedish women once so skillfully spun their upholstered in Lurex ass.,

. But most importantly - an energetic, sincere and honest vudfordets Andy Bell has never concealed their attachment to the strong floor
. Moreover, not afraid to appear on stage in kombinashkah, platyushkah on lyamochkah, and once even - with a huge horn on the causal ground, boldly carrying the weight of a nontrivial ideas of tenderness in the broad masses of fans of the two countersunk, three Bootstrap.

. And
. Like all of our with you British, "Ireyzhe" sympathy for Russia, which is already worthy of our respect for you. Look at the cover of "Crackers International".

Nevertheless, there is one, you know, flourish. So far, it is not clear what and who still enjoys Vince Clarke in his free time. Surely even the stars have their taynyN ..

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Vince Clarke, photo, biography
Vince Clarke, photo, biography Vince Clarke  The founder of the project 'Depeche Mode', photo, biography
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