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YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu

( Artist)

Comments for YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu
Biography YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu
photo YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu
Born March 26, 1948 in Baku.
In 1971 he graduated from Azerbaijan State Art College named. Azim-Zade.
In 1977 he graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.

Collections where works

Works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery,
Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow,
Museum of Peoples' Friendship in Tbilisi,
Azerbaijan State Museum of Arts. R. Mustafaeva in Baku,
private collections in Russia, the United States, Germany, France, Turkey, Britain, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia.

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1988 Personal exhibition. Baku
1988 Personal exhibition. Kostanay. Kazakhstan;
1988 Personal exhibition. Pavlodar. Kazakhstan;
1989 Personal exhibition. Almaty. Kazakhstan;
1990 Restructuring `Art Year 5. Gallery L `orangeraie, September Paul de Vence, France;
1990 Exhibition of Soviet Artists. Istanbul. Turkey;
1992 Personal exhibition. Baku. Azerbaijan.


Action Art G. Yunusov rarely occurs on a particular background amiradzhanskogo landscape on the outskirts of Baku. Most of this space is not so much really exists, how many born in the depths of consciousness, seen the eye of man a lot and thoroughly reflects on the basis of existence, the connection times, the series of successive generations.
. Wherever we meet with works Yunusov - in his studio or spacious halls of the museum - has always found them concentrates epic action, achieved by intense burning colors and symbols of silent Deisis
. Before us is built a long series of swirling darkness and shrouded in thick shadows of figures eyed melancholy oriental women in red and brown robes, national. Even more static, and excluded from the madding crowd figures and calm faces of men. And next to those and other, or their shoulders often appear mysterious mythical creatures, whose ancient Muslim origin issue horns or wings of unknown real world of bulls and birds. Their appearance on the canvas in the most ordinary scenes of patriarchal life seems as natural as the emergence of domestic animals in fenced backyards of the old stone fences Amiradzhana. In principle, Yunusov explicitly configured to archaic, that Pushkin called "respect for the tradition". Hence his penchant for eternal image categories and tested symbolic systems. Intricate Arabic script of the ancient sayings and quotations from the Koran organically enter them in the pictorial structure of the canvas and begins to exist along with the trees, swirling clouds, or piles of juicy fruit and bouquets of flowers ...
. ... п║п╦п╪п©п╟я┌п╦я┤п╫п╬, . that the development of the artist can clearly be seen on a number of successive stages of formation of his painting style, . from the student's period of early 70-ies, . when their own vision of the world has depended heavily on borrowed ways of expressing, . until relatively recently (late 70's - early 80's), . when expressive technique of painting was of times samodavleyuschy nature and, . Finally, . finding oneself in the works of the second half of the 80-ies, . when the artist really felt the roots of national tradition.,
. "I like artists who can contradict himself," - said inclined to introspection artist
. And of course we can apply this statement to his own creativity, which does not contain a trend towards self-preservation. An example of this - the new treatment of the artist to various graphic techniques, whether colored pastel (panda), an ordinary pencil drawing or drawings of the pen in a small release diaries.
. But, no matter how successful individual graphic series Yunusov, his main passion - painting
. It was her subordinate all search sketches and constant daily observation, . it is about her mysterious laws reflects the artist, . looking at the pictures of the great masters of the past and his outstanding contemporaries, . repeating to himself: "Painting, . painting ... ",
. Let's hope that the major discoveries Geyyura Yunusov ahead, although today they made a lot

V. Meyland

W. Mr. Aliyev about creativity. Yunusov, journal Ulduz ", N3, 1986, Baku, Azerbaijan;
. Catalog of "Restructuring` Art Year 5, 1990, Saint Paul de Vence, France;
. Catalog of the exhibition in the gallery "Art Nouveau", 1990, Moscow;
. Catalog of the exhibition galleries "Modus - Vivendi, Istanbul, 1990;
. V. Meyland "Time free choice", Journal of Literary Studies ", N5, 1987.

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YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu, photo, biography
YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu, photo, biography YUNUSOV Geyyur - Abil oglu  Artist, photo, biography
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