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Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich

( The philosopher Hegel directions)

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Biography Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich
photo Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich
(1813 - 1889), son of archpriest. After graduating from the Kiev Academy, where he then taught the philosophy of Schelling IM. Skvortsov, and VN. Karpov, Gogotski took over the teaching of Polish, then German, and only in 1841, Mr.. moved to his specialty. Having decided to go to university, Gogotski had to take the examination at the candidate's and master's. When these obstacles were removed, suddenly there was new: the philosophy was abolished in the universities. Gogotski remained to occupy the chair of pedagogy, and only charter 1863. allowed him to return to the philosophy, not in parting, however, and pedagogy. Gogotski taught at Kiev University for Women, the former for some time in his custody. Another student Academy Gogotski wrote "Critical Review teachings of the Roman Church about the visible head of the Church," reprinted several times (3rd ed., Kiev, 1868). Of the numerous works on philosophy Gogotski principal: "A critical look at the philosophy of Kant" (Kiev, 1847), "Philosophical Lexicon" (t. I - IV, . Kiev, . 1857 - 73), . despite a compilation of many articles, . represents a remarkable phenomenon in the Russian philosophical literature, "Review of Hegel's philosophy" (Kiev, . 1860), "Introduction to the History of Philosophy" (Kiev, . 1871), "Philosophical Dictionary" (Kiev, . 1876), "Philosophy XVII and XVIII centuries, in comparison with the philosophy of the XIX century,
. and the relationship of both to education "(Kiev, 1878 - 84). On pedagogy Gogotski wrote: "On the historical development of education at the notable people of the ancient world" (Kiev, . 1853), "On the difference between education and education in ancient and modern times" (Kiev, . 1874), "Short review of pedagogy" (Kiev, . 1879),
. The influence of Hegel on Gogotski no doubt, but his views Gogotski characterized by a lack of brightness and certainty. According Gogotski, Hegel's philosophy in a systematic form expresses the motion, which the new times are different from the direction of the Middle Ages. The challenge of modern times - to work out a reasonable scope for the individual, to develop the inner life in harmony with the external. This desire to Hegel and brought to the extreme in his system. Philosophy - it is the idea, . the activity is thought and cognition, . receiving the content for themselves from contact with the opposing her world, . as a subject or reality, . determined by the conscious beginning, she aspires to the knowledge of absolute beginning of things, . their internal communication and their relationship to the top,
. As the highest manifestation of conscious life, philosophy peculiar development, which explains the diversity of its changes. - Pedagogy systematically examines ways and means to promote better development of all possible powers of man and prepared it for the initiative and self -. - Gogotski was not a stranger and malice of the day: on various social issues (for example, Ukrainophilism) they placed a few notes in periodicals. - See. D. Pospд⌡ch "The fiftieth anniversary of the scientific activities of the former professor of the Kiev Theological Academy SS. Gogotski "(" Proceedings of the Academy ", 1887, 12), H. Florinsky "SS. Gogotski "(" Faith and Reason "1889, N 20); I. Kolubovsky "Materials for the History of Philosophy in Russia" (Problems of Philosophy ", Book. 4). YA. Kolubovsky.

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Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich, photo, biography
Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich, photo, biography Gogotski Sylvester Silvestrovich  The philosopher Hegel directions, photo, biography
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