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Jacques CHIRAC

( President of France since 1995.)

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Biography Jacques CHIRAC
Jacques Rene Chirac was born in Paris on November 29, 1932. His father was a bank clerk and later worked in the airline.

The young Jacques was lucky: he was born and spent his early childhood and later adolescence, in the Fifth district of Paris. In the Latin Quarter - with its spirit of freedom and intelligent student disputes. With its narrow old streets are always crowded raznoyazykoy crowd. Where noisy life has not stopped for a moment: neither night nor day.

Jacques felt the pulse of intense political passions, which could not but influence the formation of his personality. Jacques was four years old when came to power the Popular Front, seven and a half - when Paris fell. Many, alas, not seen in the fall of a great tragedy. Prostrate Paris continued to live their lives. Worked cinema and theaters, bars and restaurants, music halls and vaudeville. Movie was made, published books, heard the prestigious literary prize. But life under occupation for a family Chirac was impossible. They found refuge in southern France, where he spent five years: from the fortieth to the forty-fifth. There, Jacques went to school and returned to Paris at the age of twelve and a half years.

. Now aged teacher Jacques - Marie-Claire Syupershi (then still very young Mademoiselle Pellegren) - recently recalled, . arrived from Paris, shy boy in front of their peers and always retained since many prominent shyness, . that did not prevent him from being mischievous and bullying,
. The teacher showed the viewers a group photo class, where children of short stature are the first two series, and high - the latest. At that time, yet undersized, Jacques hid among the bruiser - no persuasion could not make it out to the fore. The desire not to stand out, not "suppress" left in the then schoolboy all his life, that does not prevent him to learn step by step on the career ladder. He just did not flashy gestures and nahrapom: the intelligent policies are always other means to be realized.

. In the teaching environment and for high school students - there, in the south of France during World War II, dominated by Communist ideas, which in general is quite understandable: after all, communism - was such a widely held opinion - opposed to Nazism
. However, the ideas of Marxist-Leninists, Jacques did not take - because it is likely that very different was the spirit of the family, whose influence was stronger. Obedience to elders, filial piety, courtesy and diligence usually not among the boys the virtues. The future president was brought in would be much more attractive way, it appear he was in childhood Grab-head, hung, or even simply a bully, who later managed to ascend to the big top. But the truth can not escape: hang it was not carefully made lessons under the watchful care of mom and not get off any rooms that at least someone remembered. This lean politeness was soon rewarded: without the slightest problem, without the patronage of Jacques enrolled in the Lyceum.

. Prestigious Paris lyceums Carnot and Louis-le-Grand, where he studied the future French president, opened the way to the Grand Life
. Institute of Political Sciences in Paris and Harvard University in America, which he graduated, gave to this and the formal framework. He began his business career in 1957, a total of five years, on the eve of the thirtieth, has become a member of the administration of Prime Minister Georges Pompidou. More career has developed so rapidly that a single transfer of posts and positions, which threw its fate, it would take several pages. Remained unchanged in the government of Pierre Messmer, Chirac thrice changed portfolio. Starting with the Minister for Relations with Parliament, he soon became Minister of Agriculture, then Minister of the Interior, and then himself, as head of the winning party Republican democracy, in charge of the government.

. Probably, . ambitious dreams of a prosperous policy has long extended far beyond government offices, . where the change of their owners is a common phenomenon and depends on many circumstances, . complete control over which no Minister, . no Prime Minister is not able,
. At the age of forty-four years, Chirac has taken a step, fractures the smooth flow of a brilliant career evolved. He put forward his candidacy in the metropolitan mayors and triumphantly won a difficult match with his rivals. In this position he will spend eighteen years old, shot to fame benefactor of Parisians and prudent master of a great city. And it's true: if it is one of the most neglected (though neuvyadaemo brilliant), . to be more precise - one of the most polluted European capitals has become a perfectly clean, . perfectly cleaned up, . refreshed, . elegant and liveable city,
. Chirac invited and engaged in the life of the program, which provided the opportunity to build hundreds of thousands of new comfortable houses, perfectly blended historically defined Paris. He discovered thousands of new jobs. He restored order, severely suppressing the outbreak zanesennogo outside Terrorism. He managed to achieve the main thing: the country wanted to head the capital became the head of state. As we know, this is not a simple task, and successfully solved it by no means all.

