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Adrian Viktorovich Prahov

( art historian and archaeologist)

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Biography Adrian Viktorovich Prahov
photo Adrian Viktorovich Prahov
Born in 1846, Mr.. He studied at the 3rd St. Petersburg High School, he entered in 1863. St. Petersburg University of History and Philology, graduated from a university course with the degree of candidate in 1867, Mr.. and soon was sent to foreign lands to prepare to occupy the Chair of History of Fine Arts. In Munich he attended lectures G.F. Bruno and others. scientists involved in the monuments of ancient Greek art, collected in the Glyptotek, and then visited Paris, London, Berlin, different points of Italy and Vienna, studying throughout both ancient and new works of art. Upon returning to the fatherland, in 1873, for a thesis on the restoration of the east pediment of Aegina temple in Athens "(" Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1870) received a master's degree, was elected to the professors of this university. In 1875 - 1878 he. editor of an illustrated magazine "Bee". From 1875 to 1887. Except for university lectures, taught history and theory of fine arts at the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1879, for the protection of the dissertation "Architecture of Ancient Egypt", received a doctorate. Surrendering after the study of ancient monuments of art in Russia, the Christian period, in 1880 - 1882 he. studied and sketched the remains of mosaics and wall paintings in St. Sophia Cathedral and the frescoes of St. Cyril's Church in Kiev. In 1881 - 1882 he. traveled to Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Greece and European Turkey, in 1886. investigated the Assumption Cathedral in g. Vladimir-Volyn and some other ancient temples of Volyn, in 1886 - 1887 he. second went to Italy and the East, in 1887, Mr.. opened and copied curious frescoes in the Church of St. Michael Cathedral in Kiev and in the same year, moved from St. Petersburg University in Kiev (St. Vladimir), the chair of the history of fine arts, which I held until 1897. From 1884 to 1896. led finishing novosooruzhennogo Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, and for understanding the archaeological aspects of this case has consistently made two trips to the East. In 1896, Mr.. was occupied by the device of its own drawing, a precious reliquary for the relics of St. Theodosius of Chernigov Uglich. In 1897. returned to his former chair at the St. Petersburg University. Main help of an erudite literary works Prahova: "Critical studies on the history of Greek art. I. Description of ancient monuments of Xanthus, in Lycia. II. On the composition of groups of Aegina pediment temple of Athena "(St. Petersburg, 1872)," Critical observations on the monuments of ancient art. The Architecture of Ancient Egypt "(St. Petersburg, 1879)," Kiev Art X, XI and XII centuries. Catalog of the exhibition with copies of works of art in Kiev X, . XI and XII centuries, . executed P. (St. Petersburg, . 1883), . paper on Michelangelo Buonarroti (Journal Europe, . 1875), . "Report on the work of the Kiev and the importance of studying the Greek churches for the Christian archeology" (in "Proceedings of the Moscow Archaeological Society, . 1885) and a few notes, . placed in the Rome journal "Annali dell Istituto di corrispondenza archeologica" for 1872 - 1874 gg.,

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Adrian Viktorovich Prahov, photo, biography
Adrian Viktorovich Prahov, photo, biography Adrian Viktorovich Prahov  art historian and archaeologist, photo, biography
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