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Diver Anton Manuilovich

( graph - a close associate of Peter the Great)

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Biography Diver Anton Manuilovich
son of the Portuguese Jew who had moved to Holland and is baptized. Born in 1682, Mr.. At a meeting with Peter, he was a cabin boy in the Dutch navy, and Peter, whom he liked, took his service. Natural intelligence, cheerful character, diligence and zeal in the affairs will soon put forward Divera; in 1718, Mr.. He was promoted to the rank of brigadier and lieutenant-general. Wishing to enter into a full member of Russian society, Diver seeks hands sisters Menshikov, received her brother's refusal, he still reaches the goal with the assistance of Peter. In 1718, Mr.. Peter establishes the post of general politseymestera city of St. Petersburg and appointed to this post Divera, subordinating it directly to the Senate. The establishment of order and decorum in the newly convened by the city presents great difficulties. Diver to fulfill this mission, . taking a series of measures to the improvement of the city: the state police formed, . gave the fire department, . illuminated street, . main paved stone, . started furmanschikov for svozki sewage, . established oversight over the sale of victuals, . established a register of the population and blocked the streets for a night of safety barriers,
. For violation of regulations issued by defined penalties; for unannounced on incoming and outgoing, . as well as for taking on the work without passports for the first time threatened knouted, . the second - a reference to forced labor and confiscation of property, sale of substandard products, . at the third repetition, . punishable by death,
. Diver personally toured the city every day and watched the execution of judgments; contemporaries tell us that the townsfolk were trembling at the mere name of a strict police chief. The death of Peter, . by Catherine I, . Diveru had to endure a fight against Menshikov, . and, . despite the private location of the Empress, . vozvedshey him in the Count's dignity, and gave him important diplomatic assignments, . in the year that the Empress was arrested, . tortured, . bit whip, . deprived of his rank and awards and was exiled to Siberia,
. In Zhigansk, Yakutsk province, he remained until 1739 when by order of Anna Ioannovna the newly appointed commander of the recovering the port of Okhotsk. In this position Diver again brilliantly displayed his administrative abilities: to reveal the abuse, . committed by the same officials, . quickly finish the expedition Bering, . added onto the port and founded a school, . subsequently turned into a school shturmanovskoe Siberian Flotilla,
. Decree of Empress Elizabeth in 1742, Mr.. brought him back from exile, returned him to the ranks and decorations, and restored the dignity of the Count. In 1743, Mr.. Diver was appointed general of police, and the following year promoted to commander in chief, and he granted the 1,600 souls from the estate of Menshikov. Prolonged link Divera shattered health, and he died in 1745, Mr.. - Wed: Pekarsky "Petersburg Antiquity" ( "Contemporary", 1860, Volume 82); Schebalsky Prince Menshikov and Count Moritz "(" Russian Messenger ", 1860, N 2);" Diver and Skornyakov in exile "(" Russian Olden, 1876), "The Imperial Collection. ist. reported. "Volume 63;" Memoire du prince Dolgoroukow "(Geneva, 1867).

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Diver Anton Manuilovich, photo, biography
Diver Anton Manuilovich, photo, biography Diver Anton Manuilovich  graph - a close associate of Peter the Great, photo, biography
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