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Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich

( Historian, son of the Kursk merchant)

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Biography Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich
(1735 - 1801). Initial education Golikov was rather meager. Early acquaintance with handwritten notes by Archimandrite Michael, once the regimental priest under Peter the Great and the witness of many events of this period, caused in Golikova from childhood keen interest in the individual transducer. Life in Moscow, Orenburg and St. Petersburg on business, as well as the election of deputies to the commission for a new Code (1767), Golikov put in touch with people who knew the events of the reign of Petrovsky. Gradually Golikov was heard to record, collect written materials. Sentenced to exile in Siberia on charges of abuse of wine licenses, Golikov, was pardoned on the occasion of the opening of the monument to Peter the Great in St. Petersburg., In 1782, Mr.. Then Golikov publicly vowed to write the history of Peter the Great. After moving to Moscow, he devoted the remaining years of life on the fulfillment of its promises. Golikov had a great support I.I. Neplyuev, PI. Rychkov, I.I. Shuvalov, Krekshino, Earl ap. Vorontsov, Princess E.R. Dashkova, especially G.F. Miller and NN. Bantysh-Kamensky. In addition, Golikov drew his material in the folk tradition, a Moscow second-hand bookshops in the archives of the provincial (Voronezh). Archives of the Academy of Sciences, and - most important for him - foreign counterparts have become available for Golikova only after "Acts", not earlier than 1789. Own library Golikova contain up to 1500 printed books and manuscripts. Later she went back to VN. Karazin, and from it (the manuscript itself) - in drevnehranilische Pogodin. With the assistance of YSU, Golikov published in 1788 - 1789 years "Acts of Peter the Great, the wise reformer of Russia, collected from credible sources and arranged by year". The book's success, quickly dispersed, prompted the author to release in 1790 - 97 years 18 volumes of "supplement". Second compact edition of materials Golikov (Moscow, 1837 - 43), the first is more convenient, thanks to the overall index, but is less complete. Monumental work Golikova is a simple chronological set of data, moreover, without checking the facts, with frequent errors in reading the manuscript material. The feeling of enthusiasm and boundless devotion to Peter, a naive admiration for his "iroem" deprived Golikova opportunities critical to understand the sources. For its time, however, the "Acts" had enormous significance as the first set of facts and diligent attempt to systematize their. In the "Acts" to rear a generation of Russian people, and the aura of extraordinary, devoid of roots in the past that up to half of the XIX century was surrounded by the work of Peter the Great, was created in large part the work of the Golikov. Before Ustryalov and Solovyov, . general before the release of new data on the Petrine era (with the accession of Emperor Alexander II), . Golikov, . can say, . is the only serious source for almost all historians of the reign of Petrovsky (Galem, . Bergman and others),
. - Other works Golikova: 1) "Anecdotes relating to Peter the Great" (published. 2-e, M., 1798, Vol. 3rd, . 1807) - actually reprinting XVII volume "Supplement", . with the addition of new data, 2) "historical depiction of life Lefort (M., . 1800) - part of the conceived more in the processing of "Acts" series of biographies of the companions of Peter the Great, and 3) "The Decline and the Rise of Russia's course" (M., . 1809),
. E. Shmurlo.

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Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography
Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich  Historian, son of the Kursk merchant, photo, biography
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