May 7, 1995 Metropolitan mayor was elected president of the republic. Description of state career Chirac on this can be completed, because the above - at least at the national level - has not come up. But life as we know, is not limited to posts, and the terms of the interests of this remarkable person far beyond what relates to official duties. However, primitive life separate from the official that called the personal is not always possible, and how is the official, is also visible, if he is really a man and not a position. Not some where "social function" ...

Jacques Chirac is in the law, and apparently happily married to Bernadette Chirac, the former Shodron de Courcelles, published from an old family of hereditary aristocrats. Susceptible to alkovnyh secrets, and any juicy details of journalists from tabloid newspapers have long been documented, and make public the amorous adventures of the famous politician, if would be for the slightest reason to. So on this "plot" is waiting for us bitter disappointment: Chirac "boring" in family life, as in the performance. But perhaps that boring for avid readers on the scandals, perceived themselves as heroes with the opposite sign. In any case, the example of Chirac, whose behavior corresponds exactly to the requirements of decency, quite impressed with the millions of French and also played a role, when the hour of the choice of the president.

. Of his two daughters - Laurence and Claude - a country well known for the second, younger
. Claude worked in the administration (they say here - in the "cabinet") the president of his advisor, . responding not so much for the image of the head of state (in the special recommendations on this score he does not need), . as for his range of communication, . for people, . with whom he spends his free time,
. (By the way, . that she invited one day to visit his father "stars" music hall Johnny Holliday, . Michel Sardou and Patrick Sц╘bastien, . After a cheerful evening with which Chirac, . before recognized only serious music, . imbued with sympathy and to this, . so beloved by the French, . genre.) It is free: the official meeting of the President is independent and can not depend on any advisers, . himself in a position to understand, . who must see and talk, . and he makes a choice,
. Bad to be members of the staff, who were shielding the President from the name of any state or political figures, representatives of scientific and cultural circles, which requests a meeting. This does not mean that everyone will get an audience: the real possibility of the president, of course, limited. But the choice is made instead.

Chirac can not tolerate protocol activities (more familiar to us Language: fashionable hangouts), in which the line of duty sometimes still forced to participate, but tries not to be the initiator. I still have an old clipping of three years ago: the journalist was surprised to note that during the first 15 months of his presidency, Chirac merely 4 large reception and a few formal dinners in honor of public figures. But he had a lot of few people, sometimes very chamber, and meetings with French and foreign artists, architects, writers, actors, musicians, university professors. With such people it interesting, they enrich their spiritual and helps to keep abreast of the processes occurring in the field of culture. His guests - this is always the highest number of intellectuals: Rц╘gis Debray, Umberto Eco, Antoine Gallimard, Emmanuel Todd, Odile Jacob, Vladimir Volkov and others.

. Not fond of pomp and protocol, Mr. Chirac, however, very strict and even picky to what is called culture table
. Once, he almost made a row, going to a dinner party and saw the table of units for fish dishes, while expected to submit only meat ... It seems like confusion Service Service Elysee Palace never again repeated.

The day it followed strict rules, which never changes - or the president could not cope with the huge number of their cases. He's president of a real, not decorative, and works truly in the morning until late at night. Chirac - "Lark", he wakes up at dawn and began the day with a reading of personal mail. Enough to address a letter to the Elysee Palace with a corresponding mark or simply "master (not the president) Chirac," and it would be considered personal. These letters reveal no one, no one can weed out some and give others to read, no one has the right to rummage in his papers. He selects those letters, which will respond personally, and gives instructions on how and what to answer the rest.

