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Warren G. Harding

( President of the United States in 1921-23 gg.)

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Biography Warren G. Harding
photo Warren G. Harding
(1865-1923), 29 th U.S. president, was born in Corsica (pc. Ohio) on Nov. 2, 1865. After teaching in local schools for three years attended Central College of Ohio in Aybirii. In 1882 he moved with his family in Marion (pc. Ohio), where, after an unsuccessful attempt to address the practice of law went to work for a newspaper. Soon became co-owner and editor of the weekly fights for survival. For several years the newspaper was on the verge of closure, and its editor responsible on a commercial director and compositor. In time, Harding was the sole owner of the newspaper and gradually became a solid position in the urban community.
In allying himself with the faction Dzh.Foreykera, he was elected to the Senate in Ohio, where he met with G. Doherty, a political lobbyist and businessman, eventually became his closest friend. In 1903 he was elected vice-governor of the state, the election in 1910 ran for governor but was defeated, and in 1912 he was instructed to bring to the Republican National Convention nominated William Taft for president. Two years later, Harding was elected to the Senate. Oppose higher taxes and the military federal regulation of business, supported by State subsidies for shipbuilding, approved the introduction of high tariffs and prohibition. In the crucial issue of the world participated in the signing of the Senate resolution Lodge - Brendidzha, which proposed to separate the world from the problem of the League of Nations, and supported by Mr. Lodge, rejects the idea of world government.

In 1920, Harding was nominated for the post of party president and won the election Dzh.Koksa majority of 7 million. votes. In the first presidential address to Congress recommending the country back to the days of 'normal life' with high tariffs, subsidies for shipbuilding, immigration restrictions, the federal fiscal system and tax cuts. For a while, accompanied by the success of the new administration. The country experienced a period of economic prosperity, and limitations of the war years were lifted. The problem of the League of Nations was almost forgotten. Calls Harding return to normal life and its policy of free enterprise enjoyed universal support. Moreover, through the efforts of the Secretary of State Charles Hughes, the administration agreed at the Washington conference on the reduction of naval armaments.

However, despite the general prosperity, the agricultural sector of the economy experienced serious difficulties. The influence of Republicans in Congress began to threaten a new farmers' bloc. With the accumulation of evidence of abuse as a result of investigations conducted by Congress and the administration of the 'gang of Ohio' in Washington, the atmosphere of doubt, fear and suspicion. It turned out that the Minister of Internal Affairs A. Fall, received a bribe for the transfer of private entrepreneurs oil reserves of the Navy. Office of the Minister of Justice, Doherty was also the focus of corruption; not remain above suspicion and the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Bureau of holding foreign assets. The summer of 1923 information about corruption was still the property of a limited number of persons, but the storm could erupt at any moment. Tired, worried and disappointed the president went on a trip to Alaska. On the way back Harding fell ill and died suddenly in San Francisco on Aug. 2, 1923.

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Warren G. Harding, photo, biography
Warren G. Harding, photo, biography Warren G. Harding  President of the United States in 1921-23 gg., photo, biography
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