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PETROVA Nadezhda

( Artist)

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Biography PETROVA Nadezhda
Born August 21, 1945 in the town of Ramenskoye, Moscow Region.
She graduated from the Moscow Higher Industrial Art School named. Stroganoff.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1982,
1994 - Member of the Association of Moscow Sculptors.
Collections where works

His works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Japan.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1969 Soviet North. Zone exhibition. Petrozavodsk. Russia;
1979 Moscow and Muscovites. Moscow;
1979 Nature and we. All-Union Art Exhibition. Moscow;
1980 animal painter Russia. 1 st Republican exhibition. Moscow;
1987 animal painter Russia. 2-nd Republican Exhibition. Moscow;
1992 2 nd All-Union Exhibition of sculptures. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 4 plus 4. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1994 fire keepers. Museum VD. Polenova. Memorial Museum - Reserve "Polenovo". Province of Tula. Russia.

Autobiographical notes

In my work the most difficult - to think that you'll sculpt. I envy the artists, which find easy topic for their work. Then quite simply. Lepish until you start to see where what will be the color. And painting, so that others too have seen what you already clear.
Then my job someone buys.
Thus, I do what I like and still get paid for it
. Criticism
. Her work did not constitute an insoluble puzzle, they do not make the audience a painful squeeze of the association, but at the same time, far from realistic copy of individual representatives of flora and fauna.
. Petrova carefully studies "dalevoy" image
. In the theory of art as determined by the instantaneous and unmistakable recognition imprinted object: man, bird, animal. In Doe "dalevoy" image is so precise, it is often at first sight can be defined: it is - a kitten, it is - a cat and this cat smell the smell of favorite foods.
Each work of Petrova as it carries a charge of certain emotions. Careful and accurate view of the artist picks up literally on the fly, perspective, habits, plastic, a special condition of the animal, and is embodied in the material every time a new mood.
A special article in the works of Jane Doe - color. I'm not going to introduce the reader to the case involving issues dyes in ceramics. Believe the word, everything here is not simply. Even the recognized masters use mainly two or three colors. But Petrova, such problems as if does not exist. She manages to paint wings bred her own guinea pig, butterflies, just repeating the colors of the wing of the living insect.
To all other miniature Petrova very tactile. She does not want to let go, as you do not want to part with a warm hand of a loved one, which was connected with something so important that discolour any words.
. World Wildlife is a source of inspiration to many, but in the person of Jane Doe, he is attentive, hard-working student and a devoted ally-builder, shaded by lofty thoughts and the genius of selfless love

Ruben Makarov


N. Stepanyan in category "Panorama of the young", Journal of Decorative Arts ", N5, 1970, p. 30;
A. Creators "Where the missing children", the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, 30.08.1994;
R. Makarov "Cats are born in the oven", the magazine "Zoo-boom", N1 (2), July, 1995.

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PETROVA Nadezhda, photo, biography
PETROVA Nadezhda, photo, biography PETROVA Nadezhda  Artist, photo, biography
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