. At nine o'clock start business meetings, each of which is devoted to the exact number of minutes, and not one minute longer she can not go
. In the second quarter of Chirac down to dinner in the formal part of the palace - accompanied by that (or those), whom he invited to dinner. In fact, it's the same business meeting, only a more prolonged and passing in a more relaxed atmosphere. Almost daily dinners, with government and public figures of different directions - not for pleasure, namely for the case. Not on any discrimination on grounds of political affiliation can not be and speeches.

By three o'clock Chirac returned to his office, where he works just up to a quarter to nine. Twice during that time the chief of his personal secretariat Marion Ibon brings him a leather folder with letters, telegrams and faxes urgent, with important reports from the various regions of the country and all over the world. Chirac's reaction to any deserving of information instantly: he did not defer to the next day. Throughout the afternoon, he takes visitors: extremely rare that a scheduled meeting because of the very urgent and unforeseen cases previously had to be moved, moreover, in the near future.

. After graduating from the working day (always at the same time - in 20 hours 45 minutes), . Chirac changed his elegant suit of gray gabardine and stylish shoes for jeans, . raznoshennye pullover and loafers and climbs into his private apartments: supper he spends only family and close friends, . if, . sure, . to the great regret of his, . at this time is not scheduled any formal event (in these cases, he tries to almost touch the food, . so anyway dinner, . only later, . the family circle),
. This happens in cases where the evening is given theater or concert: instead of "diner" at the table are going to "souper". Official dinner of great joy to the President does not deliver, and yet, in contrast to business dinners, Mr. Chirac feels the table in the evening more relaxed. Often he is so fond of talking with an intelligent companion, whom he had "hoisted" Claude, that pays no attention to others, ignoring even appealing characters Bernadette, who is seated in front. Was, it seems, only one case where a good company, from a fascinating conversation had to break away. Guests in Paris, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, not finished chewing, suddenly rose silently from his desk and went to the toilet. Even engrossed in conversation Chirac was unable not to notice. Debt master commanded him to also stand up and follow the high guest. Back to the table Chirac returned gloomy, but the form is not filed, how painful it a protocol, in which the distinguished guest has made an unexpected amendment.

. Whether it's home dinner, where nothing like this can not be! Bernadette herself adorns the table favorite colors (she prefers white roses), she selects the menu
. The cook can, of course, to prepare any dish, but the "repertoire" of President uniform, with his humble tastes. Usually - soup, grilled lamb or simply roast beef garnished with vegetables. Sometimes even - seafood. And the favorite dessert: tiny cakes with a light chocolate cream. Divine wine - red or white - he prefers a cold beer. She likes to tell the truth, the Mexican, but patriotism compels him to drink from the French Alsace: a new sort Kronenburg, which is in sharp competition to win a place on the market ... It would seem, after a hard day you can relax and do not consult with the clock. But then disrupted the rhythm that keeps Chirac in the form. Exactly half-past ten, he raises another floor above - where it awaits full privacy. Only now he can afford to make a few personal phone calls. Not one person was pleasant and surprisingly taken aback when he heard a familiar voice in the tube: "Sorry for this late call - I do not bother you too much?". Often, such a call - a response to the day the letter read: the president considered it more appropriate to respond to someone not in writing and orally.

. At the end of the week of his first grandson, Martin, son of Claude, brought to the Elysee Palace, and grandfather enthusiastically coddle him
. Weekends generally exist only for the family, and no one else. Almost every Sunday, Chirac is dining with his wife's mother, Madame de Courcelles, along with his wife, youngest daughter and her husband, a former judo champion Thierry Rey. Free evenings, he sometimes allows himself to favorite entertainment: watching video on any adventure. Do not "police" (in our opinion - The Detective), and thriller. But far more often, moreover, with much pleasure, and reading books on the art of the East.

