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Dmitry Bobylev

( professor of engineering at St. Petersburg University.)

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Biography Dmitry Bobylev
Born November 11, 1842, Mr.. in the Kharkov province. He graduated from the course in 1-m Cadet Corps and the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy, briefly served in the Guards Horse Artillery, attended, . as an outsider, . lectures of mathematics and physics at St. Petersburg University, . then passed an examination of the full course of secondary school and the degree of candidate, . was left at the university to prepare for a professorship, and defended a pro venia legendi essay: "Polarization prism" (published in 1870), . after which he was admitted to the teaching, . as a privat-docent, . course teaching students about the heat level IV course science,
. In the same year he was invited to teach physics at the Institute of Railway Engineers, and in 1872 - 1873 school year, Bobylev lectured physics hearers female education course for midwifery researchers (at the Medico-Surgical Academy). Master Physics Bobylev received in 1873, Mr.. protection of the dissertation: "On the scattering of electricity in gases and on the distribution of electricity in two balls". As a physicist Bobylev involved not only theoretical but also experimental part of science, as a mathematician, he felt the desire for studies of theoretical mechanics. The faculty elected him in 1876, Mr.. assistant professor of mechanics. The theme for his doctoral dissertation Bobylev elected in mathematical physics: "Study on the distribution of static electricity on the surface of conductors, composed of disparate parts". From 1878 to 1910. Bobylev held at the Institute of Communications Department of Theoretical Mechanics. Consists of a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences and a member of the "Societe Francaise de Physique" in Paris. Highlights of his works: "Einige Betrachtungen uber die Gleichungen der Hidrodynamik" ( "Mathemat. Annalen ", t. VI, 1873), "Theoretical study on the distribution of electricity on the surfaces of conductors, consisting of diverse parts" ( "Journal of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society, 1876, t. VIII and IX; in German - in the "Mathem. Ann. ", T. XIII); "Analytical Mechanics Course (four issues, . 1 part of the kinematic, . Part II kinetic, . Petersburg., . 1880 - 1883, . 8 б°); "A note on pressure, . produced by a stream of unlimited width on the two flat walls, . converge at whatever angle it was "(" Journal of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society, . t,
. XIII, 1881), "On the motion of the surface, touch another surface, a fixed" ( "Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", t. LV, 1887), "On the change of coordinates in differential equations of dynamics" (Annex to LVIII t. Memoirs of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1888), "About the beginning of Hamilton or Ostrogradskii and the beginning of least action" (Annex to t. LXI "Memoirs of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", 1889). Scientific Merit Bobyleva recognized in print and in Russia and in Germany [guest Professor Zhukovsky, Gerlach, GIAC (Hieks), etc.]. The first of the above works it contains a contribution to science: differential equations of hydrodynamics converted them to the curvilinear coordinates, than was granted a real scientific need. The other two services Bobyleva, . these critics: he received a second order differential equation, . which must satisfy the pressure of the liquid (did the same Lipschitz, . but later Bobyleva) and showed, . in liquid, . possessing friction, . loss of manpower is the product of the coefficient of internal friction in the amount of angular velocities of all elements of the fluid,
. In his study of pressure flow at the wedge Bobylev applied the method, given by Kirchhoff, but did add, which made it possible to solve the issue Said. Among the former students Bobyleva belong academician п?.п?. Lyapunov and Professor I.V. Meshchersky.

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Dmitry Bobylev, photo, biography
Dmitry Bobylev, photo, biography Dmitry Bobylev  professor of engineering at St. Petersburg University., photo, biography
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