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Biography ACE OF BASE
Ace of Base started under a different name - "Tech Noir", and were techno-oriented team, whose heritage is manifested in such compositions as "Just Chaos" and "Hear Me Calling". They, however, completely changed the style became Ace of Base, and invented their trademark Pop & Reggae grooves. After a very short time they have gone from obscurity to international fame and popularity.

Their first album "Happy Nation" was very popular, has sold more than 21 million units worldwide. Their second album "The Bridge" on sale much more modest, but 5 million - not too little. Guinness Book of World Records has announced the first album of Ace of Base the best debut album. Ace of Base is a city of Gothenburg harbor, which is affectionately called Liverpool North. Just as in the UK compete in London and Liverpool, in Sweden there is a competition between the capital Stockholm and Gothenburg far.

. After writing the initial version of "Wheel Of Fortune" during idle studio, they presented it to the Danish company Mega in Copenhagen
. The reason was that Mega released album KLF, the fans of which they were. The demo tape was good and aroused interest in the Mega, leading to a rapid redemption of the leading bands of "Wheel Of Fortune", and deal with Mega.

Ace of Base - the first steps.
Jonas Berggren and Ulf Ekberg met each other in Gothenburg, and decided to work together on a musical project. They experimented in the style of techno. Soon they began to experience a lack of vocals to his compositions and started looking for suitable singers. Jonas and Ulf have decided to lose no time to bring to the project Jonas sisters - Jenny and Malin, who studied music and sang in the local church choir. Thus, the traced elements of the group, which thus became the Quartet.

First, they continued to record a demo version tehnotreka, but soon began experimenting with Reggae. This led to a recording of the aforementioned "Wheel Of Fortune". After gathering the necessary equipment, they experimented in a shack on the outskirts of Gothenburg, sharing this place with the auto and a detachment of computer nerds. At this early stage one of the most famous Swedish producers Denise Pop (Denniz Pop) interested in their music. He was their first producer.

"Wheel Of Fortune" was released in Denmark twice, unsuccessfully. Mega, however, was irresistible this recession, and it was decided to release a single in the third time. The situation has changed, and the debut single, reached the peak position - number 2 in the charts, giving the same week one position to the "All That She Wants", which became the number 1. Thus, in the week, Ace of Base also received 1 and 2 places in the chart that was supposed to contribute to their further promotion in Scandinavia and in the world. In a short time, Norway was subordinated, while Sweden remained on the sidelines. Soon, however, Sweden was also defeated and Ace of Base with Mega began seriously considering the issue around the world.

Following two successful singles, Ace of Base recorded their debut album "Happy Nation", which became number 1 in Scandinavia. The rest of the world remains on the sidelines, thinking that Ace of Base - just a local phenomenon in the music, which can not claim to world fame. All the major record companies rejected the proposal. Metronome Musik, company PolyGram, based in Hamburg, but decided to sign with Ace of Base agreement on an international issue, covering Europe and the Far East. The single "All That She Wants" was thus released in Germany and reached # 1 position in the charts and paved the way for Platinum selling album "Happy Nation", which also reached the coveted 1 position. Soon the whole of Europe was under the rule of Ace of Base.

United States
Despite enormous success in Europe, Ace of Base have not been seen in the U.S.. Again, all the major companies believed that Ace of Base will not be successful, therefore, no one was taken for issuing singles. Mega, however, remain hopeful and tried to convince Americans of the high potential of Ace of Base.

The breakthrough came when the president of Arista, Clive Davis (Clive Davis) became interested in Ace of Base. It seems that he traveled to Europe on vacation (Mediterranean). He could not hear what he was listening the whole of Europe - "All That She Wants" airplay on all radio stations in Europe. Thus, he got in touch with Mega in Copenhagen to negotiate licensing rights for the United States and other American countries, as well as for Japan. After difficult negotiations, Mega has signed a contract with Arista.

Since the massive imports of U.S. European album "Happy Nation" has already begun, it was decided to record some additional tracks, in order to distinguish the American version of the European. The revised album was named one of the new tracks, "The Sign". This version was released in Europe under the name "Happy Nation - US version". "All That She Wants" was released as a single in the states. Cingl and the album reached the first of the charts selling magazine Billboard - Ace of Base became the first group of Scandinavian countries, has reached such a success. The American version of the album three times, reached the highest position in Billboard, the success of three singles.