Here we are entering an area that has long been completely closed from prying eyes. It turned out that even from a young age Chirac enthusiastically, on a completely professional level, is interested in Oriental art, especially the skill of African primitives. His house, as recently jokingly confessed, Bernadette, was the "junk shop". "Our president - a hidden fan of primitive art!" - With surprise heralded one of the newspapers, when the secret became apparent. Paintings, statues, masks from Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia and South America fill all personal presidential quarters.

. Even before the start of his presidency, in 1990, the Paris mayor, the movement which then no one in particular followed, spent a few vacation days on the island of Mauritius, near Madagascar
. In search of new sites for its priceless collection of Mr. Chirac met there, whose face seemed familiar to him. It was one of the biggest collectors of Oriental art objects Jacques Kershash, whose portrait was placed on the cover of his book. "Your book, I learned almost by heart!" - Chirac said, realizing, finally, who he met. Since then, they parted. Their combined efforts in the Louvre opened a special hall of the Oriental arts. Thanks Kershashu geography hobbies Chirac markedly increased. Now in its scope of interests include India and Japan, . Confucianism and the art of the Ming Dynasty, . a secret visit to Mauritius, . as neighboring Reunion, . became regular: to untold wealth of the islands of merchants from the art of hand, . seems, . still could not reach.,


. Love of the arts of the East Chirac has infected his teacher of Russian Serbian Dejanovic, who shared his passion for it with enthusiasm Russian literature
. "Serbian" effect, as we see, was quite fruitful. Inwardly from the surrounding Chirac long worked on the translation of "Eugene Onegin", which the vast majority of French people known only as the opera. Translated, this is quite professional, was perceived by publishers as a fad, a senior official of amateur and, naturally, rejected. When Chirac entered the Elysee Palace, the position of publishers has changed: the president as a translator of Pushkin, the poet - this was something exotic and now certainly promise commercial success. Chirac on the publication refused: egg expensive, as is known only to Christ's Day. And poetry (including Russian), and steadfast commitment to the art of the East - this is for Chirac, his "secret garden": it is a definition he gives himself to his passion. Can we call such a passion hackneyed word "hobby"? In art Chirac understands now no worse than any other scientist ( "The soul of our President anthropologist", . - Said of him a great French specialist), . a thorough knowledge of the cultural history of the peoples of the Third World "helps him in communicating with government officials of the countries concerned: they are for him not" all in one person ", . He spoke with them on equal, . without protection and without the aid quickly pick up superficial knowledge of "experts",
. How many presidents can now boast at least something similar? His erudition enables him to understand that you can not talk to mentor with a partner, practicing different values, while recognizing that only their. "Alas, - he once said - people in China have long served society, whereas the Frenchman is nothing more important for society to serve man. Not understanding this difference, we are doomed to a dialogue of the deaf ". But this does not mean that the enduring value of democracy, he can sacrifice his knowledge. Arriving in China continues as the mayor of Paris (1992), he refused to meet with his Beijing counterpart (the case of incredible!), And considering him guilty of the events in Tiananmen Square. Similarly, he rejected the harassment of the Chinese ambassador, when in 1989 he tried to dissuade him from meeting with the Dalai Lama.

. Such actions - not a tribute to political circumstances, and adherence to principles, without which a decent man has nothing to do on the political scene
. As the world prepares to celebrate 500 anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, Chirac warned the Spanish king that he would not participate in the festivities in honor of the event, which had given rise to a terrible genocide and the deaths of more than three million people ". The act, it is absolutely natural for Chirac, who surely would have caused a shock, if this way would have done someone else. Chirac loves to travel, but can not bear to travel again. It seems such a problem before it no longer exists, but there is another: a post which he occupies, severely restricts the possibility of wandering the globe. Even a secret visit to Mauritius (the latter occurred in the last year), despite all efforts to remain incognito, are, to his chagrin, explicit. To the chagrin of - just because collectors do not like to deal with gathering under surveillance cameras. Generally, journalists, and indeed anyone else, Chirac did not avoid - their curiosity does not bother him, though not a great joy.

