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Frolov, Boris Leonidovich

( President of the Association of Moscow Investors, Honored Builder of Russia, Laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences)

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Biography Frolov, Boris Leonidovich
photo Frolov, Boris Leonidovich
Born October 19, 1932 in Moscow in the family of a military-builder. Father - Frolov Leonid (1907-1980). Mother - Frolova Ariadne B. (1908-1982). Wife - Frolova, Galina Ivanovna (1932g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Architectural Institute, worked at the Central State Archive of the Soviet Army, then the head of one of the archive offices of Ministry of Health. Son - Sergiy Frolov (1958g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Ryazan Higher automotive school, 5 years served in Czechoslovakia, then in the central office of the Defense. Resigned from the army with the rank of lieutenant. Grandson - Vitali (1983g.rozhd.), A college student of the Road. Granddaughter - Olga (1986g.rozhd.), A student of secondary school.

In 1951, after graduating from high school BL Frolov entered the Moscow Engineering-Construction Institute, but, having studied a year, joined the Military Engineering Academy named after Kuibyshev, and graduated in 1957.

More than 35 years, BL Frolov served in the apartment building and bodies of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. He started as superintendent, the chief of a construction site (1957-1964) to the chief engineer, chief of management and the unit commander (1964-1977). Then for 10 years worked as a customer and the operating organization: the chief engineer of the Oxus, CTO, chief engineer of the apartment-the operating management of the city of Moscow.

During this time, BL Frolov led or participated in the construction of a large number of objects. Among them: residential houses in Moscow (Khoroshevskoe highway, . Fili-Time Mark, . Nagornaya, . Tushino, . Orekhovo-Borisovo, . Lianozovo-II, etc.) and other cities (including isolated military towns); training corps of the military academies (the General Staff, . Frunze, . Lenin, . Malinowski, . Zhukovsky, . Kuibyshev, . Timoshenko, . Military Institute, . courses "Shot", . Military Conducting Faculty, . Air Force Academy in Monino) training centers and landfills (chemical troops, . Brigade of the Ministry of Defense, . tank, . Corps of Engineers, etc.), research institutions and institutions (armored, . Corps of Engineers, . Signal Corps, . automotive engineering, . Metrology, . Aviation, . Defense, . Army, . Civil Defense, etc.), complex "Star City" - Cosmonaut Training Center Yuri Gagarin (the creation gidrolaboratorii awarded the title of laureate of USSR Council of Ministers), many special-purpose facilities (sites and facilities of communication, . command posts, . Shelter, . snaryazhatelnye shop, . Technology Parks, . Database storage, . plant maintenance and creation of technology, . construction industry); hospitals, the Burdenko, . name Vishnevsky, . Hospital Pushkino, . base in Mytischi, . large health centers in Moscow and in other garrisons, sport and health, . spa, . hunting complexes: CSKA Moscow (stadium at Sandy, . Palace Weightlifting, . Tennis, . Gymnastic, . game, . universal gym, . football and track and field complex, . children's sports school in Vatutinki, . horse-riding base, . training base in the Arkhangelsk, . TSVSK Navy (training center and swimming pool in the bay Silent), . sanatorium (Arkhangelsk, . Zvenigorod, . Marfino), . hostel Borovoye, . hunting (Zavidovo, . Ozerkovskaya, etc.), editing and publishing systems and printing (complex newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda", . Voentehizdata, . Printing N 1, . 3, . 6, . offset printing factory N500, etc.), administrative complexes and buildings (a new set of Defense between St.,
. Christmas and Znamenka, Headquarters of the Unified Armed Forces, a complex GRU Metrological Service, Signal Corps), etc..

Total BL Frolov worked in the building complex of Moscow over 40 years. During this time he earned a reputation as a highly qualified specialist in the field of construction, a good organizer and leader of the literate, with extensive practical experience and perfect knowledge of issues of building production.

Since 1987, leaving retired with the rank of colonel, B. L. Frolov worked as chief specialist at the Central Military Construction Planning Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. In 1989 he moved to work in the SP "bridge", where as chief engineer, led the work with real estate.

