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Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich

( Professor of Architecture)

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Biography Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich
Born May 20, 1819, died Aug. 3, 1887, Mr.. Education received the first Revel in the gymnasium, which left the 14 th year, after which the teacher of the school Pansh, because of the extraordinary mathematical abilities boy, was free to engage with mathematics. Bernhard from an early age set out to become an architect, and, despite all the difficulties and hardships made her. Serving youth in the Office of the Governor Estland, Bernhard spent his nights in drawing. In 1839, Mr.. Bernhard came to St. Petersburg and received a lot of difficulty in the Academy of Fine Arts, where he was engaged in the class A. Ton up to February 1843, when he was transferred among the 50 students kazennokoshtnyh Academy in building college-educated while the Ministry of Communications of the College of Civil Engineers. At the end of the course (in 1846) Bernhard was appointed assistant to the drawing board of architect 1 st District Railway, and then later, . in the position of architect of the first offices 1 st District, . Bernhard performed a number of complex instructions on the construction of various civil and hydraulic structures,
. One of the first buildings Bernhard was a police house in Kolomna part, filled in the finished project in the Florentine style. Then (1859 - 61) Bernhard built barracks for the gendarme divisions (Romanesque) and building a new gas plant society of the capital lighting. In 1862 - 63 years Bernhard built for public gas lighting beyond the river, parts of St. Petersburg factory buildings on Vasilevsky Island, in 1866. built the circus Ginne on Manege Square, and in 1868 - 69 - steam mill at the Warsaw railway station, all these buildings filled with them in a brick style. Then, in 1870. - House Evangelical Hospital, in the Gothic style, with a majestic brick facade is. In addition to these facilities, Bernhard built yet, together with Professor KK. Raha, house-mansion E.M. Meyer on the Promenade des Anglais, together with Professor Bryullov - Peter the building of the police, with the participation of the engineer Pokotilov - home minister of war to B. Sadovaya Street. and finally in 1884. with the participation of his son, a civil engineer in. R. - Built a gas-holders to the public lighting capital, and this has finished its construction activities. Many of these buildings are placed in the magazine "Architect" (1872 - 1877 years). At professorial career Bernhard made in 1854, . when he was asked to lead the work of pupils 3rd special class of the Institute of Railway Engineers Corps, . in the preparation of projects of civil architecture and technical reports, . What Bernhard and engaged in the course of 16 years,
. In 1865, Mr.. Bernhard was invited to the chair of architectural art in the Academy of Fine Arts, in the same year he was appointed architect of the Academy of Sciences, as well as buildings of historical and philological institute and Meteorological Observatory. In March 1873,. Bernhard received the place of the then Director of the school building, . current Institute of Civil Engineers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, . indebted to him for his conversion; Bernhard has developed and introduced a new charter, . resulted in the execution of these changes in him in the teaching, . developed the initial plan of the new school building - as the old did not meet the new needs of the institution, . - And procured for the construction of the necessary amount,
. In addition, Bernhard ever cared about improving the material conditions of students and established for this purpose the auxiliary fund, issued by interest-free loans. The title of Professor Bernhard received in 1871. for the theory of sets, introduced them into the program of academic course. In 1864. Bernhard was asked to give its opinion on the causes of the destruction of the church at the St. Petersburg side in Koltovskaya street in St. Petersburg. Bernhard long and worked hard on the technical issues, and the case with the church in Koltovskaya street led him to systematically develop the theory of the beginning of the vaults in connection with the calculation of the stability of church buildings. In a note on the causes of the collapse of parts of the temple in Koltovskaya Bernhard immediately made himself known in the technical world, and was elevated to the College Board building in the title of engineer-architect. In 1872, the Board of the Imperial Academy of Arts, sharing a common concern about the cracks in the dome of St.. Peter's in Rome, charged Bernhard - as the first expert in this case - to investigate the dangerous situation of the dome in place. Bernhard report on the study done a lot of noise in the technical world. Article Bernhard "the dome of St.. Peter's in Rome, "published in the magazine" Architect "(1876), in which he placed a lot of technical content of articles. Bernhard also took an active part in the activities of the St. Petersburg Society of Architects, first as deputy chairman and then as an honorary member of the society. He is constantly involved in technical discussions and made reports on their research about the various kinds of failures and accidents in the Russian construction practice. A member of the Technical Construction Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, Bernhard worked with indefatigable energy of all sorts of technical problems, such as the strengthening of the Cathedral of St.. Vladimir in Kiev, the scientific formulation of dismantling and Slomka built by the cathedral in Novocherkassk, study the causes of destruction of the barracks in Kaluga and t. n. As the vowel of the St. Petersburg City Council (1865 - 1878 g.) Bernhard was, at the option of the Duma, a member of the Highest approved in 1875. Commission for technical and supervisory inspector for the construction of a bridge across the Neva Emperor Alexander II and worked tirelessly on the part of the test each delivery of materials and various technical devices. Tired of all these works, the patient, Bernhard retired in 1886. the rank of Privy Councilor and moved to Revel, to surrender to the Freedom of dealing with multiple accumulated his material on the theory of sets, in order to publish this work in light and render the last service home. But the dream that was destined to fail: the excessive labor and moral turmoil, . tested them in the last years of life, . devastating impact on his body and were the cause of the physical suffering and that mental disorder, . that two years have brought him to the grave,
. He died on August 3, 1887 in his hometown of Revel.

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Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich, photo, biography
Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich, photo, biography Bernhard Rudolf Bogdanovich  Professor of Architecture, photo, biography
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