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Mironov, Vladimir Yu

( Athlete)

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Biography Mironov, Vladimir Yu
photo Mironov, Vladimir Yu
born December 31, 1959 in the village Losinka Berezovsky district of Sverdlovsk region. When he was 4 months, his family moved to Pervouralsk. Another boy, twelve years he first came in weightlifting club and since then the sport firmly entrenched in his life.
In Omsk, Vladimir Yu arrived in 1977, already having the first class in weightlifting. He continued to practice hard and in 1978 became master of sports. Here's what he said about him Gennady Ivanovich shroud, under whose leadership Mironov trained in those years: "Volodya was a man with a capital letter. It is fully laid out in training and was just in love with the bar. And I am sure, would have reached greater heights in weightlifting, because I was very strong, gifted athlete (in training, with its own weight 80 kg, he would jerk rod weight 160 kg). But he was hampered by this passion for exercise of power triathlon. After working a program of exercises for weightlifting, Volodya made several approaches Benches lying. It went to the detriment of basic training, and we often argue with him about this. But he was irresistibly attracted to this sport: apparently it was destiny. And once, speaking at a power triathlon competitions and won the first place, Volodya permanently retired from weightlifting.
. In 1978, Vladimir Yu entered the Polytechnic Institute, but he could not finish my studies: a third-year, due to a conflict with the gym teacher, he was expelled from the institute, and he served two years in sportrote.
. In 1982, Mironov speaks at the first competition for power triathlon, . where he became a champion of Omsk (then the competition took place in two stages: the first included the power triathlon, . second - the program posing) and, . leaving weightlifting, . finally goes into powerlifting,

. In 1984 he and his friend Victor Shastin organized in the basement of an apartment house the club - "Leader".
. In 1985 he took first place at competitions in the city of Siauliai (with its own weight of 100 kg, Mironov pressed 250 and squatted 300 kg - equal his rivals was not!).
. In 1986, the masseur is arranged in a complex health "Pervomajskij", and at 87 moved to the same club and the "Leader" (where he is now)
. In the same year he met his future wife, Tatiana.
Further wins came one after another. In January 1988, in Krasnoyarsk, Vladimir Yu is the winner of the championship of the RSFSR (in the category of 110 kg). In February of that year took first place in the USSR Cup (Tyumen). He also continues to act in Omsk (Omsk champion 1982-89 gg.).
In July 1988, in Leningrad, is the first match meetings of the USSR - USA - Canada. Of all our athletes only Mironov and showed good results, beating the foreign athletes, won first place. But opponents were very strong: nine world champions, including six - world record (suffice to mention such as Jeff MakGruder and Edd Koan).
. The Americans were so impressed by the power of Omsk Athlete, . that invited him to Canada for the competition "Mark Ten" ( "the most powerful man") which included: throwing a boulder weighing 26 kg, . polutorotonnovoy moving truck on one wheel, . avulsion 750-pound slabs and run at 200 meters with a 90-pound bag of sand.,
. In Canada, Vladimir Yu arrived and Valentin Dikul, who retired from competition at the first stage
. Mironov did not only reached the end, but took 7 th place out of ten, once again hitting Americans of their power.
February 4, 1989, Mr.. he becomes a champion of the RSFSR (already in the category of 125 kg), and 19 February this year - won the USSR. Confidently weightlifter Mironov went from victory to victory, leaving far behind their rivals.
. In 1990 he once again proves its superiority over the American and Canadian athletes won the second match meetings of the USSR - USA - Canada (the first part of which was held in Abakan, the second - in Leningrad)
. There he meets an American athlete, champion powerlifting Eileen Owen. Despite the language barrier, they become good friends (and later, 91-year, Eileen comes to visit him in Omsk).
. In 1991, Vladimir Yu went to the United States, where he won the championship in Iowa, then the championship Marines (USMC)
. Then sent to New York and participated in the demonstration competitions for two movements (squats and bench press).
Vladimir Yu was an athlete of the highest class. He achieved such heights in powerlifting, which has not yet reached any athlete Russia. But just painful and sad to know that the country in which he was born and advocated by less than all excited by his fate. While in America his popularity grew and, . photos Russian athlete to appear in the one or the other journal, . Our state was limited to an article in Omsk 'Siberian newspaper' yes even a couple of notes in other publications (probably too Omsk).,
. By the endless list of victories in 1992 adds another: first place in the championship of Russia in Vladimir (in the category over 125 kg).
. In April 1993, becomes the absolute winner of the Open championship in a personal bench press (St. Petersburg).
. In early June, Vladimir Yu going to go to the European Championship in Belgium, but an injury (torn ligaments in training the knee) destroys all plans
. Any other athlete in his position would have walked away from the competition at some time or just left the big sport. But not Mironov. He decides to go to the soccer world bench press, which was held in Poland (r. Zakopane). Every day he drove the car into the club where he trained with a plastered leg. In October, Vladimir Yu comes to Poland. Gypsum is removed, but the injury has made itself felt, and therefore had to walk with a cane. Despite this, he becomes the absolute champion, once again proving its superiority over rivals. By the end of 93 пЁп╬п╢п╟ knee is fully healed, and he begins to train fully.
Autumn 95, Vladimir Yurevich goes to the U.S. at the World Cup, held in Columbus, Ohio. Because of injuries he renounces the last attempt (in all three movements) and as a result becomes the third (category over 144 kg). Always took only the first place, Mironov could not accept their defeat and after a brief interruption due to the operation, resumed training. He decides once again to prove their legitimate right to win - to become world champion.
. Great sports experience for his massive shoulders, the overwhelming desire to win, plus the unique physical data - all this once again would bring him the first place, but fate would have it, order a different
. February 10, 1997 car accident claims the lives of a great champion.
The world has lost not only an outstanding athlete, but also a wonderful coach. From the whole country came to Mironov athletes to prepare for competitions. And all the people he trained, occupied the first place. Vladimir Yu was a great man with a big heart. He, being the winner of many high level competitions, never looked at people with high. How many times he was asked to speak at the demonstration competitions, and he never refused.
Along with a phenomenal physique, Vladimir Yu had an outstanding intellect. He was not just a gifted athlete, but unique personality, a man with a capital letter. So he will remain forever in the memory of those whom he was especially dear to those who ever came into contact with him, even momentarily pogrelsya in the rays of the star by the name Mironov.

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Mironov, Vladimir Yu, photo, biography
Mironov, Vladimir Yu, photo, biography Mironov, Vladimir Yu  Athlete, photo, biography
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