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Johndroe Lorne Edward

( Prominent astrologer Research USA.)

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Biography Johndroe Lorne Edward
(p. 30.01.1882, 5:31:36 GT, Franklin (on dr.dannym Quebec), Canada - 11.11.1951, San Diego, Calif.)
Having been born and spent his childhood in Canada, D. in his youth moved to the United States and settled in Lokporte, New York. He became friends with Ernest Weichs asking about astrology, superintendent of an orphanage in Lokporte, and often debated with him about the astrological questions. From 1914 to 1917. D. worked as an electrical engineer, then studied radio engineering, in 1920. graduated from the National Institute of Radio. Having concluded that there were parallels between these areas and astrology, D. in 1929. introduced a group of astrological theories, which he outlined in his books and articles. One of the most important point relates to electromagnetism and the angles Cards. D. likened the Earth crystal, rotating in space. He pointed out that the relationship of our planet from space described by large circles of the celestial sphere: the ecliptic, celestial equator, the horizon, the prime vertical and meridian. He described the ecliptic, the axis of the Ascendant / Descendant as "electromagnetic" in nature, and the axis of MC / IC, associated with right ascension, as "electrodynamic". D. suggested that when the planet aspected ASC / DSC, they act as psychological incentives, attractive or repulsive. In theory, D. ASC / DSC show "voltage - the voltage in its static state. Speaking of the MC / IC, D. makes a very important distinction. Planets in aspect to these corners of the mainly electromagnetic in nature, they "produce a current, that pryavlyaetsya both the current events and / or change. In making such a distinction, D. further indicates that in reality there are two Ascendant: electric and magnetic. The magnetic axis - are standard ASC / DSC, and electrical axis - this is nothing like Antiverteks / Vertex. Thus, D. Entered axis Vertices in astrological practice. D. argued that any measure related to the ecliptic, usually an indicator of potential. However, any connection with the right ascension - MC / IC or the equator - As a number of event -.

With regard to measurements, D. recommended the use orb 16 ', based on the fact that the visible size of the Sun is 32' in diameter (the ecliptic has a width of approximately 16 '). He pointed out that the events usually occur in the beginning, middle or end of the orb, ie. 0 ', 16' or 32 '.

Another area of research that Dr.. devoted much effort - astrological significance of the fixed stars. D. believed that the stars do not have their own independent characteristics, and suggested that their role - to strengthen the good, bad or mixed influence of the planets in the area.

D. continued his research, experiments and a writer until the end of his life. He had a very high reputation among the astrologers, but the book D. written in complex language and contain numerous references to the theory of electricity. Because of this, and also because of the complexity of the mathematical techniques D. used very rarely.

In honor of merit D. Award, Dr.. (Johndro Award), awarded to every two years, several prominent astrologers (in 1986. was renamed the award Johndroe-Jane (Johndro-Jayne Award), in honor of the departed from the life of Charles Jane).

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Johndroe Lorne Edward, photo, biography
Johndroe Lorne Edward, photo, biography Johndroe Lorne Edward  Prominent astrologer Research USA., photo, biography
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