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Berhe Vasiliy

( Russian scientist, known for his historical and geographical works)

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Biography Berhe Vasiliy
Born in Moscow on May 18, 1781, died in St. Petersburg on Dec. 21, 1834, Mr.. His early education was in the Naval College, from which came out in 1799. with the rank of warrant officer and enlisted in the Baltic Fleet. In 1803 - 06 years. participated in the first Russian expedition around the world, on the ship "Neva", under the command of Captain Lisiansky. Upon return of the expedition, Berhe for participation in it was awarded in 1806. rank of lieutenant and pension. His service in the Naval Department continued until 1809, when the disease was supposed to retire, he began to work again after a year adviser to the Permian of the Exchequer. Served there for 10 years, he was in 1821. returned to St. Petersburg. In the same year he entered the Admiralty Department, with the same rank of lieutenant-commander, who was awarded with the resignation of the fleet in 1823, Mr.. elected an honorary member of the department, but by the Ministry of Maritime Education (1827) made an honorary member of the Academic Committee of the Naval Staff, complained to the lieutenant corps of naval navigators, and, finally, 6 December 1830. to colonel. In close connection with the service and its place were the scientists and studies Berhe. So, on his return from the voyage around the world it is taken for the study of foreign travelers and the result of these studies are the first of his works (translated): "A Biography of Nelson (1807) and" Travels Hearn and McKenzie (1808). While serving in Perm, . Berhe studies the historical monuments both in the Perm, . and in Cherdyn and Solikamsk, . is a description of them and at the same time, wrote "The history of geographical discoveries Russians", . excerpts of which were published in various journals (in general, it remained unpublished),
. Upon arrival in St. Petersburg, . Berhe receives Sarycheva proposal "to do a collection of materials for the preparation of naval history", with extraordinary energy and tireless work he had on the analysis of the Admiralty archives and pulled out a lot of materials, . for their geographical, . and for the historical works,
. This period of his service in St. Petersburg in 1821 was the most abundant scholarly works: almost every year one, . sometimes two works printed Berhe, . not to mention the small articles, . which they were published in the then quite a lot of different magazines and periodicals collections,
. Of the individual works of this period Berhe, . as a more prominent, . we mention the following: "Ancient state charters, . nakaznye memory and petitions "(1821) - Materials, . collected by him during his stay in Perm, "A chronological history of all journeys in the northern polar regions" (2 parts, . 1821 - 23); "Travels Adam Laxman to Japan" (1822), "Chronological history of the discovery of the Aleutian Islands" (1823), "The first voyage Russians" (1823), "Letters of Emperor Peter I" (4 hours, . 1830), "The reign of the first three rulers of the Romanov dynasty" (4 hours, . 1831 - 34) and, . Finally, . the best of his work "A Biography of Russian admirals" and "Experience the history of Russian fleet" (4 hours, . 1831 - 1826),
. Name Berhe, as an excellent scholar, part history, and especially the history of discoveries in the North, it was well known and Western Europe. Copenhagen Royal Society elected him a member.

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Berhe Vasiliy, photo, biography
Berhe Vasiliy, photo, biography Berhe Vasiliy  Russian scientist, known for his historical and geographical works, photo, biography
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