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Bushen Arthur Bogdanovich (background)

( Statistics)

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Biography Bushen Arthur Bogdanovich (background)
Born in 1831, studied at St. Petersburg University's law faculty in the category of cameral sciences, he graduated in 1851. and initially wanted to devote himself to scientific activity, which began to prepare for the master's exam, and took over the teaching of geography at the Alexander Lyceum. In 1857, Mr.. Bushen joined the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the youngest editor of the Central Statistical Committee. The committee Bushen once occupied a prominent place their knowledge and abilities. At that time a number of reforms were put in place and the reform of official statistics, its organization and sources. For this purpose, it was found necessary to pre-acquainted with the state of statistical affairs abroad. The order that has been entrusted by the Ministry of Bushena. For two years he spent abroad, was in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, England and Sweden, and entered into personal relations with the major statistical activities in these states and thoroughly studied the issues entrusted to it. "Information on the administrative statistics in France and in England," he said in the Journal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "(1861, h. LXVI, kn. I). Returning to Russia with a large stock of knowledge and experience, . Bushen took an active part in the work of the Central Statistical Committee, . processed 2 nd issue of the statistical tables of the Empire Russia (St. Petersburg, . 1863), . containing information about his actual population of the Empire in 1858,
. thorough and critical assessment of sources of population statistics. This work is still not lost its significance, as it was done first and only, though not perfect yet attempt to develop scientific statistics division. Bushen determines the number of Old Believers and splitters (excluding sect rational and mystical) in 8000000, but this is omitted entire industry sects that make up the middle between clericalism and bespopovschinoy. This is Spassov consent, spread to all provinces along the Volga, the number of followers of this agreement, PI. Melnikov determined to 2000000 (in Russian Messenger, 1868, N 2). Around the same time is both a remarkable essay Bushena: "On the Structure of sources of population statistics in Russia (St. Petersburg, . 1864), . written on, . this Geographic Society and the Central Statistical Committee, . and crowned with a prize,
. On withdrawal of commission, . examining this essay, . it, . along with a thorough criticism of our existing statistical operations narodoischisleniya, . contains in itself and it is applicable to state the conditions of Russia project of a new device this part,
. Then, in "Annals of Statistics Russia Empire", published by the Central Statistical Committee (T. I, St. Petersburg., 1866), Bushen with PI. Blarambergom developed information on population, its distribution on the classes and creeds, as well as military and naval forces. Soon Bushen entered the service of the Ministry of Finance and is initiated correctly periodical statistics of the Ministry of, . edited the "Index of government orders for the Ministry of Finance and the first seven editions of the Yearbook of the Ministry of Finance (St. Petersburg, . 1869 et seq.), . and amounted to "Collection of information on the supply of Russian railways rails, . rolling stock and other accessories (St. Petersburg, . 1876),
. In addition to the works caused by the performance, Bushen worked in other areas. Thus, in the Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, h. XIV, they published a wonderful "experience of research on ancient Ugra". In mid-1860 Bushen participated in journalism, worked in the informal part of the "Russian Invalid" (1867 and 1868), in The Voice, "the St. Petersburg Gazette and other publications. Desiring to facilitate the dissemination of accurate information about Russia abroad, . Bushen issued "Bevolkerung des Russischen Kaiserreichs" (Gotha, . 1862), . in the era of the liberation of the peasants written in German as the language brochure about the serf population, and peasant reform, . which in English translation was in 1861,,
. in the presence of the author read in the London Statistical Society and published in the journal of the society, at the Paris exhibition in 1867 he published "Apercu statistique des forces productives de la Russie, . annexe au catalogue special de la section russe de l'Exposition universelle de Paris en 1867 (Paris, . 1867),
. Bushen was still active and prominent member of the Free Economic Society, Rossiyskogo community gardening, but mainly concentrated its research activities in the Russian Geographical Society, in which he had in 1852,. took the place of Assistant Secretary, and later was chairman of department of statistics. Bushen died suddenly on September 29, 1876, in the full height of his powers and abilities.

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Bushen Arthur Bogdanovich (background), photo, biography
Bushen Arthur Bogdanovich (background), photo, biography Bushen Arthur Bogdanovich (background)  Statistics, photo, biography
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