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MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich

( Artist)

Comments for MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich
Biography MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich
1964 born in Moscow
. 1987 Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (Faculty of Arts and the technical design of books)
. 1985-87 member of the Pana and Skabichevsky "(with A. Alekseev)
. 1987-90 member of the "5 +1" (with A. Kuznetsov, AV Laiko, A. Orlovsky, A. Sokolov, D. Tsykalova)
. 1993-94 member of the Group with no name "(with A. Brener, A. Zubarzhukom, A. Litvin, A. Revizorovym)
. 1993 member of the USDA
. Collections where works
. Guelman Gallery, Moscow
. Galerie im Alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany
. Galerie Mur Mur, Paris, France
. Gallery Peter Ford, Bristol, United Kingdom
. Kristian Keesee Collection, Oklahoma City, USA
. E. Goy, Moscow
. Participation in exhibitions and auctions

. 1991 "Immediately after the war with the Eskimos"
. Museum of the Revolution, Moscow
1992 "Fundamental infantilism". Gallery M. Gelman, Moscow
Six unknown ". Gallery M. Gelman, Moscow
1994 "Conformists" (with A. Brener). Gallery M. Gelman. Central House of Artists, Moscow


1988 "Eidos". Youth Palace, Moscow
1989 ... to 33 ". Youth Palace, Moscow
"5 +1". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1989 "Glasnost in Zundorf". Gallery im Alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany
1990 "5 +1". Borghaus, Aachen, Germany
"Junge Sovjetische Kunst". Kassel, Germany
"Individual mythology - the new CL". Palase Youth, Moscow
1991 Gallery im Alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany
"Wandering Jew". Kashirka, Moscow
1992 "Triade". Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany
1993 "VII Congress of People's Deputies is dedicated". Gallery M. Gelman. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"Conversion". Gallery M. Gelman. Central House of Artists, Moscow
"New Territories of Art. State Art Museum, Krasnoyarsk
Art Messe. Hamburg, Germany
"777 Distance Communication". Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, United Kingdom; Kunstnernes Hus, Aarhus, Denmark; Storm Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Galeria Nova, Bratislava, Slovakia; Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland; Gallery M. Gelman, Moscow
"Nostalgia". American Trade Center, Moscow
1995 "New Russian Art: Paintings from the Christian Keesee Collection". City Art Center, Oklahoma City, USA "5 years Marat Gelman Gallery". Artist's House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow


. a group Pana and Skabichevsky "1985-87 Performances:" My Dad - Cyril Mamonov "," The Absinthe Drinker, "" Caligula, "" The Raven "
. of the Group without a title "1993" Dedicated to Mao "
. GUM, Moscow
1994 "Languages". McDonalds, Moscow
. Autobiographical notes
. Art is not "what" and "how"!

. * * *

. By the mid-nineties, I felt a desire to end the so-called "modern art and its indispensable companions - installation, simulation
. I wanted to submit such an art, which in the eyes of all people, except the artist himself - seem to be something so private, so personal, that it even look uncomfortable.


'Portrait of an unknown' Bogdan Mamonov - this is another example of painting drawing. Portrayed, of course, is too well known: it is Mao, whose familiar face as pall, as the appearance of another star - Marilyn Monroe. Warhol, in his attribution of these figures has reduced it to a purely decorative bessmysslennosti, or rather confirmed, that their quality has been gained in the public consciousness. Mamonov do reach a certain political playing, wearing Mao in an officer's uniform of the XIX century and putting it into a quasi-classical pose against a background of traditional landscape: it supposedly proletarian leader Mao was in essence a military aristocrat. Indeed, the radicals themselves trivialize, finding radical chic.
Rites of Mao in a reactionary monarchist uniform, Mamonov tears off his mask of revolutionary - it exposes. In fact, in all but name, it was a communist King.

D. Kuspit 'New Russian Art'. Catalog of the exhibition 'New Russian Art: Paintings from the Chritian Keesee Collection'. City Art Centre, Oklahoma City, USA, 1994

Mamonov focused on working with the material carriers of communication - to trivialize iconic signs (portraits of Mao's own stereotizirovannymi images, the museum attributes). His strategy involves reductionism and rational and brutal: it extinguishes, extorts message - obessmyslivaya it while overflowing potential meanings. Such a strategy is fraught with extraordinary destructive efficiency - the creative acts of communication are similar terrorist acts. And if we recognize, . that the main danger, . beset Mamonova, . in samotozhdestvlenii with the object descriptions, . in dissolving budiruemoy of entropy and degradation, . it can be stated: Mamonov warns that the danger of their hard lapidary gestures, . identified reductionism of the original structure statements,

V. Misiano. Untitled Entry. Catalog "Conformists". Guelman Gallery, Moscow, 1994

One of the younger artists represented Gelman - Bogdan Mamonov - exhibited last winter installation, which can be called art history detective. It was an attempt to recreate a situation of theft 'masterpiece' (also submitted by the artist) with evidence, traces, etc., supposedly left by the thieves, who dragged him from the museum.

Dzh.Gembrel 'Message from Moscow' - Art in America, N11, 1992

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MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich, photo, biography
MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich, photo, biography MAMONOV Bogdan Kirillovich  Artist, photo, biography
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