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WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn)

( American writer.)

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Biography WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn)
Born April 24, 1905 in g.Gatri (pc. Kentucky). In 1925 he graduated from Vanderbilt University, then worked on his thesis at California and Yale universities, and - as a Rhodes scholar S. - University of Oxford.
In 1957 a book of poems Promises (Promises) awarded him the National Book Award and the Pulitzer. In subsequent books, . including other words (Or Else, . 1974), . It is still here: poems 1977-1980 (Being Here: Poetry 1977-1980, . 1980), . Confirmation of the rumors: poems 1979-1980 (Rumor Verified: Poems 1979-1980, . 1981), . New and Selected Poems 1923-1985 (New and Selected Poems 1923-1985, . 1985), . identity is a complex relationship with the historical time,
. Among the works of Warren vertex achievement was the novel All the King's Men (All the King's Men, 1946) - impressive research career demagogue, a southerner, a prototype of which is considered to be the governor of Louisiana H. Long. The novel won the Pulitzer Prize in 1947.

Warren played a primary role in literary criticism. Written in collaboration with K. Brooks of the book How to understand the poetry (Understanding Poetry, 1938) and How to understand the prose (Understanding Fiction, 1943) - classic examples of a so-called. 'new criticism'. As a publicist Warren particularly clearly expressed in the legacy of the Civil War (Legacy of the Civil War, 1961), which exposed the merciless analysis of contemporary conceptions of 'alibi' Southerners' and 'benevolence' northerners. Democracy and Poetry (Democracy and Poetry, 1975) reflects the frustration in modern culture and offers a 'perfect antidote' poetry. Among the many signs of recognition of Warren - the post of consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress (1944) and Bollingenovskaya Prize (1967). In 1986 he became the first poet laureate of the U.S.. Died in Warren Stratton (pc. Vermont) September 15, 1989.

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  • Irina for WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn)
  • R. Penn Warren - one of the most respected authors I. Humor in typically American fashion, selinzherovskaya depth and psychology - this is not everything, why I love him "King's Men". The first time I read this book about ten years ago - as the saying goes "in one breath.". And this thing was for me, as they say, "cult" - one of those whose vivid images etched in my memory forever. What is just full of bitter irony and understand laughter humor scene insights Willie Stark in his first election, when he realized that it was used as a figurehead for the technical selection of votes from the rival rating. And all this is organically linked with a sad lyric line love the main character, Jack Burden to Anna, the daughter of an American aristocrat, the ideal judge and then the Governor of Louisiana Stanton and sister of the future killer Stark.. One of the most tender, . the most profound moments - description of a sudden youthful inspiration Jack: clear fine lines face childhood friend Anne Stanton, . half-hidden in the water, here it, . everything now, . true, . that may be in the world - her face, . lit light, . quiet and clean, . quite close to him.,
    . Again, the controversial image of Willie, already endowed with power, but vehemently executors of his intentions, which he so long gave birth in her prison, building on thick tomes of law and economic sciences. And the image of his killer - a talented surgeon, . genius, . according to Jack, . pianist-singer, . Adam, . brother Anna, . whose gloomy fragile peace hopes for the weak purity and justice was destroyed in an instant, . same, . when he learned, . that his sister - all, . what is left of value from its former golden life - has long been the mistress of the contemptible upstart, . nouveau riche-Stark.,
    . A shot from a small pistol, groans and lamentations of the mortally wounded the governor and, in the final, mature reconciliation Jack and Anna - life goes on. Life goes on after all the disappointments and tragedies, . after the collapse of illusions and desolation of the soul, . which, . seemingly, . forever, . forever. All this - in the magnificent, . great book, . I read 10 years ago and which, . perhaps, . I want to reread, . as sometimes revise their favorite movies. Great book, . excellent author, . exceptional story,
    . Read, do not regret it.
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    WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn), photo, biography
    WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn), photo, biography WARREN, Robert Penn (Warren Robert Penn)  American writer., photo, biography
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