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Biography ERASURE
The story began more than ten years ago, when the musician Yazoo, The Assembly and "New Romantic supremos" Depeche Mode made an ad in the music magazines. 21-year-old Andy Bell (Andy Bell), a professional butcher (no kidding!), Who worked at the factory was an audition for a new project Vincze Clark 41, if not 43 challenger. As a result, Clarke and Bell have created a group Erasure, and work to this day together, without any controversy
. Although they do not fall directly into the top of the charts (their first single "Who Needs Love Like That" and "Heavenly Action" took not too dizzy 55 and 100, . respectively), . Erasure battled, . playing their first gigs in London clubs Heaven and Marquee,
. In the latter, the audience consisted of just two people and support groups like Primal Scream. The critics described Erasure at the time: "The latest idea of Vince Clarke with synthesizers like an instrument of torture". Few guessed how long this torture.

Third single "Oh L'Amour" was a hit in France and Australia, to a lesser extent in Britain - 85 in the charts. Erasure continued to act in clubs and colleges in the UK. Andy came out on stage in clown attire. Attendance was quite a bit, but their response was encouraging - after one gig they were en banc (all 18 people) went backstage to Vince and Andy for the pleasure. Press becoming more encouraging, . comment "Sounds" were: "The combination of grumbling ex-futurist and furious Executive hiking and camp songs is hardly a recipe for success, . but, . despite the unusual, . they did masterstroke ",

Since 1987, Erasure was to penetrate into the Top Ten - over the next two years, a series of hits - "Sometimes", "Victim Of Love", "Ship Of Fools", "Chains of Love" and "A Little Respect". Their albums were reaching higher places, and Erasure found himself in the top lines of the charts. Album "The Innocents" first appeared in the top position and held there for a full nine months. One commentator on their 1989 single "Drama" as follows: "Andy sounds like a howling prairie dog, although this does not detract from the success of record". Most of the triumph of this composition due to the fact that the rocker Jim and William of The Jesus and Mary Chain have agreed to join the group and the most "noisy" choral episodes provided vocal support.

Now Erasure performing at venues giant size. Vince and Andy - in silver space suits, on the stage - the jungle with giant plants. The duo's reputation for live shows of preposterous dimensions, with each year grew. During their tour in Tokyo in 1990, when they peacefully snack before the concert, an earthquake completely destroyed prepared the stage floor. Vince throughout this time remained calm. At the end of this extremely eventful tour duo appeared before 60,000 spectators in the Milton Keynes Bowl. Andy, this time appearing as a devil with an extra, questionable located, a horn (for a year ahead of Take That with their risky attributes). On stage there was a huge inflated snail, Ernie.

In 1991 came what was possibly their best hit "Love To Hate You", followed by the more tranquil "Am I Right", and then the duo began preparations for their most ambitious tour to date - "Phantasmogorical Entertainment". At concerts, Andy appeared in the form of a cowboy riding on a swan. The scenery changed many times. Scenes from the Wild West gave way to a trip in a balloon, a night-club - scenes from the representations of the group ABBA (a tribute to a very successful program of this group "Abba-esque" EP). In this Vince took the uncharacteristic - looked up from his synthesizer and join Andy in a dance: a duet Frida and Agnetha. After that Clarke has vowed never to do again. Even the usually unflappable Andy commented that it vividly: "We just did not set fire to a haystack". 1993 - Group after two years of touring resting.

The following year, however, the group with the album "I Say I Say I Say" was once again on the first line in Big Ten. Part of this album was written in Spanish, in a quiet area, in the spring. The single "Run To The Sun" has caused contradictory responses, some (Smash Hits) felt that the music too much like Sonic The Hedgehog. Synthesizer Vince has exhausted itself. The duo decided to go a different way, and in 1995 they recorded a 70-minute art-rock, imaginatively called it "Erasure". This previously unknown side of creativity was a surprise to many. "Guardian" described the single "Stay With Me" as: "This world does not deserve such a beautiful music". This is certainly a compliment, but then they continued: "Look at how Andy destroys the impression of this wonderful music".

The last album was released in late March 1997. Before that, the group released the single "In My Arms". They also renewed their concerts with the program "Tiny Tour" ( "Little Tour" (in his standards)), chance for fans to enjoy the hits of the group, before they will be able to hear the duo's new work. More extensive tour planned after the album.

Photos of ERASURE

Photos of ERASURE

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  • Serj for ERASURE
  • I wonder who translated the biography? I think it was blown from Oli, the leader of Russian so-called fan-club? Only in her version of the music-publishing Primal scream turned into a support group, and Andy himself from kempovogo (ie. homoerotic, gay aesthetically), Executive become a musician marching and camp songs ... Head you need to be friends ...
  • smoking kills for ERASURE
  • Recently learned about this group, thanks to Dad's old tapes with clips MTV.Ochen now like, especially the album "Always" and the song say. I say. I say
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