. In achieving sensational results in Europe and the U.S., . Ace of Base created a movement in other parts of the world - the Far East, . Americas, . Australia, . South Africa and Israel, . example - in Malaysia, . They have been particularly successful in, . that the album "Happy Nation - US Version" went platinum,

Worldwide recognition
European Trade Organization Music & Media, the compiler Euro chart, announced, "All That She Wants" single number 1 over the period 1984-1994. Not surprisingly, their home town of Gothenburg, welcomed the members of Ace of Base as honorary citizens, and invited the group to speak at the World Games in Gothenburg in 1995.

In France, the album became number 1 for the third time, receiving the prestigious award Disque Diamant, for the sale of more than 1 million units. Music magazine Keyboard USA also announced Ace of Base as the best band that uses synthesizers. The huge success of Ace of Base on the world stage, fame and fortune have left them completely unchanged. They had their share of false rumors about the threat of disintegration of the group, which has not been realized, and questions about the past ULFA. There were even some dramatic moments. One German fan entered the house Berggrenov middle of the night, threatening to Jenny, her mother and father, a huge knife. Bergreny, however, overpowered the woman after a brief but bloody conflicts in the parents' bedroom, Jenny. Soon the woman was seized by the police, and wounded the mother Jenny was given medical assistance. Despite these episodes, Jenny Lynn and regularly sing in the local church choir on Sundays. All Ace of Base take leave for a couple of weeks every summer, Jenny continues to work as a volunteer, helping children in the Swedish Christian Summer Camp.

The Bridge
Ace of Base started to record new material, from time to time using the four studios simultaneously. Their track "Lucky Love" was first performed at the aforementioned World Games in Gothenburg and its voice heard around the world. Album "The Bridge" marked a more prominent role, Jenny and Malin as the authors who submitted their songs in the album.

. For "Lucky Love" was followed the next single "Beautiful Life" and "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", helped to spread the album in the amount of 5 million units to date
. Ace of Base once again begun to spread the album around the world, spending time also in South America and the Far East. At this time, both albums were released in China, for the first time the Scandinavian artists.

. They also find time to appear at the prestigious Chilean festival in Vina del Mar, which is supported on a massive TV covering all of Latin America
. At the present time, with countless gold and platinum awards, the future of Ace of Base is seen striking. Jonas and Ulf have grown as composers. Now they write not only for Ace of Base. Status Ace of Base as the best-selling Scandinavian Group nineties was confirmed by the Fourth Award World Music Award, while the total album sales reached 26 million units.

Finally, they were finally adopted in their home country of Sweden, because they were specifically invited by the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to participate in the celebration of her birthday 14th July, 1997. Ace of Base provided a 40-minute speech to the Princess and the audience of about 6 thousand people at a summer resort island of Oland (Oland).
. Flowers / Cruel Summer
. After more than two years since the establishment of light appeared on the third album, which revealed new facets of talent team members
. Jenny has grown significantly as a vocalist, performing most of the major parties, while her sister, Lynn temporarily gone into the background in the group in connection with poblemami with voice. Jonas and Ulf also matured as composers and producers that can be easily seen by their contribution to the album. The end result looks like the march of pop music of past decades from 50-70's period ( "Cecilia", "Donnie"), until very recently, electronic sound "Tokyo Girl".

This album also shows a change in the sound. Many tracks make extensive use of acoustic instruments. For greater authenticity, some records were held in the famous Polar Studios in Stockholm, where ABBA recorded. While most of the songs on the album were written by Jonas Berggrenom, Jenny has a beautiful composition "He Decides", as Ulf in company with John Ballard recorded "I Pray" and "Don't Go Away". The first single from that album, "Life Is A Flower", was named the most chastoproigryvaemoy song in the air of European radio / TV in 1999. Next to it, "Cruel Summer" - a cover version of the hit mid 80's performed by Bananarama, became a major hit of the summer, reached the N10 at the charts of the journal The Billboard and stayed there as much as 3 weeks in a row. This hit was the fourth in a row for Ace of Base, who are in the list of Billboard. Album "Flowers / Cruel Summer" was sold a total circulation of nearly 2 million copies.

Next album
In spring 1999, Jonas, Jenny, Linn and Ulf met again in the studio to record new material for the fourth album. At the same time, the record company decided it was time to release the album all singles Ace of Base - so the idea first collection of greatest hits. In November 1999, this collection was released in Europe under the name "Singles of the 90s" - singles 90'h. It also included new songs "C'est La Vie (always 21)", "Hello Hello" and "Love In December". This compilation was released in America under the title "Greatest hits", the promise additional songs not included in it.

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