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Kokovtsov Vladimir

( Statesman)

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Biography Kokovtsov Vladimir
photo Kokovtsov Vladimir
Born in 1853. Upon completion of the course in the Alexander Lyceum served in the Ministry of Justice, then the prison authorities; in 1890 moved to the State Chancellery. In 1896 - 1902 he was the Deputy Minister of Finance (Witte), took an active part in the drafting of liquor monopoly. In 1902 - 1904 he was the secretary of state, in 1901 - 1903 years under his chairmanship of the committees for the Exploration of the rural population of medium-agricultural provinces compared with other areas of European Russia (the so-called Commission on center),
. The materials collected by the Commission, developed and published by the Department accountant fees in 1903. In early 1904, Kokovtsov appointed Minister of Finance. October 24, 1905, when the chairman of the Council of Ministers was appointed Witte, took place Kokovtsov п≤.п÷. Shipov, but the formation of the Cabinet Goremykina (April 24, 1906) Kokovtsov again became the head of the Ministry of Finance and retained the post until this January 1914. Office Kokovtsov finances in the period 1904 - 1905 period coincided with the Russian-Japanese war, . therefore focus Kokovtsov was drawn to finding sources to cover military expenses; it was made a number of loans, . increased duties on legacies, . excise taxes from beer, . matches, . yeast, . oil, . stamp duty,
. 15 July 1904 he was awarded an extremely disadvantageous for Russia trade pact with Germany in the 12-year. He has also been made of the introduction of income tax, a project that introduced them to the State Duma II convocation in 1907, but so far (October 1914) Duma is not considered. In the period 1906 - 1914, the Office of Finance Kokovtsov many did not find the courage and originality of financial thought, he raised old taxes, . introduced a new tax on sleeves, . continue to base the budget on the wine monopoly and indirect taxes, sought to accumulate a large gold may flow, . Why has concluded three major foreign loan in 1906, . 1908 and 1909 (the first two - 5%, . last - 4 1 / 2%),
. No one broad financial reform Kokovtsov not held. Increased expenditure on cultural needs, he has repeatedly opposed. In meeting III of the State Duma April 24, 1908 Kokovtsov uttered the phrase: "We Parliament, thank God, no". These words greeted by applause on the right and the whistle on the left, there were the chairman N.A. Khomiakov as "unfortunate phrase", but at the next meeting of the chairman was forced to apologize and take back their words. In 1910 Kokovtsov made unfavorable to public finance transaction by selling on the stock exchange, while a very low price belonged to the treasury shares Vladikavkaz railway, soon the improved considerably in price. On general policy Kokovtsov until his appointment, . after the death of Stolypin, . Chairman of the Council of Ministers (September 9, 1911) has not publicly commented, . but knew, . in the meetings of the Council of Ministers, he opposed the bill on the new order of the publication of laws, . concerning Finland, . and generally opposed the excesses of nationalist course,
. Many had expected that his appointment as chairman of the Council of Ministers marks a certain turn in the general policy. The expectations were not realized, and the policy Kokovtsov to Finland, Poland, the Jews, and also in relation to the press, of assembly, public initiative was a direct continuation of the policy of Stolypin. Relation Kokovtsov to the State Duma affected, . incidentally, . organized in their "ministerial strike": when the Markov 2 nd (May 1913) threw, . referring to the ministerial benches, . expression: "not steal", . Ministers in corpore dropped out of the State Duma, only 1 November 1913, . When Marco apologized, . indident was found exhausted,
. January 30, 1914 Kokovtsov dismissed from the post of finance minister and chairman of the Council of Ministers, and in the imperial rescript he expressed gratitude for the works, and bestowed the title of Count. At the same time was given to rescript successor Kokovtsov P.L. Bark embodying the condemnation of wine monopoly system, which Kokovtsov saw the mainstay of Finance. Since 1905 Kokovtsov is a member of the State Council and since 1906 had consistently called for prisutstvovaniyu it. He very often and willingly made speeches in the Council of State, . as well as in the Duma (the latter - as the Minister), . being found considerable oratorical talent, . ability to quickly, . without preconditioning, . find the necessary response, . skillfully operate with numbers and enliven speech aptly chosen quotations from the poets,
. He compiled the following books: "Receipt of ordinary government revenue for the 5-year anniversary 1887 - 1891 years, compared with estimates for the same time appointments (St. Petersburg, 1893) and, with the participation of SV. Rukhlova, "The systematic collection of laws and edicts on the part of the prison" (St. Petersburg, 1894).

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Kokovtsov Vladimir, photo, biography
Kokovtsov Vladimir, photo, biography Kokovtsov Vladimir  Statesman, photo, biography
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