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Oleg Blokhin

( Honored Master of Sports, the owner of 'Golden Ball')

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Biography Oleg Blokhin
Born Nov. 5, 1952 in Kiev. Father - Blokhin, Vladimir Ivanovich (1922g.rozhd.), Vice-Chairman of the Kiev regional council of the society, "Labor Reserves". Mother - Adamenko Catherine Z. (1918g.rozhd.), Deputy dean of industrial civil construction of the Kiev Institute of Construction. Daughter - Irina O. (1983g.rozhd.). Brother - Blokhin Nikolai (1939g.rozhd.).

Unlike many peers Oleg never went through sports, before going on any one. The choice of football was made in early childhood, although her mother, known in the Soviet Union runners, very much like to Oleg became athlete.

He was admitted to the youth school "Dynamo" (Kiev), then double illustrious club. Soon took a firm place in the first team, which was 7-times champion of the USSR, five times with teammates performed a victory lap after victories in the USSR Cup.

. Blokhin has consistently played for the USSR team: youthful, . youth (the second winner of the European championship 1972), . Olympian (bronze medalist in two Olympic Games - in 1972 and 1976), . first (in 1977, . 1979 and 1981 was its captain).,

. At first the young Blokhin seemed that few experienced partners and interact badly with
. Therefore, he often tried, almost seizing the ball, perform solo passages, relying on its high speed. But when Oleg regained breathing and get rid of unnecessary fuss, typical of the newcomers, the partners realized that he was almost equal among them, experienced. And so they began looking for him and is in difficult situations.

In 1975, when Dynamo Kiev won the Cup Winners Cup and Super Cup, and Oleg came to international recognition, he was known soccer player, team play a determining. He confidently interact with all partners, maneuvered to the front of attack, resolutely engage in combat when they lose the ball, when they are the organizer of many combinations.

He owns all personal bests in the Soviet football. For example, for the USSR national team, he spent 112 matches (more than anyone) and scored 47 goals. He played in the championships of the USSR 432 times and scored 211 goals (a two-union record). In five cases (most often) headed the list of scorers in the next championships of the USSR. 15 times (more than anyone else) is among the best players of the season, with 13 (!) Cases under the first number. Three times in a referendum of the Soviet sports journalists, organized by the weekly "Football-Hockey, the best football player of the USSR (1973, 1974, 1975), Honored Master of Sports.

. He becomes the owner of the Golden Ball, in other words, the first European player (on the poll weekly France Football "), and six years later in a similar survey of leading sports books of the Old World is located on the fifth line
. Blokhin was a double-team of the International Football Federation (FIFA) - in 1979 against the West team Borussia Dortmund, . in the next season - against the Spanish "Barcelona", . played for the team of the European Football Union (UEFA) against the team Czechoslovakia (in 1981) and for the national team in Europe (in 1982) against the team the rest of the world,
. Oleg Blokhin's name forever inscribed in the history of European football, with gold lettering.

For almost twenty years Blokhin maintained excellent form, denying themselves all pleasures. Nikita Simonyan believes that Blokhin would have on his account more goals scored, play it on the point of attack. And when one great scorer said this Oleg, he agreed, and both replied: "But my game would be impoverished."

Blokhin was rightly considered a universal forward. In 1973, he scored the French team from the position of left wing. In the same season he twice struck the gates of Moscow team-mates - from the zones of the left welterweight and a central striker gate "Ararat" had shot at a very acute angle.

. Favorite reception - dash, break, blow - he was particularly vividly demonstrated in the Munich stadium in the first meeting of the Super Cup between Bayern and its citizens
. Then he just hit the far corner. Gol, which, thanks to television, saw the whole of Europe, enthusiastic football commentators and reporters called fantastic, and then when recalling none other than the textbook. So Oleg Blokhin alone, naturally then dealt with the Stars "Bavaria", headed by the legendary Franz Beckenbauer, the best player in Europe in 1972 and 1976, for their outstanding style of play dubbed Kaiser.

. That blohinsky goal was the only match in Munich
. And in the second leg game, held at Kiev's stadium, Oleg Bavarians scored two more goals that have been unanswered, and his team captured the Super Bowl.

. It's not a secret that Blokhin complicated character, as almost every talented person
. Nice man, he experienced more acutely than any of the partners.

On the first day of any pre-match gathering all seen discontented person Blokhina. Coaches always knew that would follow his complaints about the knee joint, ankle, sciatica. Whenever Kyivlyanyn listened attentively and then said, surely the same thing: "Well, you're a fighter! But you still go out on the field and play. It hurts does not hurt, you have to play ". Oleg in response smiled broadly, shook his head. All this is reminiscent artless child's play with the long-known rules ...

At the training camp immediately after the arrival Blokhin hurry to the doctor - came first, leaving the last. And started to train, then play and forget about the sores. Nikita Simonyan calls this feature talent, was in his element.

. After graduating in 1987 to play for Dynamo Kiev, . Oleg Blokhin later in the year played for the Austrian team "Forverts (Steyr), . then was held in Kiev last match with his participation - the USSR national team veterans met with the stars of world football.,

. Leave of Kievan fans, Blokhin went to Cyprus - played for Aris (Limassol)
. A year later, finally hang up his boots - has become a coach. For two and a half years led Olympiakos (Piraeus), . that during this time, . having the composition of the Soviet players Oleg Protasov, . Olympic champion Yuriy Savicheva and Gennady Litovchenko, . twice been runner-Greek Championship and once at the same time won the Greek Cup,
. Thankful Greeks once went to Kiev to meet with local Dinamo in the 50 th anniversary of their beloved coach, who after expiration of the contract for one year left to work in another Greek club - PAOK (Thessaloniki). For a little over two years, coach Blokhin "Ionikos (Athens).

Oleg Blokhin - author of "Goal, which I did not score," "The right to a goal" (in collaboration), "examines football," Football for life "(two editions).

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Oleg Blokhin

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Oleg Blokhin, photo, biography
Oleg Blokhin, photo, biography Oleg Blokhin  Honored Master of Sports, the owner of 'Golden Ball', photo, biography
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