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ADAMS Evangeline

( One of the most popular American women astrologers, have done a lot for the legalization of astrology in the United States.)

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Biography ADAMS Evangeline
A. was educated at Endoverskoy Theological Seminary. Then worked as a secretary in the office of "Lord & Webster, engaged in wholesale flour and grain. Astrology And. was trained by Dr. J. Hebert Smith, a professor of medicine at Boston University, a leading diagnostician in New England. A professional astrologer practices. beginning in the studio in the Boston hotel "Copley", with difficulty overcoming many obstacles from their families.

She made a. In March 1899, when she first arrived in New York. Staying at the Hotel Windsor, it is at the request of the hotel manager, Warren Leland calculated for him horoscope. Having studied the map, A. warned him of the dangers that await him on the next day and asked what the two trouble occurred in his life. Managing remembered that there were two small fires. The next day, because of the unpaid cigarette of a smoker's happened, "the greatest disaster of all time hotels, the famous Windsor fire" in the fire which killed more than half a dozen people, including his wife and beloved daughter of Governor. The hotel building was completely destroyed. In the days following the fire, Leland made a. best advertising, telling reporters that the fire was it predicted.

A. engaged mainly practical astrology. Her work with clients, apparently, was based mostly on horary charts (cm. Horary astrology). Among her clients were Enrico Caruso, Mary Pickford, the multimillionaire J. Pierpont Morgan.

Until 1914. astrological advice in the United States were prohibited by law against quackery, and astrologers were forced to go underground. As they are less secretive than her colleagues, A. worked at his vocation, the risk for many years to go to prison, before there was a precedent in the court, became its finest hour.

A first. was due in court in 1912, and the judge acquitted her. But it was not enough that only the charges were dismissed against her personally. The second time she was arrested in 1914, when Detective Adel Priess anonymous came to her, posing as a client to be able to testify against her. A. hired a lawyer Clark L. Jordon and insisted on continuing the investigation. She proposed to calculate and analyze the courtroom to her natal chart of an unknown man. The judge told her the date of Frechet (it was his son's birth data of the judge) and, after reading her testimony, wrote in his conclusion:

"Defendant astrology erected to a height of exact science.
It has provided satisfactory evidence of their education and high culture, showing himself learned in astronomy and other sciences. Horoscope, compiled by her, as she claims, can be verified in astronomical books ...
When the defendant was the plaintiff's horoscope and calculated the relative positions of planets at the time of its birth, using the well-known and reliable astronomical data, it is not violated the law "[1].
Since then, astrologers were able to work at his trade as freely as professionals in other fields of science.
After the legalization of astrology in the country,. concluded that its most significant contribution to astrology - this astrological birth plan, which allows you to achieve the most harmonious of pregnancy and family life after birth. She called it "an astrological eugenics", which was designed to avoid unnecessary complications, instead of undergoing. Another problem, which A. devoted many years of work - a selection of street children for parents who want to adopt a child. Woman, distributed to the families of children, reported a. date of birth of infants and, in some cases - the alleged date of birth parents, and A. described the home environment in which children will develop best.

April 12, 1923, Mr.. A. married George E. Jordan, an English breeder, who left his business and devoted his life to a joint study of astrology with his wife.

Autobiography A. Bowl Heaven "became her first book, this is the only book that contains information about the life of the author. Since 1926, Mr.. A. more involved in research, rather than advice. The results of these studies included in three books. One of them - "Astrology. Your place under the sun "- passed the 25 publications.

Actively working on test horoscopes-examples for his books, A. 1930 g. also performed three times a week on radio WABS, resulting in the interested public to send her four thousand requests daily horoscopes. Among the many political predictions A. was the U.S. entry into war in 1942.

In 1932, Mr.. A. abandoned her proposed tour with lectures, explaining his refusal by saying that her quick death would make it impossible to tour. 10 November the same year she died of heart disease, manifested in just three days before his death. Grade AA, valued at more than ten million dollars, won by will to her husband, who was with her when she died. In testament was included as its assets in Yorktown Heights, Westchester - renovated Hall of friendly meetings "where he kept painting and its astrological records, papers and books.

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ADAMS Evangeline, photo, biography
ADAMS Evangeline, photo, biography ADAMS Evangeline  One of the most popular American women astrologers, have done a lot for the legalization of astrology in the United States., photo, biography
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