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Gorlova Ludmila

( Artist)

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Biography Gorlova Ludmila
1984-88 studied at the Moscow Art School In memory of 1905 (Faculty of Education)

Participation in exhibitions and auctions


1994 "Happy Childhood". XL Gallery. Rodd N 67, Moscow
1995 "May Camp". XL Gallery, Moscow
1997 "How I love". XL Gallery, Moscow

1988 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
1988 All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists. Manege, Moscow
1989 XIX Youth Exhibition. Manege, Moscow
1990 "Youth of Russia". Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Regardless of the genre". Youth Palace, Moscow
1994 "brazen and callous ...". Regina Gallery, Moscow
"Artists Against AIDS". Exhibition auction. Club "Mayakovsky", Moscow
1995 "Ice-cream - Art". (Fair-Share). Moscow Khladokombinat "Ice-Fili, Moscow
"Russian Beauty". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"Party" turnkey ". Gallery M. Gelman. Polytechnical Museum, Moscow
"Kyiv Art Meeting". XL Gallery. Center "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine
1996 "Anti-fascism - anti-anti-fascism". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"Nefeministicheskie feminists". Contemporary Art Center, Moscow
"4-Biennale". St.Petersburg
1997 "History in Faces" (from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art Tsaritsino). Ekaterinburg, Samara, Perm, Novosibirsk, Russia (catalog)
International art fair ART-MOSCOW. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"It` sa better world ". Museum Secession, Vienna, Austria; Art Forum Gallery, Merano, Italy (catalog)
"In Urjupinsk with love". Uryupinsk museum
"His movie" (together with P. Pavlov). Aidan Gallery, Moscow
"The space of jubilation" (with A. Alchuk). g.Shvule, Germany
Third Biennial of Contemporary Art. Cetinje, Montenegro


1994 "The Alley of freedom". Quay Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Measurement of temperature (cultural) of the body of society". Pool "Moscow", Moscow
"Freedom of Choice. Patriarch's Ponds, Moscow
1995 "Suitcases". Kazan Railway Station, Moscow
"Artists Against Sex". Night club "Manhattan Express", Moscow
. Criticism
. Action in the hospital could well fit into the current in recent years the tradition of provocative attacks by artists in places, . least of all intended for the art: prison, . Baths, . Metro, . if it was present even a single drop of irony and games, . former paramount components of the previous experiments of this kind.,
. Evaluation of the picturesque quality of the exhibited paintings seem quite inappropriate
. For Ludmila throat theme obviously more important than aesthetics. Her paintings - rather, visual propaganda, pure realism, which directly overlooks the younger audience. A critical pathos subjects recalled the other, longstanding, children's art complexes Russia

. M. Orlova "There is no place to hide from the modern art" Kommersant DAILY, 1994, November 4

. * * *
. The aggression of modern art in the holy of holies may well be shocking, but for the conservative discourse is even more unacceptable pathos of immediacy and pragmatism statements
. The purpose of the action - social therapy. In the author's comments on the draft "Happy Childhood" quite clearly, . the language of the manifesto, . pronounced: the trauma of birth of the first shock of collision with the social, . remain in the subconscious; inhibited about socialization; of mythical phrases of a happy childhood, about the repressive ideology of the Conservative government as a subordinate, . etc.,
. Even more revealing the author's definition: "The aim of the project - to encourage society to review and revision of values related to man". The life and poetry - one. Symbolic psychoanalytic session involves overcoming of infant frustration through the picturesque contemplation of descriptions of the forbidden.

F. Romer, "The Birth of a citizen". Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1994, 11 November

. * * *
. Any "wrong" stories - "Theft of apples from the garden" and "Writing for the pope" - should have been developed in the subconscious in crumbs immune to the inevitable future of parental repression.
. This is one of the most successful artistic performances last time, if only because that has already participated in it required some effort from the audience.
. Cellophane for the paintings, as well as gauze bandages, protects us from the deep and infinite physiological space
. No, I think, places, stronger in a man denies all the individual. Maybe another war. With shares Ludmila throat we suddenly found ourselves in front of the void - we have no "cultural" view of motherhood and childhood.
. That came up Ludmila Gorlova - dense adhesion of art to an undisclosed (or rather, more nepereimenovannoy) "reality"

. L. Lunin "Childhood, which will not." Today, 1994, November 5

. * * *
. The photo throat (which are excellent in themselves) - some being young age, . female and weird kind, . girl monster-like characters in stories of Truman Capote or the movie "Exorcist", . belonging to some exotic subculture of the industrial outskirts of Moscow,
. Being beautiful and terrible, if you describe it in the absolutist rhetoric Brener.
Exhibition throat at the suggestion of criticism Milena Orlova called "My Camp", which refers to the famous text of Susan Sontag "Notes on Camp" (1964). Camp, as Sontag writes, any notion of quotes, from the throat, we are dealing with their radical and sometimes violent removal. Photos are very strong and somewhat reminiscent of the famous American Nan Goldin.
Gorlova, as Goldin, goes beyond style and taste, and partly even fights with them.

E. Tar Weather in the art world: the clarity and wind. "Kommersant-DAILY, 1995, September 15

* * *
The Exposition "May Camp" opened the season "XL-gallery", giving preference to projects located at the intersection of art and politics. Typically, they serve artists, passionate ideas of the Western left-liberal and neo-Marxist theorists. ...
It turned out that the generation that grew up after the socialist era, spits on any, including the "left" ideology, and all of its "outrageous" - just another turn of fashion, which is zealously exploiting all kinds of magazines for the "new Russian". Even the drug for them - not social protest, and "fashion", because the use of expensive drugs means belonging to the elite ...

A. Badenkov "Gorlova opened the season in the" XL "
Megapolis-Express, 1995, September 27

* * *
... Luda focuses on the aesthetics of the poster ... with its unique and distinct semantics, with customized audience, with a hypothetical functionalism communication. In the throat, a tireless fighter with a conservative ideology, is a property, is a criminal conservative in terms of the entropy of postmodernist discourse - a sincere pathos. To her left is the rhetoric ... guide to action and the method of self-identification. Cloth-posters and fireworks ... at the station, in nightclubs and other socially marked places look virus 68-second, he had brought to Moscow a little David females.

F. Romer "Left March". Catalog of the exhibition "May Camp"
XL Gallery, Moscow, 1995

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Gorlova Ludmila, photo, biography
Gorlova Ludmila, photo, biography Gorlova Ludmila  Artist, photo, biography
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