In 1991, together with partners, BL Frolov created a company of the real estate "Bridge-Development", which became part of the joint venture holding company "Bridge" (later "With the bridge"). Already in 1991, "Bridge-Development" includes 24 companies, with the total number of employees about 3500 people. Until 1994, BL Frolov is the CEO. Under the direction of BL Frolov during the four years was carried out construction of the plant in Vladimir (16 million. pc. bricks per year, 24 thousand cubic meters of sawing wood, etc.), the production base in the village of Mud, cottage settlement in Chigasovo, homes in areas of high comfort Gangways, Zhulebino, on street. Lawn-Kudrinskaya on Yuzhinskomu Lane., Administrative and residential complex on Woodland Street., Ow. 6, building the "Bridge Bank" on the Peasants' outpost, etc..

In 1994, at the founding meeting of the Association of Moscow Investors B.L. Frolov was elected its first president. Under his leadership, the Association brought together about 100 members - banks, industrial and financial, construction and other companies. On his initiative and with direct participation found the solution to many urban problems, such as attracting private capital to prepare the city to celebrate the 850 anniversary. Through this work, the number of facilities construction and renovation, funded from extrabudgetary sources, increased from 84 to 233.

Much attention B.L. Frolov has given reconstruction of the center of the capital, regions, built 5-storey building, and the city as a whole. He has a lot of work to attract investment, improve the investment climate, promoting the Moscow experience, improve the legal framework, protecting the interests of investors.

Moscow Investors Association organizes an annual conference on traditional construction and reconstruction of the city, trains and participates in international forums (MIPIM, Malik, MIPIM Asia, the conferences in Geneva, Los Angeles, Toronto and others). On its initiative, held in Moscow international specialized exhibition-conference "Investments - construction - real estate, etc..

B.L. Frolov has been active in coordinating boards and complex long-term development of the city, as well as in other organs, of which he is. Participates in the development and examination of draft laws and regulations.

BL Frolov - author of numerous publications in journals and newspapers. Not once appeared on television, and presentations at conferences and forums on the analysis of the market, its trends, theory and practice, introduction of market relations, the development of investment processes, their organization and leadership. Repeatedly perform the role of conferences, seminars, round tables.

In 1997, the International Association of expert council of investors in Moscow has been included in the Book of Honor of the Moscow business, and Boris L. Frolov was the winner in the nomination "Business-person". Investors Association of Moscow and BL Frolov awarded a diploma and a Certificate of Honor of Moscow Mayor

. State commission on preparation for celebrating the 850 anniversary of Moscow, . member of which was BL Frolov, . named him among the eleven members, . have made a significant contribution to the preparations for the jubilee of the capital Rossiyskogo States, . and Russia's President Yeltsin announced his gratitude,

BL Frolov was awarded 18 medals of the USSR and Russia, as well as the Order of Natural Sciences, for the preparation and celebration of 850 anniversary of the founding of Moscow ". He - Honored Builder of Russia, . Honorary builder of Russia and Moscow, . laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, . Member of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, . member of the International Jury to select the best realized project of the year "ц-IPIM-Awards",
. For assistance in the development of Russia's architecture, he was awarded the diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia.

In 1995, BL Frolov named among the top 100 directors of Russia, and in 1996, according to the first all-Russia contest "Leader of the Year", was included among the 100 leaders of Russia's industry.

He is fond of architecture, history. In the summer engaged in a garden and vegetable garden, especially the cultivation of cucumbers, collecting, drying and salting of fungi. Likes to read books on this subject. In music, prefers Soviet Song's, the movies - serious artistic and educational films. The cast allocates B. Andreeva, M. Yanshin, N. Kryuchkov, P. Aleinikova, L. Orlov, M. Bernes, and A. Basilashvili and O. Tabakov. Favorite sports - skiing, tennis, hockey, soccer and basketball.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Frolov, Boris Leonidovich, photo, biography
Frolov, Boris Leonidovich, photo, biography Frolov, Boris Leonidovich  President of the Association of Moscow Investors, Honored Builder of Russia, Laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, photo, biography
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