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Maksimovich Michael A.

( Distinguished Scientist)

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Biography Maksimovich Michael A.
photo Maksimovich Michael A.
(1804 - 1873). He studied at Novgorod-Seversky school and the University of Moscow, first on the verbal, then on the natural faculty. Defended his master's thesis: "On the systems of the vegetable kingdom", was given the position of associate. In 1832, Mr.. sent to the Caucasus, from where he brought the rich collections. Appointed rector of Kiev University, . he was forced to take the chair of Russian Literature, . on the main demand of the Minister, . Count Uvarov, . which meant political considerations: wanting to create a Russian university in the province while opolyachennom, . he believed could not be more appropriate for this figure Maksimovic, . which in its acts of speeches held just ideas nationality,
. In 1835, Mr.. He resigned from the title of rector, and in 1841, because of increased illness, and the title of professor. Was an energetic member of the Interim Commission for the parsing of Ancient Documents "and edited the material for its publication (" Monuments "). In 1857, Mr.. he headed the editorial board of "Russian Talks" and contributed to the revival of the Society of Lovers of Literature of Russia ". Maksimovich has written numerous studies, after the death of his part of the collected. Before coming to Kiev, he published several works on natural sciences ( "Systems of the vegetable kingdom", . "Foundations of Botany", . "The main reason of Zoology", . "Reflections on Nature", . "The Book of Nahum about the great world of God"; latter represents the first experience of the popular publication for the people; to 1851,
. She stood 6 editions). Maksimovich contributed much to the replacement of foreign scientific terminology Russian. Ethnography Maksimovich became engaged early. Already in 1827, Mr.. He published "Malorossiyskie songs" (Moscow), with comments. In 1834, Mr.. Maksimovich published another book, entitled: "Ukrainian Folk Songs" (part 1-I, Moscow), as well as "Voices of Ukrainian songs" (25 tunes, laid on the notes AA. Alyabiev) in Kiev, he began an even more extensive publication: "Collection of Ukrainian songs" (part 1, I, Kiev, 1849). The study of folk literature led to the study of Russian Maksimovic (especially Yuzhnorussky) language and literature. The fruit of his study of Russian language in comparison with the West Slavic was "critical-historical study of Russian language", here is attributed to his "The rudiments of Russian philology". Subsequently, under the influence of recovery, introduced in this issue works I.I. Sreznevsky and P.A. Lavrovsky Maksimovich returned to the research on the historical fate of the Russian language and origin of the Little Russian and made a fervent advocate of the existence of "Yuzhnorussky" language and an opponent of the views of its "northern" one another, Stamp. Pogodin, so there was a famous dispute between southerners and northerners, the antiquity of Little Russian language, Maksimovich published his "Philological letter to Stamp. Pogodin "in the" Russian Conversation "for 1856. and response letters to him as "in the" Russian Conversation "for 1857. In the history of Russian literature Maksimovich interested in the ancient period of our literature, especially "The Lay of Igor" and the monuments of southern Russian literature, which studied mainly from the bibliography of. His work in this area: "History of Early Russian Literature", . "The people's history of poetry in ancient Rus', . "The Song of Igor's Campaign", . "An explanation and history of the Lay", . Portrait old South Russian ", . "About the beginning of printing in Kiev and other,
. These works brought him in the southern Russian region and ancient history in general. Here he took an even more prominent. As Southern Russian language and literature, he drew from the Old Russian language and literature, and the southern Russian history it is genetically linked to ancient Kyiv, and Little Russian nationality - with the ancient Rusichi. This latter issue is partly dedicated to his article: "On the imaginary ruins of Ukraine in the invasion of Batu and its population is new outsiders by the people", the main conclusion is learned and developed by later researchers Malorussia. Maksimovic works on the history of the Cossacks malorossiyskogo differ mainly critical. These are two extensive reviews of his (in essence - self-study) on the works of NI. Kostomarov (the "Bohdan Khmelnytsky") and V.B. Antonovich ( "Acts of the Cossacks"). Are important to the study: "The Hetman Sahaydachny", . "Review of regiments and hundreds of policemen, . former Ukraine since Bohdan Khmelnytsky ", . "O" Bubnovskaya hundred ", . On koliivschine "and many other, . smaller, then it is a precursor V.B,
. Antonovich and п-.п°. Lazarevsky in the development history of the right bank and left bank of Little Russia. Articles Maksimovic on antiquities and topography of southern Russia are a special department in the collection of his works - 2 nd, which is closely related 3rd on the archeology of Little Russia. Gogol had for Maximovich true friendship and conducted correspondence with him. In 1830, Mr.. Maksimovich published almanac "Doenitz, in which we find the names of Pushkin (the beginning of" Boris Godunov "), Venevitinov, Prince Vyazemsky, Delvig, Khomyakov Baratynskii, language, Merzlyakov, Yves. - 3rd, again with a number of high-profile literary names. Maximovich was no stranger to poetry: he belongs to the Little-Russian language translations of the Psalms and "Lay" as well as several original poems in the same language. Maximovich was very close to Ukrainophilism, his old romantic manner, not separating, however, in its submission to Ukraine from all over Russia. - Autobiography Maximovich in Kiev Antiquities "(1904, IX); Wed. biographical and literary-historical essay Ponomareva, . in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education "(1871, . October); "Biographical Dictionary professor at Moscow University", "Biographical Dictionary professor at Kiev University; Jubilee MA,
. Maksimovic (St. Petersburg, 1872, 2 nd edition), Petrov "Essays on the History of Ukrainian literature, art S.N. Ponomariov in Kiev Antiquities "(1882 - 84); AN. Pypin "History of Russian Ethnography" (Volume III); A. Grushevskii "Maksimovich" (St. Petersburg, 1906). D. B-st.

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    Maksimovich Michael A., photo, biography
    Maksimovich Michael A., photo, biography Maksimovich Michael A.  Distinguished Scientist, photo, biography
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