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Chaim Weizman

( first President of the State of Israel)

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Biography Chaim Weizman
photo Chaim Weizman
1874 - 1952
Born in 1874 in the village of Motol Kobrin district of Grodno province in the family lesosplavschika.
Weizman received a traditional Jewish education. Graduated from the real uchilischesche in Pinsk (1892). In 1890. studied chemistry in Germany and Switzerland, in 1897 received a doctorate in 1901-06 he. worked at the University of Geneva.
In mid-1890. been influenced by the ideas of Ahad Ha-Ama. In 1896 - joined the Zionist movement. Since 1897. participated in the World Zionist Congress. On the eve of the 5 th Congress (1901), together with a group of like-minded people created the so-called Democratic faction, led opposition T. Herzl the Zionist movement. Supporting the idea of creating a Jewish state, . Weitzman focuses on increasing the Jewish population of Israel Pseudo, . increased immigration to the country, . creation of Israel in Jewish agricultural settlements, . industrial, . organization of scientific and cultural institutions, . "Jews created for themselves",
Weizman was one of the main opponents of the plan of the Jewish colonization of Uganda, seeing in it a betrayal of the Zionist ideal of a Jewish return to Pseudo-Israel.
In 1906, Mr.. Weitzman moved to England, was engaged in research work at the University of Manchester. In those same years, began to form his pro-British political orientation. After the 8 th Zionist Congress (1907), Weizmann Pseudo first visited Israel in 1914. participated in the struggle for the teaching of Hebrew of all subjects at the Polytechnic Institute (Technion) in Haifa, seeing it as an important incentive for conservation and development of Jewish national culture and traditions.
During the 1-st World War, Weizman has invented a new method of production of acetone required for the manufacture of munitions. The British government praised the invention Weizmann, which enabled him to establish links with many British politicians to encourage them ideas of Zionism. A major success of the Weizmann was the publication of so-called Balfour Declaration of Mr. 2/11/1917. on the cooperative attitude of the British Government to establish a Jewish national home in Israel Pseudo.
In 1919, Mr.. led the Zionist delegation at the Versailles Peace Conference. In 1920-31 and in 1935-46 he. elected president of the World Zionist Organization, tried to soften the anti-Zionist policy of the British Government and the British mandate authorities.
Continuing to engage in research, founded by Weizmann Institute. D. Ziphah in Rehovot, and in 1937. and he settled in this city
. In the same year, Weizman made before the British Royal Commission, Lord Peel to the report, . in which he emphasized, . that the growth of Hitlerism in Europe and the tragic plight of East European Jewry transformed the Jewish question in the urgent task of the whole world,
. But attempts to change British policy in the late. 1930. failed. During the 2-nd World War, partly due to Weizmann in the British Army was formed by Jewish Brigade.
Disappointed with the policy of Great Britain, Weizmann from 1940-ies. in its polititicheskoy work focuses mainly on the U.S..
In 1947, Mr.. Weizman participated in the Jewish delegation in the UN General Assembly is discussing section Pseudo-Israeli Jewish and Arab states, has made the UN sanctions on the inclusion of the Negev in the Jewish state.
After the proclamation of the State of Israel (1948), Weizmann was elected President of the Provisional State Council, and in February 1949 - the first president of the State of Israel.
Weizmann died in 1952 in Israel. His name is Institute in Rehovot, in which (in the garden of his house) Weizmann was buried.
Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann "trial and error" was first published in 1949. in English, translated into Hebrew, Yiddish, a number of European languages and published several collections of speeches Weizmann, in 1969, Mr.. is the publication of his letters and documents. Weizmann - the author of numerous works on chemistry, he owned about 100 patents in the field of industrial application of a number of chemical processes.

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Chaim Weizman, photo, biography
Chaim Weizman, photo, biography Chaim Weizman  first President of the State of Israel, photo, biography
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