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Dubinin, Vladimir Ivanovich

( President Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Russia (FBFR), President of ODR S-Petersburg, the president of the club 'Hercules', winner of gold medal IFBB, ex-champion of the USSR.)

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Biography Dubinin, Vladimir Ivanovich
Vladimir Dubinin: "As a sport came into my life"

Once, accidentally saw the film "The Labors of Hercules", where the starred actor Steve Reeves, he fell in love with his athletic figure and decided that must be such as Steve. Said - done. Leaving the theater, found in the pocket two rubles, which immediately and usefully spent: in the sports shop, a very young then, Vladimir, bought dumbbells. Thus began his journey in bodybuilding.

-Vladimir, as in your opinion, what is your character you strong personality
Apparently, yes. Although much depends on the circumstances. How many can remember, always found in such situations, when it was necessary to take measures to assume full responsibility and bring the matter before the end. The circumstances are we educate. If in my youth I could count: he can not, someone will help, will. Now I have this in mind can not be: if you come from, then finish by the end. Even I really do not like conflict situations.
- Before you devoted his life to bodybuilding what you were doing
-I am a specialist in electrical engineering. Worked in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of radio (in the antenna laboratory). Engaged aircraft TU134, "finalized" to the head area. Summer - stroyotryady.
Responsible occupation: engage aircraft, but also be the head of the Federation a great responsibility ...
Yes, be the head of the Federation - is a very responsible occupation. Sometimes it's nice. Especially nice to see the results of their work. I am proud that we have a beautiful medals and cups. We are constantly raising the bar competition. And I myself have to be a guarantee that all will be successful (competitions, championships and all the rest). And sometimes, the complexity of the former. For example, was held in Moscow Grand Prix, came the best athletes of the world: Americans, Australians, Hungarians and many others. Everything was almost ready, and now as a bolt from the sky: the sponsors refused to give the promised amount of money. Had to invest their savings and a very decent savings ...
And your wife calmly refers to such patronage
My wife - my chief assistant and friend. She knew all my affairs. Although why talk about it, saying that she understands everything, always will. I you just give one example, and all will become clear. One day, we the athletes had to fly to the competition in Guam. As always at the last moment something with something unrelated, and we did not have enough money to send athletes. And then my wife said: "bring together the guys with the money that I deferred". But it was not just savings, it had the money, which she wanted to buy a fur coat. I think this example speaks to my wife to my work more eloquent than any words.
You often rest with the family
Unfortunately not, a lot of work. On weekends, especially as you have to do a lot of business calls. Ironically, Saturday for the most appropriate day. Summer can relax in the country with family. And my family - wife, two children and a cat Manya.
Once he bought dumbbells to become more like a Steve Reeves. And today, thousands of boys want to be like him, the President of the Federation of bodybuilding in Russia, a living legend. Many years later, when he was already president FBBR, at a banquet in New York, he met with Steve, raised in his honor Bakal champagne and said a lot of warm words. Steve was very grateful, even shed a tear.

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Dubinin, Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography
Dubinin, Vladimir Ivanovich, photo, biography Dubinin, Vladimir Ivanovich  President Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation of Russia (FBFR), President of ODR S-Petersburg, the president of the club 'Hercules', winner of gold medal IFBB, ex-champion of the USSR., photo, biography
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