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Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich

( famous Russian engineer)

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Biography Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich
photo Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich
was born in Kharkov in 1845, finishing the course in Taganrog grammar school (1862) and then at the Institute of Railway Engineers, at the end of which was left with him as a coach (1867), in 1873,. was chosen extraordinary professor in the department of structural mechanics, and later full professor. In addition, he also directed the work of graduate students in designing bridges. Belelyubsky taught as structural mechanics and the art of building in the Mining Institute and the Institute of Civil Engineers. Since 1895. Professor Belelyubsky reading course materials testing at the Institute of Railway Engineers and High School of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, and from 1906. at the higher women's polytechnic courses. Practical activities Belelyubskiy expressed, . chiefly, . drafting of a large number of bridges, . and for the majority of them used in Russia before, . than in other states, . proposed by Professor Belelyubskiy design free cross beams,
. From bridges mention: Alexander across the Volga at Syzran (13 spans of 50 yards, . total length of 695 yards), . the Dnieper at Ekaterinoslav (15 spans from 39 yards), . through Ufa and Belaya at Samara-Zlatoust railway, . through Irtysh, . Tobol, . Ishim, . Ob etc.,
. on the Siberian railway, through the Don on the South-Eastern Railway, through Buzanov (a sleeve of Volga) in Astrakhan, across the Volga from Sviyazhsk (6 flown for 75 yards, now under construction). The attention of one of the first work of Professor Belelyubskiy - replacement of wooden bridges with iron at the Nikolaev Railroad (1869 - 1881). The city and highway bridges: across the river Mstu in Borovichi, across the Dnieper in Smolensk, through Viliyu in Vilna, through Rusanovskiy duct in Kiev and the Niemen at olit. Organized by Professor Belelyubskiy mechanical laboratory of the Institute of Railway Engineers currently has the value of the central station for the mechanical study of building materials. Belelyubsky, as the representative of the laboratory, participated in the formulation adopted in Russia of the latest rules and conditions for acceptance of building materials - cement, metals and m. n. and consists of 1884. active member of international meetings and congresses on the establishment of uniform methods of testing building materials, as a representative of Russia in the council of the International Society for Testing Materials. Since the activities of the laboratory for the first 10 years of its existence can be viewed from the works of Belelyubskiy: "Laboratory Manual" (1875 - 86, "Collection of the Institute of Transportation Engineering", VII), and in 1906. published works on the study of rail steel. Other works relate Belelyubskiy calculation and design of bridges: translate the works of Leslie and Shyublera "Calculation of farms iron bridges" (2 parts), . the first of which was published in the Journal of the Ministry of Railways, 1868, . a second apart in 1871, "Structural Mechanics" (lecture, . 1895); brochures in Russian and German languages on different issues pavement practices; table for selection of cross sections and calculation of weight in the design of railway structures, . Many articles in the Journal of the Ministry of Railways (1911,
. - "What is known abroad about the Russian mostahN; earlier that:" Bridge sketches - about the shearing forces, etc.), . "Notes of the Imperial Russian Technical Society, . "Proceedings of the meeting of Railway Engineers and in various technical journals in French, . German and English,
. Belelyubsky awarded the title of doctor-engineer the Berlin Higher Technical School, is an active member of the Academy of Arts, President of the Bureau of cement congresses, etc.

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Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich, photo, biography
Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich, photo, biography Nicholas Belelyubsky Apollonovich  famous Russian engineer, photo, biography
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