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Boris Mikhailov

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion)

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Biography Boris Mikhailov
Born Oct. 6, 1944 in Moscow. Father - Peter Mikhailov Timofeyevich (1898-1954), worked as a fitter-plumber. Mother - Maria Malkova Lukyanovna (1906-1984), worked at the tobacco factory "Java". Brothers: Mikhailov Victor P. (1940g.rozhd.) Pensioner; Mikhailov, Alexander Petrovich (1948-1984), master of the chiller; Mikhailov Anatoly Petrovich (1950-1996), a taxi driver. Wife - Lavrov Tatiana (1948g.rozhd.), Nurse. Sons - Mikhailov, Andrey B. (1967g.rozhd.), Head coach of CSKA-2; Mikhailov Egor Borisovich (1978g.rozhd.) CSKA ice hockey, student. Granddaughter - Mikhailova Vasilisa Andreyevna (1999g.rozhd.).

In one of the hockey reference to Boris Mikhailov said: "The field is always a fighter, unyielding, tenacious, not afraid of anyone or anything".

In hockey, Boris Mikhailov began playing in 1956 at Moscow stadium "Labor Reserves". 18-year old went to the Saratov Vanguard, where he spent three years. The team was weak, one of the worst in class "A". Against the backdrop of mediocre partners Boris stood out, but not enough to be seen by coaches or CSKA Moscow Dynamo. Muscovite, who played in Saratov, liked Anatolia Kostryukova, who headed the capital "Locomotive", one of the best hockey clubs in the country.

Two years spent Mikhailov "Locomotive", and then was drafted into the army and he became the advocate for CSKA. He then turned 23 пЁп+п¦п¦. It seemed that he later got into the famous team, which played a lot, as they say, from the cradle: come to the school hockey club of the army before going to school. There were then in the CSKA and those players who put the club in the form of a fairly young age, coming from other teams.

It soon turned out that the seemingly uncertain standing on skates, Boris Mikhailov - unsurpassed master of the game to patch, its just how it turned out, impossible to move from this place. And soon the entire hockey world was convinced that the courage, the ability to lead a power struggle of the future two-time Olympic champion is not inferior to the most famous Canadians.

Great Bobrov, when he was asked to make relevant to the novice team of the USSR Boris Mikhailov, said that he was primarily a beginner like militancy. And explained: "If Boris keeps the puck - he is almost impossible to take it away. If he lost it - immediately rushes for "abuser" and often causes the opponent to give it back. The peculiar style of the stroke (with increasing acceleration), perfectly sound pasa, irrepressible vehemence and determination in attack, his contempt for any danger on the ice - are the qualities that are rapidly making it the number of forwards in the extra-class. And this irresistibly passed his trio, became its motto and its banner ".

Mikhailov lucky with partners - everyone was a star of global magnitude - and Valery Kharlamov, Vladimir Petrov. As the same Bobrov, this trio is beautiful in itself. She was fine due to its unprecedented, even in our hockey speed, great love for the game and ability to give her full.

Boris Mikhailov was remarkably courageous hockey player, who could not notice the pain at the site, to tolerate it after the rough methods of the most evil opponents.

At the national championships, he threw 428 washers (in 572 games) - more than anyone else in the Soviet ice hockey. Only one, this result shows the highest skill of hockey. His many achievements. He - Honored Master of Sports, . two-time Olympic champion, . eight-time world champion, . sevenfold champion of Europe, . odinnadtsatikratny champion of the USSR, . four times in the chain of glorious army hockey players performed a victory lap with the Cup of the USSR, and nine times after winning the European Cup,

Boris Mikhailov - one of the few outstanding hockey past generations, who after his playing career, became the coach, and very skilled. First, he helped CSKA Viktor Tikhonov, then headed SKA St. Petersburg, where his work was extraordinary and palpable. Two seasons Boris spent on coaching the bridge CSKA

. Despite the many difficulties (this, . perhaps, . only in the domestic hockey club, . which has no hockey school, . and for the calendar of meetings with rivals rents ice), . team of CSKA looks pretty good - able to give battle to the current leaders, . successfully held in August, a representative tournament in Nizhny Novgorod on the prize GAS,

For several years, Boris Mikhailov, head combined team of Russia. Under his leadership, she won the world championship in 1993. This was the last victory of the hockey team of Russia in the past century. After the failure at the 2000 World Championships, held in St. Petersburg, Boris Mikhailov, called back to the helm of team Russia. The contract signed with him for two years.

Colonel stock Boris Mikhailov - Honored coach of Russia, was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, Badge of Honor, Honor.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Boris Mikhailov

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Boris Mikhailov, photo, biography
Boris Mikhailov, photo, biography Boris Mikhailov  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, multiple world champion, photo, biography
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