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Lokhvitskaya Mirra

( Gifted poet)

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Biography Lokhvitskaya Mirra
photo Lokhvitskaya Mirra
(1869 - 1905), daughter of AV. Lohvitske. Studied at the Moscow Institute Alexander. Several of her poems were published in pamphlet form (Moscow, 1888), followed by her poems appeared in various journals. In 1896, Mr.. released the first collection (Moscow, 1896), followed in 1898 - 1905 followed by another four years. The first 2 volumes in 1900. reached the 2 nd edition. Twice, for her poem was awarded her half Pushkin Academy Award. The name "Russian Sappho" correctly identifies the basic nature of poetry Lokhviskiy, the pathos of which went to the glorification of love. Lokhvitskaya - one of the most prominent Russian poets. Verse of its elegant, harmonious, light, images are always vivid and picturesque, the mood is clear, the language is plastic. When I got out the first collection of poems Lokhviskiy, demonstratively broke all ties with the "ideological" poetry, a young poet listed as a decadence. This is - a mistake: in the best period of creativity Lokhviskiy no shadow of the relaxation, pretentiousness and general soreness, which are organically linked with the notion of decadence. Lokhvitskaya full force, eager to live and enjoy. Despite the difference in the content, in poetry Lokhviskiy said the same tide of cheerfulness, which was expressed in a bold call to Marxism. Lokhvitskaya not want to hear that whine, which is characterized by the band 1880. "Feel the distance I look" - says debutante. It boils thirst for happiness, she is ready to fight for it, no doubt that it will reach, and in an ecstasy of repeats: "I believe you, dreams, dreams of spring". Public interest Lokhviskiy mood completely alien. Representations of the purpose and tasks of life is east: the full force of his outburst, she sent exclusively to the side of love. Peculiar naivete with which she created the apotheosis of passion, gives her first collection of poems of great charm. Rapture of the first raptures of love brightens stereotype motifs (spring, the moon, lilac, sweet kiss, the happiness of reciprocity, sweet caresses and first t. etc.). With the release of the second book coloring shy young enthusiasm disappears. The feelings of the singer become extremely hot nature. "This is happiness-lust": that's the main motive of the second collection. Beside zhguchestyu, in light mood Lokhviskiy begins steal something else. Previously, she exclaimed: "the sun, give me the sun, but now she says:" I was nice and the sun ray in welcome and the rustle of the mysteries beckons me ". It is beginning to attract the suffering, the epigraph of the second book - "amori et dolori". The longer, the disappearing light mood Lohvitske. Beginning with the third book in the shade of her poems is much more than light. Very much is said about the suffering, helplessness, death. Previous simplicity and clarity are replaced by pretentiousness. Scenes are all exquisite. 4 th and 5 th collections of works Lohvitske nothing added to her fame. Having lost the freshness of feeling, Lokhvitskaya banged in a medieval fantasy, a world of witches, devil-worship and t. d. Purely lyrical pieces are few significant part of both collections occupy unsuccessful medieval drama. Lokhvitskaya defines itself as, "my soul - a living reflection of heaven grieving earth". But mysticism was quite the poetic temperament Lokhviskiy; felt a broken soul, the loss of life goals. S. Vengerov.

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Lokhvitskaya Mirra, photo, biography
Lokhvitskaya Mirra, photo, biography Lokhvitskaya Mirra  Gifted poet, photo, biography
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