. His holiday in recent years - always in August, as almost all the French - he spends at the presidential villa in Bregansone: on the Mediterranean coast, but still at some distance from the hustle and secular Cц╢te d'Azur
. The ubiquitous paparazzi waiting for its release in the surrounding bars, just knowing that Chirac will be at half past eleven: neither before nor after. Before long he was sitting on the terrace for a modest breakfast (croissants, grapefruit juice, and never any coffee that, on occasion, substitute mint tea), enjoying the idyllic family and the possibility of nowhere in no hurry. Then the doors swing open houses, and from there, accompanied by a small out of the family as a whole. Chirac himself wheeling a carriage with her grandson, Martin (now he leads his arm), followed hasten wife, daughter and son-in. Sometimes - someone gostyaschih friends.

On the beach, not fenced in any fence on the portion that is open to all, Chirac waiting lounges, inflatable mattresses, tables with mineral water, newspapers, magazines, books. But shoot, in general, nothing. Only once Chirac has pleased the paparazzi her defiant comical manner: he went to the beach in shorts, black socks and shoes urban. This was his response to their molestation. Press acknowledged the humor of its President. The scandal did not work.

"Chirac on the beach doing nothing, only tans" - complained to the press one of the paparazzi. This "nothing" Chirac upset not only journalists, but also local people and holidaymakers, which hereabouts is becoming more. "Whether it was when Giscard d'Estaing! - Recalled one aborigine. - He alone, without any guard, went on paid court to play tennis and offered to anyone who wishes to become his partner. "

. In tennis Chirac does not play, he prefers instead to travel and walk in the neighborhood, attending Mass at the nearby shrine, then looks at one, then another in the cafe, dining at cozy restaurants, which are set on the shore
. Once the press had passed a message that in Bordeaux, he was delighted with cuisine restaurant Tyupina ", where the most expensive dinner is no more than 300 francs ($ 50). In a daring journalist's question: "Is it impossible to find something better?" Chirac did not call, said: "The best thing is not where expensive, and where pleasant". In Paris, he also prefers not chic, and small restaurants with good food and intelligent (yes!) Interior. Two years ago, after his televised speech Chirac, . grabbing the entire family and the actor Vincennes London, . went to the Parisian restaurant "Carre de Feyan", . that there is a long wait for a dinner of fresh editions of newspapers tomorrow with the responses to his speech and answer questions from other visitors to the restaurant, . if so want to ask them,
. There was a risk to make dinner at the press conference, Chirac, but relied on the sensitivity of his countrymen, and not mistaken.

. A wide range of interests and broad expertise in various, seemingly not compatible with each other spheres - is a distinguishing feature of the French president is bearing fruit
. Who would be and what he might say, Chirac does not feel like an amateur and does not need anyone's tips, which must be taken on faith. No one was surprised that among his numerous awards such seemingly strange overlooking one beside the other, as the Military Cross, Order of Merit for agriculture and the Order of Arts and Letters. -Holders of each of them individually is not so little, the holders of all of them together - other than him - it seems to be no more. They say he wrote a new book now. Tu, who will join the list of works of Doctor of Political Sciences, Jacques Chirac: "France: Time for Choices," a glimmer of hope "," France for all "and many more. The new one has no name, and probably it will be released very soon, do not: after all, the French president himself drives a pen on paper, without shifting this burden onto the shoulders of his staff. When still a new book appears in stores, we learn many things that Chirac kept to himself: he does not like ahead of time to publicize their ideas with which the late evening and short hours of leisure.

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Jacques CHIRAC, photo, biography
Jacques CHIRAC, photo, biography Jacques CHIRAC  President of France since 1995., photo, biography
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