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Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus)

( King of Sweden from 1973)

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Biography Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus)
photo Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus)
King Carl XVI Gustaf was born April 30, 1946, Mr.. at Haga Palace. His parents, Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and Princess Sibylla of the dynasty of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, has already had four daughters - Princess Margaretha, Birgitta, DцLsirцLe and Christina. Prince Gustaf Adolf was killed in a plane crash in 1947. Copenhagen, Princess Sibylla died in Stockholm in 1972.
When in 1950 g.Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden came to the throne after the death of Gustav V, Carl Gustaf became Crown Prince.
When Gustaf VI Adolf, died Sept. 15, 1973, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf at age 27 became the head of the Swedish State. As its motto King chose "For Sweden - in our time", passing the desire to fulfill the demands that society places on a modern monarch.
Initially, the Crown Prince received a home education in the Stockholm Palace, which continued in school Broms and humanitarian school in Sigtuna. In 1966, Mr.. Crown Prince graduated from high school.
After graduating from high school began service in the army. For two and a half years, the Crown Prince received a military education, served in the army, navy and air force, with special emphasis on the Navy. Winter 1966-67. Crown Prince, in particular, participated in a long voyage in a mine-layer Elvsnabben. In 1968. He passed the exam for marine officers. Then he supplemented his military education courses for the commanders of the Higher School of Defense and the batch jobs on board ships of the fleet.
In 1968-69. Crown Prince attended the program of higher education, studying history, sociology, government, financial law and economics at the University of Uppsala. Later he also studied national economics at Stockholm University.
Then the Crown Prince in specially prepared program visited the state and municipal agencies, industries, factories, laboratories and schools. He studied the proceedings, the work of social organizations and institutions, trade unions and employers' associations. Particular attention was paid to the activities of Parliament, Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
To acquire international experience, the Crown Prince participated in the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN in New York and SIDA in Africa. Long time he spent in London, the bank Hambro, the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, as well as in France at a factory Alfa-Laval in disbelief. Showing great interest in nature and environmental protection, the Crown Prince took an active part in the preparation of the UN Conference on Environment in Stockholm in 1972.
Several times in different context, the Crown Prince officially represented Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden. In 1970. For example, the Crown Prince led the Swedish delegation at the World Exhibition in Osaka, Japan.
During the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. Crown Prince met with Sylvia Sommerlat, who was a translator and hostess. She was born in Heidelberg, 23 December 1943, Mr.. family of Walter Sommerlata, West-Germanic businessman and his Brazilian wife, Alice, nцLe de Toledo.
March 12, 1976, Mr.. was announced engagement of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Silvia Sommerlat. They were married on June 19 of that year in the church Sturchyurkan in Stockholm.
The king Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have three children: Crown Princess Victoria, born July 14, 1977, Prince Carl Philip, born May 13, 1979, and Princess Madeleine, born on June 10, 1982, Mr.. Under the Swedish Act of Succession 1980. inherits the throne, eldest child.
Until 1981. including the family occupied the ground floor in the royal palace in Stockholm, and then moved to Drottningholm Palace.
Winter, the family happy skiing. In Sturliene from the royal family have their own gardens with sports equipment, which went to the king from the parents. In the summer the family mainly rests on Sulliden villa on the island of цvland, where there are various possibilities to spend free time: to engage in water sports, horseback riding, relax in nature and engage in horticulture.
Under the Constitution Act, adopted in 1974, the duties of the king mainly consist in representational and ceremonial functions. King visits to foreign countries with state visits and takes the heads of foreign states during their visits to Sweden. Each year, the King opened the session of parliament and leads a special meeting of the Council of Ministers convened in connection with the change of government, as well as the so-called information meetings held regularly with members of the government. He presides at meetings of the Advisory Council on International Affairs and receive the credentials of foreign ambassadors in Stockholm. King has the higher rank of the three branches of the armed forces and is a parishioner of the Swedish Church.
In accordance with the medieval tradition of royal accession to the throne after the king visited all parts of Sweden
. King regularly attends industry, . state and municipal agencies, . agencies, . Schools, . universities and firms with finding purpose, . and often participates in anniversaries, . Congress opening ceremony and symposia and other formal occasions,
In the daily work in the royal palace in Stockholm is hosted by the President of Parliament and ministers to familiarize themselves with current issues, church and Defense, as well as the Swedish and international organizations.
Special interests, patronage, and ferry.
King from his childhood interest in nature and outdoor recreation. He soon became an active member of the scouting organization, and in 1977. - Honorary President of the World Organization of the Scout. He often takes part in various activities of scouts in Sweden and abroad.
Through its extensive knowledge in the field of environment and nature in 1988. King became chairman of the Swedish organization World Wildlife Fund WWF. On his initiative, as no race of King Carl Gustav of the Environment and the "Royal Colloquium", International Symposium on Environmental Protection, which is regularly held in the palace Ulriksdal. For his contribution to the environment, King, in particular, the Agency awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection.
King Carl Gustaf wondered technology, agriculture and economy. He is actively involved, in particular, in the meetings of the Forest and Agricultural Academy, the Royal Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering Sciences. In recent years, the king goes to the Royal Technology Mission under the auspices of the Academy of Engineering Sciences to study the technological and industrial expertise and stimulate cooperation in these areas with various countries. King, in particular, has visited Japan, Italy, USA, South Korea and South Africa.
King - the patron of the Royal Swedish Academy and several other organizations, associations and societies. King is also an honorary doctor of the Swedish Agricultural University, the Royal Higher Technical School in Stockholm and ц-bo Akademi University in Finland.
In his spare time, King enjoys hunting, yachting and water sports, motoring, lowland and mountain skiing. King, in particular, twice (1977 and 1987) participated in skiing competitions Vasaloppet. King is also interested in art, music and food.

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Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus), photo, biography
Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus), photo, biography Carl XVI Gustaf (Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus)  King of Sweden from 1973, photo, biography
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