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Leonid Vinogradov

( Priest)

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Biography Leonid Vinogradov
He was born in 1897. His parents were pious, especially the mother, which is often in childhood took him to about. John of Kronstadt. Kronstadt pastor made the boy so impressed that the Leonid firmly decided to devote his entire life of the church.
Thorny path of each coming Christ, and sooner Leonid had to feel the full weight of his. He was only 12 years old when he was orphaned and his grandmother took over education.
My grandmother wanted me to Leonid studied merchant craft, but otherwise looking for a soul boy who was all alone in the world. Not in worldly riches and honors, but only in Christ, he sought his only consolation. Grandmother did not share his spiritual aspirations and drove Lenya from home because he did not want to become an apprentice merchant.
Again, little sufferer is forced to look for refuge. But the Lord unseen grace leads him to life. His first shelter Leonid finds Ipatiev monastery, where he lived until adulthood, at which obedience was sexton. Lord invisibly sent the young man all that is necessary for life. Here, in the monastery, Leonid met his future wife, a very faithful girl from the pious family. In 1918, he marries her and gets a place cantor, after two years of his ordained to the rank of deacon. In March 1924 His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon ordained to the priesthood, Leonid, and. Leonid even in this extent, continues to serve the church in the church next to Kineshma.
Soon he was arrested. Parishioners were very fond of his pastor, sought his release, even went to Moscow to Kalinin.
Father Leonid was released only a year, after which he served in the temple with. Panina Kostroma region and the temple of the village of Sokol Ivanovo region. In 1934, the local executive committee decided to demolish the church, where he served on the. Leonid and destroy the vast cemetery around the church, arranging on this site park for walks and amusements. Protests led only believers in the fact that about. Leonid, Alexander Kosulin church elder and a member of the church council Khionia Safonov concluded in Kineshma prison. O. Leonid sentenced to seven years in prison, women - to 4 years.
The summer of 1935 the wife of. Leonida went to Moscow and made an appointment with Molotov, after which the priest and the woman were released. Freed, of. Leonid Vorontsov served in the village Puchezhskogo Area. Many times he was arrested, offered to renounce God and to lift the San, to which he invariably refuses. The last time he was arrested on Sept. 17, 1938. It was the seventh arrest. O. Leonid then sentenced to 4 years in jail. He died Nov. 12, 1941 in a camp in the Perm region. Symbolic that his wife supported him throughout the difficult path of life, died two days after his death.

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Leonid Vinogradov, photo, biography
Leonid Vinogradov, photo, biography Leonid Vinogradov  Priest, photo, biography
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