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( The CEO of the builders of veterans of Moscow, Honored Builder of Russia)

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Biography RODIONOV Raphael P.
photo RODIONOV Raphael P.
Born December 5, 1932 in Moscow region. Father - Rodionov, Pavel (1904-1965), worked in the Moscow Coal Basin. In October 1942, was the chief mines N24. After the restoration of the mine exceeded pre-war plan, for which she was awarded the title of "Best mine USSR". Mother - Elizabeth V. Rodionova (1910-1992), worked as a teacher. Grandfather on his father, Rodionov VI. (1897-1914), worked as a miner in the Donbass. He died in the first month after the outbreak of World War. Maternal grandfather, Zelenin Vasily Antonovich (1874-1936), was the average landowner. Once he has taken away the land, horses and cattle, died of a stroke. Sister - Rodionova, Nina P. (1936g.rozhd.), Sc.D., Professor of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Wife - Rodionova Larisa Alexandrovna (1945g.rozhd.) Operates in the Social Insurance Fund of Russia. Son - Alexander Rodionov (1962g.rozhd.) Economist. Grandson - Alex (1989g.rozhd.).

He graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute named after Stalin, specializing in mining engineer-mechanic "(1957), and higher engineering courses in the name of Kuibyshev MISI (1970).

He began his career in 1957, designer of the Central Design Bureau of the USSR Ministry of Geology. From 1958 to 1964 worked as a senior engineer, chief controller, deputy head of production and technical department of the trust "Mospodzemstroy-1" Glavmosstroy, which at that time led one of the best managers - MO Krol. Participated in the development and introduction of advanced technology in production engineering facilities in Moscow, provided the construction of residential complexes, as well as large industrial facilities and institutions of heat, water and gas networks. Among them - the Kurchatov Institute, the Palace of Congresses in the Kremlin Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills, Institute of Radio and Electronic Industry.

From 1965 to 1969 he worked at the election of party positions, and since 1967 - Secretary of Party Committee Glavmosstroy. Being party work, . RP Rodionov actively contributed to the wide dissemination of the team contract on construction sites in Moscow, . with a distinguished builder MV Stelinym was the initiator of proliferation in construction organizations Glavmosstroy, . and then in the Soviet Union and socialist countries, the method of Brigadier A. Basova - "Work without injuries and accidents",
. This method is accepted for service in thousands of teams allowed to prevent accidents. As it worked the whole building trust. Particularly successful method has been used at construction sites in Bulgaria, Hungary, Cuba, East Germany and Finland.

RP Rodionov repeatedly elected deputy of the Moscow District Soviet, a member of ECs District Soviet, a member of the Bureau of the Party Committee for Construction and Construction Materials Industry of Moscow.

From 1969 to 1971 RP Rodionov was the managing trust "Mosfundamentstroy-1" Glavmosstroy. At this time the trust annually provide commissioning of about half a million square feet of living space and up to fifty community facilities. They include such major facilities as shops "Minsk" and "Ludmila"

. In December 1971, RP Rodionova elected member of the presidium and secretary of the Central Workers' Union Construction and building materials, . where he exercised control over the timely and quality construction of facilities for treatment and recreation workers, . as well as the "Olympics-80",
. During this period he has been active in commissioning health resorts on the Riga coast, the Caucasus mineral waters in Crimea, Western Ukraine, in Karelia, Turkmenistan, as well as tourist facilities in Georgia and the Far East. Actively participated in the implementation of best practices in construction work, initiatives and undertakings of innovators, especially in the construction of the Olympic facility - hotel "Salute".

In April 1984, RP Rodionova claim to the post of first deputy chief of the All. Since 1991, he served as managing the affairs of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia. Under the direction of RP Rodionova in 1984 completed work on a significant overhaul, . rehabilitation and construction of various objects of production and social and domestic purposes AUCCTU, . reconstructed the Palace of Labor and the hotel "Sputnik",
. From 1994 to present, he is executive director of Veterans Foundation Builders Moscow.

RP Rodionov has published dozens of articles in newspapers and industry magazines. He wrote a book on the economics of building.

For labor achievements he was awarded with Orders of Honor "(1971), Friendship of Peoples (1980), four medals of the USSR, and Great Gold Medal of the GDR" For the construction of the center of Berlin (1969). He was conferred the title of "Honorary builder Glavmosstroy", "Honorary builder of Moscow", "Honored Builder of the RSFSR".

One of his passions in his spare time is collecting building tool. Favorite sports - football and basketball. Until December 1991 RP Rodionov was vice-president of Basketball Federation of the USSR, in July 1991 and last flew with the USSR team at the tournaments in Brazil and Puerto Rico.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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RODIONOV Raphael P., photo, biography
RODIONOV Raphael P., photo, biography RODIONOV Raphael P.  The CEO of the builders of veterans of Moscow, Honored Builder of Russia, photo, biography
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