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Zotov, Nikita Moiseevich

( Teacher of Peter the Great)

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Biography Zotov, Nikita Moiseevich
(d. 1718). As the clerk of the order of a large parish, was recommended by Tsar Fedor Alekseevich as a teacher for five years Peter boyar Sokovnin. Both theory and practice prince, having stood the test of reading and writing, which subjected him, at the request of the king, Simeon of Polotsk. By long-established system in Russia, he first makes his students to read, and then to memorize Book of Hours, the Psalter, the Gospel. But he did not stop; for revocation Golikov, "although he did not know science and languages, but it was ... fairly well versed in the history, . but more than the domestic "and he talked to Prince about persons and events of the last native, . using as illustrations for their stories on purpose-made for the "amusing books with kunshtami", . showed him the "Article with all the military exercises", . compiled under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, . partly acquainted with the life of the West in pictures, . depicts the "noble European cities, . magnificent buildings, . ships and other ",
. In August 1680, Mr.. Zotov was sent to the Crimea, with stolnik Tyapkin, for talks with the Khan Murad Girey ended Bakhchisarai world. Peter loved Zotov, kept it to yourself and then, but once at the feast nearly killed him in anger for the fact that he tried to protect the guilty before the king Sheina. Zotov accompanied the king in the Azov campaign, and, according to Peter, "was written in the writings of relentless rasprashivaniem many languages and in other cases". Having acquired a skill set forth in the decrees of the order of Peter laconically, Zotov was in charge of "near a camp office of" king, bearing the title "near adviser and near-general's office the President". In 1690, Mr.. Zotov was promoted Dumnova clerk, in the list in 1705, Mr.. it is considered dumnyi nobleman and printer, and then erected in the Count's dignity, he in 1711, Mr.. was appointed state squealer, assuming "this thing that no one from the service is not uhoronilsya and other thin is not repaired". In "vsepyaneyshem synod, where Peter was listed as archdeacon, Zotov was chairman of the clarion title" Archbishop preshpurskogo, All Yauza and all Cocu patriarch "or -" Holy and vseshuteyshego Ioanikity ". In 1714, Mr.. 70 th year of life Zotov even think of marrying the widow of Captain Stremouhova. There heard that Peter was the first against the marriage, but later took an active part in preparations for the mock wedding, and disregarded the letter Conon Zotov, in which he asked the emperor to save his father and the whole name of humiliation. - See. Zabelin "Early years of Peter the Great" (in "The experience of studying Russia and the ancient history", t. I); Aristov, "The initial formation of Peter" (in "Russian Archive", 1875, h. II); Pogodin "17 years in the life of Peter"; Golikov "Acts of Peter the Great" (t. I); Krekshino "Notes" (in the publication of Sakharov's "Notes of Russian people"); "Collection of History. Obshch. "(T. II).

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Zotov, Nikita Moiseevich, photo, biography
Zotov, Nikita Moiseevich, photo, biography Zotov, Nikita Moiseevich  Teacher of Peter the Great, photo, biography
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