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Basil Yemelianovich

( Old Believer Pomeranian consent, the founder of Protection of the chapel in Moscow)

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Biography Basil Yemelianovich
(1729 - 1797) - Old Believer Pomeranian consent, the founder of Protection of the chapel in Moscow. Bespopovtsy, starting from the thoughts of the coming of the Antichrist, a negative attitude toward marriage. In practice, the relation between the sexes are settled by compromise. Sometimes, however, it deteriorates, and raised endless controversy. Contemporary Basil, organizer Fedoseevskaya Transfiguration Cemetery in Moscow, Kovylin, the prohibition of marriage to seek a strong form. Preobrazhensky closed their eyes to reality: "Khosh seven Rodi, only married do not go". Such a gross discrepancy with the teaching of life for many was unbearable. Hence the appearance of the book Starodub bespopovtsa Ivan Alexeyev on the mystery of marriage "in which he said that marriage is a mystery though not in the sense of mystery, as his understands the Orthodox Church. Manual Alexeyev had an effect: bespopovtsy were married at "Nikonians". Then Basil spoke Yemelianovich. He was the first, according to Paul's curious, "opened in Moscow beginning of marriage and the first tier of the pastors began solemnly deliver marries Christians from a clear divide nikoniazma". He said: "Not in the de force closes the sacrament of marriage, so in a church or a priest onuyu send, but unites with the consent and blessing on both sides of parents. God has crowned us and in the lack of complement ". Everyone turned to him bespopovtsev Basil began to bless the marriage: "married does not sin, marriage is clean and the bed undefiled". Around Basil composition of groups of hot adherents up to 50 people. Merchant Monin offered to cede to build a house of worship the ground, . which, . due to the influence of Basil and donations from the rich, . soon appeared a wooden chapel in the current 2 nd quarter of Lefortovo, . and when her spacious building for prizrevaemyh,
. In 1765, Mr.. Basil was appointed rector of the chapel. New community was organized according to the rules Denisova, took Vygoretsky charter and became a predominant influence Vygovsky Monastery. Began wrestle with Preobrazhensky cemetery. Kovylin was forced to convene the council at the cemetery. AцLr go there with confidence and courage, but the council had not met their expectations. Kovylin instead of reasoning about the marriage raised the question about the antichrist. It was a successful maneuver. Reject the idea of the Antichrist - meant to shake the whole building bespopovschiny at the very basis of. Vasily only partly helped to the statement that "about being the Antichrist in the world, sensual or spiritual, he reigns", to argue the case unnecessary, as the article is "not to belong to the faith". Since then the case of Basil Yemelyanovich develop all with less success. Kovylin fully appreciated by the enemy. At one lime, one day he invited me to his Basil, and this servant of God, this Kovylina mouth the word of God of communication and to remain silent and gave his teachings thresh. Second truth glagolyuschago Herod struck in the face with his hand ". Basil 30 years managed Pokrovskaya chapel. He wrote many works, a list which gives Paul curious in its catalog. - See: P.N. Miliukov "Essays on the History of Russian Culture" (in. 2, ed. 4-e, St. Petersburg., 1905); Lebanon "schismatics and ostrozhniki, t. III; Professor and. Nile "Family Life in the Russian Schism". Historical Review divisive teachings about marriage (in. I, St. Petersburg., 1869).

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Basil Yemelianovich, photo, biography
Basil Yemelianovich, photo, biography Basil Yemelianovich  Old Believer Pomeranian consent, the founder of Protection of the chapel in Moscow, photo, biography
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