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Berthier-Garde Alexander L.

( civil engineer and archaeologist)

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Biography Berthier-Garde Alexander L.
Born in 1842, graduated from the course in the engineering academy, and until 1887, Mr.. was in military service in the engineering troops. In 1877 - 78 years participated in the building of Sevastopol, and then headed the dirt roads and bridges across the Danube in the rear of the Russian army. Since 1887, Mr.. engaged in construction work, the most famous are his work on the construction of the Odessa port and the construction of breakwaters Yalta and Feodosia. Born Tauride province, he soon became interested in history and antiquities of the Crimea and now is one of the best experts on it in all respects. They gathered one of the best libraries on issues related to the Crimea, with great knowledge of the facts he collects ethnographic, archaeological and numismatic collections, describing the history and ethnography of the Crimea. Much of his collection has already entered the Museum of the Odessa Society of antiquity and history, the vice-president which he is. Works as it related to the historical topography of the Crimea, as well as issues related to the study of coins of the Greek colonies of the Black Sea coast. In the first series especially its excellent work on the history of pagan and Christian Khersones: "On the Chersonese" (Materials on the archeology of Russia ", N 12, Wed. "Notes of the Odessa Society of History and Antiquities", XIV, 253 ff.) And a lot of work under the same name in the "Proceedings of the Archaeological Commission", No.. 21 (1907). By the same series and is one of the first of his works - "The remains of ancient buildings in the vicinity of Sevastopol and the mountain towns of Crimea" ( "Odessa", 1886), as well as research: "The inscription time of Emperor. Zeno in connection with excerpts from the stories Chersonese "(Odessa, 1893);" As Vladimir besieged Korsun "(St. Petersburg, 1909; important for the history of Christianity in the Crimea)," From the history of Christianity in the Crimea. Seeming millennium "(about the history of St. George Monastery," Notes of the Odessa Society ", XXVIII, 1910). Interesting and his comments on the "Description of the Black Sea and Tatarstan in 1634, Mr.. D'Askola (O., 1902). In the southern Russian numismatics are particularly important to study: "The relative value of monetary metals on the Bosporus and Borysthenes half of IV. to P. Chr. "(" Numismatic Collection ", . I, . M., . 1910); "trim on the Bosphorus imperial coins of the Roman period" (ibid.), "On the coins of the rulers of Cimmerian Bosporus, . determined monogrammed "(" Notes of the Odessa Society, . XXIX, . 1911), "Some new and little-known coins Chersonese" ( "Notes of the Odessa Society, . XXVI, . 1906), "The value of monograms on the coins Chersonese" ( "Notes of numismatic Dep,
. Imperial Russian Archaeological Society ", I, 1906). Of great value is its "Catalog of maps, plans, drawings, pictures, stored in the museum of the Imperial Odessa Society of antiquity and history" (OG, 1888). In all of these and other smaller works Berthier-Garde joins with great knowledge of the material and well-read in literature, fine technical understanding of monuments and always original estimate of. Its interesting hypotheses are not always acceptable, but always of a coherent logic, the lack of preconceived points of view and the freshness of the concept. M. R.

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Berthier-Garde Alexander L., photo, biography
Berthier-Garde Alexander L., photo, biography Berthier-Garde Alexander L.  civil engineer and archaeologist, photo, biography
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