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Vvedenskaya Irinarkh Ivanovich

( Russian writer and translator)

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Biography Vvedenskaya Irinarkh Ivanovich
21 November 1813. in Petrovsk, Saratov Province, one of the remote corners of the Volga region, where his father was the local priest, brought up a religious school in Penza, Saratov and then in the seminary, where he completed the course in 1834. In the same year Vvedenskii entered the Moscow Theological Academy, where he diligently began studying modern European languages and self-education, and in his spare time he had to listen to lectures in the University. Strongly ill in mid 1838, he was dismissed from the academy, went to university and stayed with Stamp. Pogodin as a teacher at his boarding house, but the disgruntled and the university, and his position in 1840, Mr.. moved to St. Petersburg, where he entered the University. Here he soon became acquainted with Senkovsky and became an active member of his "Library for Reading as a translator and critic. Most of the articles of this journal in the department of criticism for the 1842 g. the pen Vvedensky. After graduating in August 1842, Mr.. university course on the Philosophy Department, Vvedensky had offered him a job teaching Russian language and literature. Among the severe poverty, Vvedensky continued to work tirelessly working for their lessons, and for literature, and for graduate exam, which diligently prepared. In early 1852,. he chanced to look for a university chair in Russian literature, he introduced an extensive program, . read three trial lectures, . but the department has not received, but in the same year, . the transformation of military educational institutions, . Vvedensky was appointed chief mentor, observer for the teaching of Russian language and literature in these institutions,
. However, he was commissioned to compile a training manual "on the theory of prose and poetry". In the spring of 1853, Mr.. Vvedensky made a journey abroad and visited Germany, Paris and London. By increasing the mass of their observations and expanding the range of information, he returned with renewed vigor to his teaching and literary activity. First it was drawing up guidelines for military training schools, with this end in view he began to codify the materials necessary for such work, while continuing at the same time and classroom. But from the intense work of his vision, and the already weak and very soon he changed: he became blind. Having tried all the medical facilities, ready for all sorts of donations and suffering, he finally lost all hope of recovery, and slowly expire, died June 14, 1855, Mr..
Pedagogical work Vedenskiy lasted 12 years. He was a representative of Russian literature in almost all military schools, but his main activity has always concentrated in the Constantine Cadet Corps, where he started it, here and graduated from. He was one of the rare, exemplary teachers, always with unflagging energy and fervor attitude to his work and had a great moral influence on their students. Regardless of the class teacher, Vvedensky worked hard for literature in the course of 12 years, and only with the loss of vision laid down his pen. 1841 to 1853, Mr.. inclusive, he wrote a number of critical and historical articles and translated from the English first class of eight novels: Charles Dickens - Dombey and Son ", . "Treaty with a ghost", . "Memoires d'Outre Pickwick Papers", . "David Copperfield"; Thackeray - Bazaar worldly vanity "; Cooper -" Dirsleyer; Correr Bell - "Jane Eyre"; Caroline Norton - "The Guardian",
. From its original articles especially noteworthy: "Thackeray and his novels" ( "Fatherland Notes, . 1849), . "Derzhavin", and "Tredyakovsky" ( "Northern Review", . 1849); last article is the complete historical-critical study, . first defined value Trediakovsky in our literature,
. As a translator of English novels, Vedenskiy belongs indisputably first among past and present of our leaders in this field. Russian public for the first time in his translation met with this Dickens and the success of these transfers, despite opposition from critics of the magazine was great, read them and admired them all. How to understand the task interpreter Vvedensky, . seen from the following of his words: "In artistic re-creation of the writer a gifted translator before and, most importantly of all drew attention to the spirit of the writer, . essence of his ideas, . then - on the appropriate image of these ideas,
. If you are going to transfer, you have to careful reading of its author, ponder it, to live with his ideas, thinking of his mind, to feel his heart and give up on this time from his own individual way of thinking. Move this writer under the heaven, . under which you breathe, . in the society, . among whom you grow, . - Drag and ask yourself the question: what form he reported his ideas, . if he lived and worked for the same with you obstoyatelstvahN "Execution of such a problem, . sure, . required, . than knowledge, . another great literary talent, . and so much talent Vvedensky, . unquestionably, . had,
. His translations stylistically bold can be put on a par with the originals. Wed. Blagosvetlov "Irinarkh Ivanovich Vvedensky", a biographical sketch, in Vol., Publication 1882, "Russian" (1868, N 129) and "Life Vvedensky" ( "Historical Journal, 1888) and A. Miliukov Literary meeting and dating "(St. Petersburg, 1890). P. Morozov

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Vvedenskaya Irinarkh Ivanovich, photo, biography
Vvedenskaya Irinarkh Ivanovich, photo, biography Vvedenskaya Irinarkh Ivanovich  Russian writer and translator, photo, biography
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