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Mary Sablin

( Artist)

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Biography Mary Sablin
Born in Moscow, she graduated from art school in the Institute. V. I. Surikov, then - Faculty of Arts at MIT (department of fashion design). From 1980 to 1986 - stylist-designer in the firm in. Zaitseva. From 1985 - UNCTAD-GATT expert of the UN on fashion design (design collections for display at international exhibitions and fairs) - Afghanistan, Switzerland, Japan. Collaboration with fashion magazines (publications of the author's graphics). Since 1989 - Member of the Union of Designers of Russia. Since 2000 - Member of International Association Union of Designers ". Since 2001 - Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Participated in international exhibitions - Finland, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia. Winner of the international competition "interdesign 2001. Solo Exhibitions - 1992. 2000 in Moscow, CHA.

Collections where works

Works are in private collections in Switzerland, Japan, United States.
Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1985 "Expo 1985". Tsukuba. Japan;
1987 XVIII Exhibition of Young Artists. Central Exhibition Hall Manege. Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Personal exhibition. Central House of the entertainer. Moscow;
1998 Zonal Exhibition. Union of Artists of Russia. Moscow - St. Petersburg;
2000 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2000 "Art Manege". Central Exhibition Hall Manege. Moscow;
2001 Moscow International Art Salon "CHA 2001. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
2001 interdesign 2001. Tushinsky Exhibition Hall (Boulevard Rainis). Moscow;
2001 ArtSalon. Central Exhibition Hall Manege. Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

Permanent R & D artist Maria Sablina - an endless stream of associations that arise in the process of perceiving the world. Lack of a specific plot, the alternation of the Cultural allusions and metaphors makes the viewer participate in the internally interpritatsii pictures. World of imagery of the artist - an ethereal, allegorical, but it is very logical, fine tuned and built by its domestic laws. Many cycles of their graphic works the artist repeatedly returned to the riddle of the relationship between man and his nearest "super-micro" environment - clothing. "My work - it is an allegory of the suit, it is an image transformation on a different level, an attempt to portray the concepts of costume, costume Phenomena costume Worldwide:
The relationship of clothing and human mixed. Costume - this is the nearest shell of man, his shells, a second skin, if you will - with a cast of human. On the other hand, the suit may be a mask, mask, under which there is something to hide. Clothing affects us differently. Costume can "advertise" our essence, warning that we are for the people - this happens when clothing is subject to the individual, man. However, he can and hide the true face of the man to sculpt out of it for someone else. Thus, the example for the phenomenon, and suits and masks, I try to portray the profound changes occurring at such a "dressing". The costume is important not as an object of toilet. This is a game, a ritual, a form of self-affirmation: Prejudice or Character: The Passion and discredit myths or ambition. "
Internet-magazine "FashionLook". "The costume for Peace."
. Masterly graphic skills, . precision, and ownership of the line blot, . ornamental lightness and fantasy of the artist's well-deserved place it on a par with such masters of "costume" Graphic, . as Erte, . Bakst, . but at present, . deeper conceptual level, the interpretation,
. The elegance and stylishness, graphics, its external ease underline and reinforce the layering and the depth of meaning of works in which the longer look, the more you notice the details. Classical traditional technical performance - pen, ink, paper, coupled with the lightest touch of irony, doing graphic work of Mary Sablina, as it is not strange, very modern.

The concept of "Game of cubes.
The main theme in the artist's work - a task the game, which has no end in the flow of associations that arise in the process of perceiving the world. In a series of papers included in the project, the object of study is the smallest structural element - "cube", as part of a morphologically reflects a piece of space-time, from which he inferred. Spatial time-form, . in which being an artist, . is not just a module designer baby "Lego" (although at the first level of the position and it is true), . but the semantic units of the induced process of learning the essence of not only the subject, . but the phenomenon, . concepts or events,
Theme of "modular kubistichnosti" the world gives the artist the opportunity to deepen her indefinitely, until the transfer of the "essence" of the space of absolute ideas and images created by the Creator (the structure of the atom similar to the structure of the Universe). Completely modular parts - completely self-sufficient part of the whole, bearing all the characteristics of the whole in the smallest elements according to the theory of fractals. Lack of a specific plot, . alternation of the Cultural allusions and metaphors makes the viewer to actively participate in the internal interpretation of the picture, . attracting associative layers of thinking and looking at the recipient, . as one of the main tasks, . attempt to break through to the archetype,
In the semantic-symbolic field, this module - such as would be the highest form of self-fulfillment element of the universe. Game, . proposed in the identification of the element and its relevant prescribed conditions, . involves creative and intellectual maturity, . Sophistication of associative thinking (and the artist and audience alike), . that transcends considerations of artistic expression, . not rejecting it, . and focuses on the concept of sublimation and the artistic language,
The answer to the questions arising in the process of knowing oneself and the world, appears in the form of three-dimensional geometric figure, embodying such a modern idea of "klipovosti" his inadequate visual close. Structure and dynamics of the form and nature of the interpretation of its surface is fully correlated its subject-object subordination and manifests itself in an organic texture.
"When the subject disappears eternity, then disappear and all of its objects"


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Lisenkova E., "On Design - Theater. Creativity young "," Moscow Artists ", p.. 4., 1984;
"News of Culture", "Moskovskaya Pravda", page. 3, 1992;
A. Baskakov, "In the end - everything is beautiful in the world", "Our painters, p. 22, N10;
Gorshkov, A., "The territory of style: Suit for Peace", "Fashion Look", http://win.fashionlook.ru, pages 1-2, 2000.

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Mary Sablin, photo, biography
Mary Sablin, photo, biography Mary Sablin  Artist, photo, biography
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